Nick Diaz Explains Why He Missed the UFC 158 Open Workouts

March 14, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Challenger to the UFC welterweight title, Nick Diaz, explained during Thursday’s UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz pre-fight press conference why he missed Wednesday’s open workouts. 

According to Diaz, he simply needed to get some rest.

“Either I missed that or I missed (this press conference), but I was going to have to catch up on some sleep.  I was on some later hours.  I think it outweighed the repercussions,” said Diaz.  “I’m sorry I didn’t put on a show for the fans, but I’d like to also put on a show for the fans on Saturday night, so I’m just trying to make the best decisions to make a showing at 100-percent.”

Diaz didn’t arrive in Montreal until midnight after boarding a late fight on Tuesday.

“I got off the airplane at 12 o’clock, and I recommend for any fighter, as I would for any of my students, go ahead and sweat out some of that toxic water than you’re holding from the airplane.  It’s got to happen.  You can not be going to bed with that toxic (expletive) inside of you when you have a fight in the next couple of days, and I wanted to catch up on some sleep.

“I was going to do it the first night and miss this press conference, but I’m here.  I’m well rested.  I’d like to think I’m here at my best today and I think that’s more important than the open workout.  I’ve given a lot of open workouts.  Like I said, I apologize to the fans that they missed out on that excursion.”

During the open workouts, Georges St-Pierre commented that he didn’t like doing the media obligations either but he showed up, and said it wasn’t fair that Diaz didn’t.  Diaz took offense to that comment.

“I just felt a lot better about getting my workout after I got off the airplane and catching up on some sleep as soon as I got here.  I’ve had to train hard and work hard, and I had to pick a day to get some rest.  I got here a 12 o’clock at night.  Georges lives here and he’s trying to say it is unfair, and it’s not fair that he had to do it and I didn’t.  You live here, bro.  You got to do an open workout.  I would have liked to do an open workout.  I would have liked that, so I’m sorry I didn’t make it.”

UFC president Dana White was clearly not happy that Diaz bailed on a scheduled media obligation, but expected some bumps in the road when he put the fight together.

“When I made this title fight, I knew what I was getting into with Nick Diaz,” said White following Thursday’s press conference.  “I don’t think Nick Diaz is a bad guy. He has never been in trouble in his life. He has no police record; he has none of that. He’s a martial artist. He’s everything that he says he is, it’s just that he’s got this… call it unique personality.

“Nick Diaz has done more for this fight than he ever has in the past,” the UFC president continued. “Everybody wants to focus on he didn’t show up (for the open workouts), but there’s a lot of (expletive) he did show up for. And I know he’s gonna be here on Saturday.

“He’s here today and I guarantee he’ll be there tomorrow at the weigh-ins, and I guarantee you he’ll be there on Saturday.”

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  • jeremy

    Anyone else getting sick of this crap with Diaz? I like him but dam, get an earlier flight and make it to the workout. It’s getting old real fast.

    • bajafox

      Luckily it’ll all be over in 2 days. Even GSP seemed over it and tired of answering the same stupid questions over and over

      • jeremy

        He did look annoyed dident he. He just wants to get it over with it looked like.

    • The UFC scheduled his flight.

      • jeremy

        I dident know that, so the UFC is playing off his missed appearances then.. thanks for the heads up.

  • whoareyou

    Why should we even care..all he is doing is bringing more attention to this fight which he should, cause gsp certainly can’t do it…that guys personality is like a brick

    • me

      I guess that’s why St Pierre is the number 1 ppv draw the UFC has on its roster hands down right? Gimme a break.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        Doesn’t mean his personality isn’t a brick.

  • Lawdog1521

    I didn’t read the article. I know his response was filled with a lot of “Ums”, Uhs”, and “It is what it is”s. Just like I know these comments will have a lot of “Nick keeps it real!” and “War Diaz!”s.

    • bajafox

      Too bad, you should actually read and listen to the conference because it was the exact opposite of that

  • Gonna be a good one. going with Team Diaz in this one

  • Triggerman99

    There’s more articles about what Diaz did or didn’t do for media obligations than there are about the actual fight itself. Enough already.

    • bajafox

      That was funny how Dana called out that first reporter on trying to stir s*** up

  • Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter in MMA. For a guy who is suppose to be less than human I found it funny every question from the Press was directed at Nick Diaz. I find him to be the only fighter with balls. The rest of them are just UFC robots afraid to say boo. I like Nick Diaz’s attitude, it’s real, he doesn’t lie, ask him a question and you know whatever he is telling you it is coming from him not some fabricated bull s*** story that he was told to say. I would much rather pay to watch Diaz fight than any other MMA fighter and I have followed this sport longer than 95% of all fans and writers. I’m hoping for a change in the guards, I’m hoping Nick Diaz takes GSP out, the UFC needs a shake up, hoping Nick is the guy to do it.

    • jeremy

      I hope Nick does too, and i like your post.. It’s true, he accused everyone including the UFC for painting him the bad guy lol or the wolf lol that was great

    • Your_Dad

      Yeah, his unprofessional and disrespectful attitude is so great! The only fighter with balls? You sound retarded so no wonder you’re a Diaz fan. Haven’t seen many with an IQ over 12.

  • Well at least Dana is not that pissed about this. At this point there’s no way Dana would cancel this fight IMO. He would lose out on so much money and fans would be pissed.

  • Neoconnected


    “Nick Diaz Explains Why He Missed the UFC 158 Open Workouts”

    Comment: He Did?