Nick Diaz Considers Retiring Following Loss to Georges St-Pierre… Unless

March 17, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Is Nick Diaz one and done?

Signs are definitely pointing in that direction… but then again.

Diaz has been tired of the politics, judging, scoring, and the direction that fighting style has taken in mixed martial arts for quite some time. He nearly called it quits after his loss to Carlos Condit prior to his suspension for testing positive for marijuana metabolites more than a year ago.

When a fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre came into the frame, however, Diaz decided to make his return after a yearlong suspension. He did so on Saturday night at UFC 158 in Montreal, losing a five-round unanimous decision to the champ.

Shortly after the fight, laying his animosity for St-Pierre aside, Diaz laid the foundation for retirement.

“I have to decide if I even want to do this anymore,” he said. “To be honest, I don’t know if I really got any more.

“I don’t make excuses; I think I’m done with mixed martial arts. I’m tired of getting banged up like this.”

The statement echoed Diaz’s sentiment following his last fight, when he sounded like he might be done fighting, but following a fight – and likely a paycheck – the size of the St-Pierre bout, perhaps, it was enough that Diaz can finally hang up his gloves for the final time and walk away.

“Hopefully I made enough money to invest in something,” Diaz admitted.

He later said that part of his reasoning was that he’s fought pretty much everybody that he’d wanted to, but shifted gears a little bit, saying he still thinks he could beat St-Pierre and would stick around for a rematch.

“I think I could beat you, I really do,” he said in St-Pierre’s direction. “I think I could do better against Anderson Silva too.”

UFC president Dana White doesn’t think that Diaz necessarily should retire, but admitted once a fighter starts down that road, it may not be the best idea to try and turn around. And for Nick Diaz, he thinks there’s likely no turning back.

“Do I think Nick Diaz should retire? No I don’t,” said White. “But when guys say they should retire, they probably should retire.

“Nick’s been talking retirement for a while now and after tonight, he’ll probably retire.”

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  • disqus_ImKCOzmIKG

    Noooooo dnt do it nick

  • Lawdog1521

    You think you could do better in another fight against GSP and AS? I see you wasted no time lighting up a blunt, Nick.

  • This man shouldn`t retire, he should talk a long slow walk through heavy traffic. This guy is a delusional retard, everything he said at the after fight presser was a sad and pathetic. he really needs to get tested, i`m sure he has a high level learning disability and brain damage. People where laughing as he spoke, and not with him.

  • Cereal Killer

    As I said many times before, Nick Diaz isn’t that good! Can we finally close the door on this pot head. He is a one trick pony that doesn’t belong in a world of professional sports. 50-45… all there is to say.

    • Lawdog1521

      Yeah, I’ve been saying that too. So he comes forward, so what? Anyone who uses strategy against him will beat him and his record isn’t that impressive. His best fights were a lazy BJ Penn, an old Frank Shamrock, and Gomi, who’s record is also questionable. Everyone else has been midlevel at best or cans. Sure Nick looks good against them. But Tank Abott looks good against cans too, that doesn’t mean he should be getting title shots.

      • So according to you Carlos Condit is a can?

        • Cereal Killer

          Moron, Diaz lost to Condit.

          • Lawdog# stated that other then BJ Penn, Shamrock and Gomi, Diaz only faced midlevel fighters and cans. I thus inquired about Condit.

            No one asked you about who won the Diaz Condit fight.

          • Adam Bianski

            Didn’t Condit just run away for 25 minutes any ways. I thought Diaz won that fight.

          • ugh

            that is because you’re a moron

          • I agree

          • sjd

            so why did diaz face have more damage??????

          • RonnieV

            controversial win

        • Lawdog1521

          So, losing a fight is your best fight? Reading comprehension seems to not be your forte.

    • Nick Diaz is not that good, yet the world champion could not finish him in 5 rounds.

      • Cptmats

        The world champ Out rolled, Out wrestled, Out boxed And Out brawled Diaz for twenty five minutes. Diaz Has only ever been stopped once in his career, And it was over a decade ago !

        • I saw the fight.
          I was responding to Cereal boy stating that “Nick Diaz isn’t that good”.

          • Cptmats

            He isn’t really, His boxing is kinda sloppy, his bjj is over rated and his wrestling pretty much sucks.
            Nicks best asset is his toughness and his endurance.

          • adam1848

            GSP called him the best boxer in MMA.

          • George Sperry

            GSP always, ALWAYS finds some way to praise a vanquished opponent.

