Nick Diaz Camp Reveals He Was Drug Tested at UFC 158; Requests More Info from Commission

April 4, 2013

Nick Diaz UFC 129La Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux (RACJ), the athletic commission in Quebec, on Thursday confirmed that it had six fighters drug tested at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz on March 16 in Montreal. The RACJ added that all six tests produced clean results, but would not say who any of the tested fighters were.

Jonathan Tweedale, a representative of Nick Diaz’s camp, however, revealed to that Diaz was one of the six.

Not only did Tweedale confirm that Diaz was tested and produced negative results, but added that Diaz’s camp is requesting further information from the Quebec commission.

Mr. Diaz’s sample tested negative. We have now requested from the Quebec Commission (the Regie):

1) A copy of the Regie’s request to the laboratory specifying which substances the lab was asked to test the sample for (if any), and

2) A copy of any documents received from the lab conducting the drug testing showing the precise test results for Mr. Diaz for all substances the sample was actually tested for.

Tweedale would not elaborate on why they requested further information from the commission, but it should be noted that Diaz’s camp has already challenged the RACJ over its handling of the UFC 158 weigh-ins.

The Diaz camp stated that the RACJ relaxed its own rules for the main event, in particular, because Georges St-Pierre was involved.

“The Quebec Commission deliberately relaxed the rule (regarding a bout’s contracted weight) in this case and, by its own admission, allowed their home-town fighter to ‘make weight’ even if he weighed more than the contracted weight,” Tweedale noted in an earlier statement to regarding the controversial weigh-in situation.

St-Pierre won the five-round championship fight by unanimous decision.

Diaz noted after the bout’s conclusion that he intended to retire if he was not granted a rematch with St-Pierre or a fight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Tweedale stated that Diaz “still feels the same way” in regards to his retirement.

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  1. Gotta find out exactly how well those masking agents are working.

    • Masking agents for weed? …cause if he used roids, he should ask for a refund.

      • Lance Armstrong

        • No doubt, but then Armstrong’s thighs were ripped. Plus he had a team of docs and like, a mobile science lab in the parking lot. I can see GSP having the resources to pull an Armstrong. Nick ain’t got the help, the brains or the body.

  2. Sounds good to me. Deny the baby what he’s crying for, and let him retire. He’s gone from being guilty entertainment, to mildly annoying, to downright embarrassing to the sport. If you let one spoiled brat have his way, watch all the self-entitled children come popping out of the woodwork. It’s the same with every business.

    So yeah. Bye bye Nick.

  3. Diaz needs to go the F away. Just retire already…GSP is about as honorable a fighter as there is out there who has 0 history of problems. All these accusations from someone who has a history of drug testing problems is just laughable.

    Now he’s saying he will retire unless he gets a rematch or a fight with Silva?? Enjoy retirement Nick!!

    • I wish Johny Hendricks at the post fight interview would have offered to fight Nick. It would have been the realest thing a guy could have done since Chuck Liddell fighting Babalu when he was already #1 contender.

      • Nick is a punk…plain and simple. He is trying to stay relevant by causing controversy…he just needs to go away. Dana needs to grow a pair and put this guy out of his misery.

        • Although Nick is a talented fighter I don’t know how much longer Dana will deal with anymore antics. You never know though maybe Dana will try and help him out to get his personal life together. I like Nick a lot but I don’ know why he would come out and make the comment about going to jail and about his taxes. But hey at least he’s being “real”.

          • But is he being real? I find it hard to believe that someone of Diaz’s age has NEVER paid taxes and not gotten in to trouble for it yet. Hell, I screwed up on my taxes and it was less than 6 months before I got a letter in the mail saying so.

            I think he is doing it all for shock value. Sonnen has made a new career out of it and I think Nick is just trying to copycat it. I don’t see how in any reality that he just came off a loss, a drug suspension, then just got his backside handed to him and he can think he is ANY type of position to ask for a rematch or a fight with Silva. He’s lucky he still has a job after that stretch…

          • Its a business and Diaz sells tickets! any organization would be happy to have him.

          • There’s more to it than selling tickets ! Dana proved than when he pulled Diaz from the first GSP fight.
            If he pulled the same s*** during a UFC event as he did in strikeforce with Mayhem Miller Dana would Cut him in a heart beat !

            Diaz is an over rated douche bag, Any organization would be STUPID to want him !