            Diaz has very good MMA boxing skills, his skills were not better than GSP’s though.
            I think Anderson Silva has the best boxing in MMA.

          • Adam Bianski

            His boxing is little strange but he lands more punches then anyone.

          • Cereal Killer

            Don’t be mad, Nick isn’t that good.

        • adam1848

          I don’t think he out boxed or out brawled him. But to each his own.

      • machete

        Gsp haven’t finished no one since 07 if im correct.

      • Cereal Killer

        The world champ doesn’t finish anyone! He makes you look like a chump! 50-45

        • adam1848

          He made BJ and Kos look like chumps. We must have been watching different fights, because I thought Diaz neutralized most of GSPs g&p, which is his strongest attribute. GSP dominated that fight, but he sure as hell was not able to give Nick the ‘worst beat down I’ve ever seen in the UFC.”

        • Sir_Roy

          Huge GSP fan … but Georges did not look all that good at all either. Diaz fought like a twit, far below his pay grade in the stand-up, and he still did better against GSP than most others. If Diaz would have gotten over his attitude, and attacked more in the 13 minutes of stand-up, GSP might have been in trouble.

          Georges gassed in round three dude. While he won all rounds via ‘take downs’ (yawn) I was a little disappointed TBH.

    • adam1848

      I think the fact that Condit (who is usually very aggressive) chose to out move and out point Diaz, and St. Pierre hardly stood with him at all (and lost many of those standing exchanges) while being able to land very little of his usually devastating g&p, shows that Nick is pretty damn good. I am sick of his constant complaining and entitled attitude, but I still find him a very well rounded, entertaining fighter and would be disappointed to see him retire when he still has the ability, if not the drive, to compete with the best in the world. If you don’t like his personality (which I totally understand) then ignore him. But to say he ‘isn’t that good’ or is a ‘one trick pony that doesn’t belong in pro sports’ just because he got out pointed by one of the most technical strikers in the game and then out grappled by the best grappler in the history of MMA seems baseless, in my opinion.

    • Adam Bianski

      “Diaz isn’t that good” the dude has won almost 30 pro fights and you want to say he is not that good? Are you saying that because GSP out scored him for 25 minutes. Well in that case neither is the entire 170 lb division, because he has done that to everyone. Diaz is one of the top ten fighters in his division in the world dude stop hating.

      • Lawdog1521

        And which top ten fighters has he beaten to achieve top ten status? Or has Scott Smith become a top ten fighter now too?

        • BJ Penn, Carlos Condit, Gomi and Shamrock were top 10 fighters when Diaz beat them.

          • scars

            Diaz never beat condit…

          • Randi

            Yes he did, unless you are one of the judges from that fight!

          • Lawdog1521

            BJ Penn hadn’t been ranked as a WW since 06. Shamrock hadn’t been ranked since like ’01. Gomi was ranked but that was back in ’07. So at absolute best, Diaz beat someone ranked 6 years ago. Oh, Diaz, you’re so bad ass.

    • Guyana781

      GSP is a one trick pony, run then lay and pray. Matt
      Serra ruined him, GSP was a relentless fighter
      Prior to the knockout. Now he goes into the ring merely trying to survive.

      • gnodeb

        GSP landed/threw 210/285 while Diaz had 80/176. If we are talking about significant strikes then GSP made 105/167 (63%) while Diaz made 41/136 (30%). Also he was going forward, make takedowns and shut down Diaz’s JJ. You probably wish trash talking is scored, but it is not…

        • Lawdog1521

          I’m not a GSP fan but good lord, the Diaz fans are being babies. GSP scored higher in every single area and yet they still criticize him. The fact is the only loser in this fight was Diaz, he had no business being there. He’s an American version of Dan Hardy.

          • Sir_Roy

            He gassed GSP in the third, stuffed more of his take down attempts than anyone else and neutralized a lot of Georges’ GnP.

            Condit caught GSP and damaged him for one minute of their fight. But Diaz did more against GSP’s game than all other comers thus far. Can’t stand the guy when he’s got a mic to his mug, but we’ve got to give him that much.

      • takpathenry

        Wow!!! Man GSP don’t run away… And try to understand that it is easy to be agressive and rentless when you fight average fighter, but it’s not that easy when you fight the best of the best… well except mabe for Anderson Silva who look good against anyone (except against Sonnen but still)

  • jd

    f****** Nick Diaz you got the s***

  • RatBag10151

    no NICKY! NO!!!!! DONT GET KILLED! Anderson Silva will knock you out so horribly, it’ll cause worse brain damage than any drug you have ever taken!!!! (P.S. I like Diaz so dont think im hating on him…Im just being sincerely f****** honest here)

    • rfgwerbwer

      I would love to see Diaz vs Silva but like you I don’t beleive he can past the first round.