          • Diaz got to fight Penn instead…as the main event. why? because he sells tickets, and Dana loved the strikeforce scrum..even said so himself

          • You really think that last card was a sell out because of Diaz??

          • There’s only so much an employer will take, regardles of how many tickets that person will sell. If that’s all Dana cared about, then why did Dana take Diaz off his 1st fight vs. GSP?!?
            When Diaz becomes a bigger problem, then what he’s worth, I guarantee you the UFC will have no problem giving him his pink slip. If you think the UFC are going to lsoe sleep b/c they don’t have Diaz anymore, you are dreaming or sadly kidding yourself.

          • Who do you want to see Diaz against next?

          • Honestly…I wouldn’t skip a beat if I never saw Diaz fight again.

          • lol … Fair enough…

          • Seriously though I think his skill set is so lacking behind the current top welterweights that him taking up space on a main card is a waste…

  4. It’s a shame Diaz is to retarded to realize the rules were “relaxed” for his childish, unreliable ass.
    And since he was tested in Canada, no one would have been testing for Marijuana. Since we’re a country smart enough to realize it’s not performance enhancing and it’s not illegal here.
    This worthless little nothing really needs pull his head out of this ass or just do everyone a favor and kill himself.

    • Haha and you think Nick is retarded take a look in the mirror kid.( just do everyone a favor and kill himself)WTF?

    • Hey I am the first to say I don’t like Diaz or his brother in fact I have even called them scum on occasion. But there is no need to tell someone to go kill themselves. That is crossing a line that is uncalled for.

      • “That is crossing a line that is uncalled for”
        what line might that be? The way my friends and I talk that is pretty mild so just because ur a baby other people have to watch what they say? Grow a pair bro.

        • macgubber you are right I am sorry for the post. I wish I could learn the way of macgubber and his friends and the way they talk dirty to each other. macgubber what exactly do you want me to grow?

    • Why don’t you try to call him a retard to his face? Nick would put your head in your ass where it belongs!

      • “Why don’t you try to call him a retard to his face ?”

        I would if I knew where to find him. Diaz is a retard and a complete f****** loser !

        ” Nick would put your head in your ass where it belongs!”

        Just like he did to George ?

  5. i dont understand why he thinks he deserves a rematch lol i was a huge fan of his until all of this drama he has been pulling. he’s worse then a woman.

  6. I am a Diaz fan and a GSP fan and I would like to see a rematch outside of Canada. First of all because the fight wasn’t very good. Nick was safe on the bottom and Georges was safe on the top so it was a 25 minute stalemate where nobody took any real damage. But I don’t think Nick should get a rematch b/c of that. But this commission has come across as very corrupt from the video and from the statements they’ve made which were total BS. The truth is if Georges had missed weight the Canadian economy would have been dealt a big blow and I truly believe they helped him cheat on this occasion by not counting his decimals. There just is no other logical explanation for the last minute weight allowance. So Diaz got screwed and that is why he should get a rematch outside of Canada IMHO.

    • I agree there was some strange stuff about the weigh in stuff. Had they not rounded down, which by the way thats in their bilaws that its allowed supposedly, then GSP would have had an hour or however long it is to loose that weight. Also do you really think that GSP being 14.4 oz over weight really made as much difference as he is claiming?

      This fight could take place on the moon and it would have the same result.

      • It is not in any billaws. They have that rule for non title fights. Also I do not know if GSP having to cut 14.4 oz in ah hour would have made a difference. I should know if it would have made a difference but the QC changed the rules last minute so now nobody knows if it would have made a difference . And if its not going to make a difference then why the rule change? Just let the fighters weigh in and if somebody is 14.4oz overweight then too bad. The fight would get called off and Nick would be preparin for Anderson Silva right now

        • I agree the whole thing is weird. Problem is most people are pretty sure who the better fighter is anyway, and GSP is a reliable professional, who doesn’t have a history of missing weight. If this was like, Anthony Johnson or if the fight had been close, a rematch would make sense.

          As it is however, no one wants to watch GSP hump Nick for another 25 minutes. If Nick wasn’t such a stubborn dumbass, he would work on his wrestling instead of whining like a toddler. If that part of his game got even a little better, he could tire wrestlers out, and force them to stand with him. Adapt or retire.

          • It is a fair point that Georges doesn’t have a history of missing weight but he still has to make weight. He shouldn’t get a free pass because he has made weight in the past. Also I agree that the fight wasn’t close but I think the ref should have realised that neither guy was in any danger during the 20 minutes of grappling and told them to push the pace or stood them up. I would hope the ref would be a bit more on the ball in vegas.