  • carpe diem

    All you fools sound so stupid. “He’s not even that good or he hasn’t fought good guys”. News flash guys, he has beat really good fighters in his career. Obviously he is not p4p best or number two in the world but the guy has world class bjj, good boxing and a grip of heart. So if your a mid level fighter you should just hang up the gloves and call it quits because you suck? so while you bunch of slap dicks type your hate out on your computer tonight, know that this so called “retard” just made more money tonight than you will in a couple of years at most; and he also has the opportunity to consider retiring at age 29. I’d say this retard has made smarter decisions than anyone of you know it all critics. On another note, Nick could smoke a 7 gram blunt and school any of you fools,

    • Adam Bianski


  • Anon

    All the respect in the world to the Athlete, Strategist, Champ GSP, but… I came to see a fight.

    It’s no secret GSP’s game… strike, TD, change position in guard to standing or side control etc every 20-30 seconds (Prevents any sub attempts etc) stand up with about 30 seconds left in round rinse and repeat…

    I’m just as mad that Nick Diaz didn’t do everything he could to prevent this, but… Nick is a true fighter… if you put no time limit on this Diaz would win the fight… Dude is a fighter work hard/train hard 😛 2nd only to AS as who I’d like to see fight…

    GSP didn’t finish him, didn’t give him the worst beating of his life etc…. just controlled him… comon…

    Props to GSP for being the best at the sport and the champ, Props to Diaz for putting it on the line every time.

    • Cptmats

      Sounds to me like your just a GSP hater. C’mon man he fought to Diaz’s strength as much as he did his own, He spent as much time standing and trading with Diaz as he did on the mat, Gave Diaz every chance to do what he does best and dominated him.
      George out boxed out brawled and out grappled Diaz in every single minute of the fight and you critisize him because he didn’t finish one of the top five all time WW and one of the toughest fighters alive ?

      • adam1848

        I’m a huge fan of GSP (have my GSP tee shirt still on from last night) and I agree with Anon. I think if you broke that fight down, the majority of the time they were standing was when Nick was able to stuff the take downs. I’m pretty sure George tried to take the fight down within the first minute of each round. I really like both guys. George for the person he is and the way he handles himself inside and outside the Octagon, and Nick for being the type of guy who shows up to fight and put on a show every single time. You sound a lot more like a Diaz hater than Anon sounds like a GSP hater. No disrespect intended, just how I’m reading the comments.

        • Sir_Roy

          You’re right. GSP did try to keep the fight on the ground, and was forced to stand and bang with Diaz from the third round up far more than he wanted to because Diaz was stuffing GSP’s uncharacteristically sloppy take down attempts.

          Why were they uncharacteristically sloppy you ask? Because, as stated above, GSP gassed a bit man. He burned a lot in rounds one and two … and think Diaz’ odd technique frustrated him on the ground and caused GSP to expend more energy in the first two rounds than he’s accustomed to.

      • Adam Bianski

        OMG dude pick a side and stick to it. Is Diaz a top five fighter or is he sloppy. Stop contradicting yourself. Keep arguing both sides of the fence to win arguments.

        • Cptmats

          “Diaz a top five fighter or is he sloppy”

          He cant be both ?

          Yeh he is a top five fight, and yeh he very sloppy.

          Diaz skill set is way over rated, but he is still an extreamly effective fighter,Not because of his techniqe but because he is tough as nail, almost impossible to finish an sets a pace very few can maintain.

          “Stop contradicting yourself.”

          I didn’t ! Not once !

  • Georges “Lunesta” St.Pierre is gonna win like this in any of his future title fights just fight silva already.

    • Adam Bianski

      Silva would physically put a hurting on GSP he would knock him out whenever he wanted to.

      • Cptmats

        Off his back ?…pffft
        Hater !
        nothing but a troll !

        • Anthony Lopez

          If anyone’s a troll, it’s you. Get off of GSP’s nuts

      • takpathenry

        Well mabe but let see the fight first… And for the record, I don’t think GSP will do better than Sonnen.

  • Timothy Malone

    LMAO I can’t believe he actually asked for a rematch. He was already coming off a loss to begin with, and then lost every single round. Go earn some wins.