            As for Nick training wrestling that is also a fair point but even if he trains wrestling everyday with his BJJ and Boxing he will still try to knock you out or submit you. Just like Georges Can train boxing and kickboxing everyday but he is still going to take you down and GnP you.

          • You’re right -Even if Nick trains wrestling, he would definitely STILL go for knockouts. I’d like him to use his wrestling in reverse. Better wrestling would let him dictate where the fight takes place (standing). He’d be harder to take down or hold down. George would still try to hump him for five rounds, but he wouldn’t be able to.

    • “There just is no other logical explanation for the last minute weight allowance.”
      There was no allowance ! No rules were changed ! The rule in QC. has always been until you hit 171lbs. then you are 170lbs. They do not use decimal points, the rule is all fighter must be under 171lbs.
      The same rules applied for Diaz and it’s his own fault if he was to busy getting high to read the rules !

      Diaz got owned, he does not deserve a rematch nor would 100 rematches make difference anyway.

      • That is not true. QC has never had that rule for a title fight before. The only occasions where 171 = 170 in QC were non title fights. Also rules were changed!! You can hear Mersh in the video as he explains how the rules are being changed right before the weigh ins

        • Actual steve you are wrong

          • about what?

  7. very serious s*** in Canada. To change the rules of weigh ins for a title fight is just bull s***. GSP can do no wrong, pretty disgusting if this pans out to be true s***.

    • When the f*** has anything Diaz claimed ever turned out to be true ?
      No rules were changed, No wrong was done Diaz is Punk and a disgrace to the sport.
      End of Story !

    • Vinny, really? Every UFC event in Quebec have disregarded the decimal point, except for the first event in 2008, which was UFC 83. For that event they rounded it up to the nearest half pound. EVERY other event in Mtl had a title, GSP 4X & Anderson Silva 1X, they did NOT take into consideration the decimals. The fact that Diaz & company think that this was only done for this event & for GSP, just goes to prove how pathetic & idiotic Diaz & his team are. Yet, they claim GSP is a “cheater”, but they’ll take an instant rematch vs. him or a fight with Silva?!?
      If I thought for a second that my opponent cheated when I fought him, I wouldn’t be concerned about an instant rematch. I’d want him suspended or whatever. Yet Diaz is only concerned about another HUGE fight/payday. Hmmm, sorry Diaz you had your chance & you got embaressed by a guy who was at best 80%. Let him retire, so we can stop listening to this guy cry & make excuses for why he lost. I believe the 209 are 0-4 vs. the 514 …. Don’t be discouraged homies!!!

  8. This is just hilarious.

  9. Don’t worry bajafox will be here soon to tell us how Nick is his home boy. With that being said Diaz’s camp didn’t tell us anything we didn’t assume would happen. If you know someone is a thief you watch them closely, if you know someone is a dope head you test them for drugs.

    I am sure the camp will try to say that they didn’t some for something they knew GSP would test positive for. Nick is always the victim.

  10. Not News: Dog bites Man… News: Man bites Dog…Not News Nick Diaz tests positive for THC…News: Nick Diaz’s drug test negative….

  11. This piece doesn’t interest me in the least, but I see Nick Diaz in the title therefore I am obligated to post a comment. Anything related to Diaz must be followed by at least 70 comments.

  12. This just in: “Diaz camp files motion to RACJ to investigate GSP’s accent. Diaz’s camp feels GSP’s use of the French language gave him an unfair advantage in preparation for this fight”

    • That’s because George was doing all the talking in the ring this time but he was speaking french and it confused the s*** out of Diaz…..Not that confusing Diaz would be hard to do.

  13. i love watching this guy fight he was top three mma fighters i would never miss a fight shogun being number one tito ortiz was my other just cause tito’s the one that made me want to watch mma when i was a big boxing fan but rambling on about nothing lol , i agree with alot of u guys holy s*** he bitch’s so much just f**** fight be a f**** man take your ass kicking like a man you would get respected more and the reason why they dont give u the promotions like gsp not cause you speak like a ***** **** but because all you do if f**** complain about the sport your well known from grow the f*** up nick and maybe you will reach the top of this sport like i believed you could of.

  14. No surprise that there would be no results for GSP. Thats like 5-6 in a row now. I’m one to believe that GSP is juicing. I said before the fight that this was gonna happen and sure enough.