  • Adam Bianski

    GSP is the best athlete/dominating fighter in the sport. With that said I am getting sick of his boring outpoint style. He landed nothing of significance for 25 minutes and did not try to. I think if he stays in this division he will be champ for ever because he will win decisions over anyone in the division. If he takes super fight with Anderson Silva he will get hurt and embarrassed, he will not be able to take him down and control him, he will be forced to stand, and will get knocked out when AS decides to put him down.

  • Sal

    Nick has been doing this a long time almost 40 fights. How much can the head take? If he thinks retirement, its probably a good idea! Buts whats after MMA, not a Florian Bas Routen type, needs to plan for it!

  • gaethje

    I don’t see GSP beating hendricks… won’t knock him out and cant take him down.

    • Deadpool

      i dont see how u think he cant take him down, at the time thiago alves was said to be a wrecking machine with the best take down defence in the division….gsp took him down at will with a ton muscle in his leg….granted it didnt make for the most appealing fight in the world but he has made all wrestlers matt hughes, fitch,and kos looks like amatures. Kos especially is a fighter who is a similar fighter to hendricks with a wrestling pedigree who developed into a heavy handed brawler who ended up getting out wrestled in their first fight and half his face crushed with jabs in the second fight.

      Dont get me wrong Hendircks has a great chance of winning this bout Matt serra proved that, but his chances i dont believe are any better then an of the fighter mentioned.


    Nick Diaz is a good MMA fighter not great just good. Two losses in a row make Diaz average and a middle of the pack fighter. Diaz sure is dumb though and comes across as ignorant and profane.

    • uncle

      And thats why he retired beacuse he fights sport killers now he doesn’t want to be a point fighter to
      win fights he should retire and really work on putting
      on some more muscle mass and strength and finally
      work on his wrestling

  • Ksmma

    After that preformance GSP vs spider is crazy. I don’t think he could beat any top five middleweight let alone silva. If Diaz can stuff that many takedowns bisping Munoz and weidman could damn sure stuff more.

  • Nick should go to some grappling tournaments and triathlons. No sarcasm. I’d hate to see him leave mma but I’d like to see him stay active doing those type of sports at least. Maybe it would even help him cool down a bit since the fight game is so aggravating to him.

  • MuayThaiFood

    He can’t retire now, he’s finally got a big sponser…….the IRS.

  • bison

    Watching this fight and the one before, one can see that a main issue with takedowns in mma is that they don’t directly lead to finishes. Significant strikes and submission attempts are direct means to finish an opponent. A takedown only puts on in a position to do one of those two. (A slam is different, See: Rampage Jackson) This is why it is strange to label a fight a “domination” in which no serious sig strikes or sub attempts were executed by the winner. And I say this as a wrestler and bjj practitioner.

  • Orville

    Smart Boy…call for a rematch…12 to 18 month pot suspension….George clears out the rest of the division….the fans want it….Dana sets up the rematch!

  • steveoo55

    cereal killer what a stupied thing to say diaz isnt that good the time and work it takes just to step in the cage is crazy to make it as far as nick and do what hes done there aint many that can

  • kenny powers

    All respect to GSP, he won the fight. However, he will never go down as a legend like Anderson, because he lacks the killer instinct. He is probably the smartest fighter as far as following a game plan and point fighting, but will always play it safe. This fight was more exciting than usual though, it was really fun watching them stand for a while, but when GSP started getting tagged, the takedowns and lay & pray came. IMO, the ref should have stood them up quite a few times when GSP wasn’t improving position or doing any damage. I’m interested to see how he deals with Big Rig.

  • kenny powers

    And for the super fight talk, there’s only 1, that’s the Spider vs Jonny Bones. Silva/GSP makes no sense, he would have no chance against the Spider

  • Venancio Ramos Tan Jr.



    who the hell gives advice to Nick Diaz? Mike tyson? What a mess of a man Diaz is. Confused crude and ignorant. QUIT

  • bajafox

    There’s no secret I was rooting for Diaz but GSP executed his plan to perfection, as usual. GSP even stood with him in the 4th and Diaz wasn’t able to capitalize. As much as I can’t stand GSP he is good at exposing his opponents weakness and finds a way not to lose each and every time.

    Personally, I’d like to see a rematch with Condit and Diaz on the same card as Hencricks and GSP

    Props to GSP, his game plans are unmatched and he can execute them to a T.