Nick Diaz Breaks Down Anderson Silva Fight; Contemplates Future (UFC 183 Video)

February 1, 2015
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Anderson Silva walked away from Saturday night’s UFC 183 main event with a unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz. While many saw the fight the same as the judges, Diaz was baffled as to how the fight was scored, but declared that he is tired of losing.

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Fielding questions from the media, Diaz broke down the fight with Silva, and wasn’t quite sure when asked what his future in the sport holds and if he might once again be contemplating retirement.

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  • dandogood

    Imagine your daughter bringing Nick Diaz home to meet you and announcing their marriage??? Terror

    • Daily

      Why? He doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all. He’s not around beating and abusing people, women in particular. He’s not a drug addict or a drunk. He seems like he’d protect your daughter at all costs, as a matter of fact. What’s the problem? Don’t let this fight theatre fool you. There is much worse trash flooding the UFC toilet. Much worse.

      • Sir_Roy

        Diaz is not a drug addict? Hm. Smoking weed everyday doesn’t constitute? (I know it’s just weed, but it’s still a drug!). Not saying he’s a bad bloke, I don’t know him and don’t own the right to comment in that respect. But nothing I’ve seen from him in media would make me want to see him dating my hypothetical daughter!!

    • Teinamaree

      Terror? I would actually be ecstatic, Nick is a real man… also one of he last fighters still sound that I would pay to see..

      • earlsimmons

        LOL A REAL MAN YOU SAY. You must only know women or scrawny 120 lb boys for him to be considered a real man.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You post the weirdest hate $hit I have ever seen.

  • regarding octagon control, he did most of not all of it….. Silva played it safe….could’ve at least been a draw IMO …… Nothing against silva, but as a the bigger fighter he shouldve been the bully here, not nick… My respects to nick for taking the fight

    • TheCerealKiller

      “respects to nick for taking the fight”, he begged for this fight. He doesn’t deserve any high profile fight again until he wins, which means he will go back to retirement.

      • Well that’s not for you to decide whether or not he deserves other profile fights…. But thanks for sharing your concern

        • TheCerealKiller

          My lack of PPV dollars does decide who gets main events. How many loses in a row does it take for you to not want to buy a PPV? Everyone knows how to beat him now, just don’t get into a slugfest with him. BJJ black belt, but can’t take anyone down. Great boxer, but can’t outbox anyone.

          Serious question, who would you match him with next?

          • Who’s been watching him lately? … Not you? Seems like you have been, and no, regardless of paying your hard earned money, it won’t change what the clowns at ufc want to do…. Prove me wrong…. I dare you to, when you do, make an article and post it here…..

          • TheCerealKiller

            I think your posting from your phone and you got auto-uncorrected to hell.

            If I watch, but don’t pay, the UFC doesn’t make a dollar off me. Again, who would you pay to see him fight next?

          • Yeah Apple needs an upgrade, but regardless….. Tell me you wouldn’t be interested in seeing him fight Hendrix or brown,… I do agree with yah that PPV have been shitty and I don’t buy them ever since 2011,… It’s either hooters or BWW for me….But neither you or me, as fans, will change the crappy cards ufc shows…..they get their $$$ regardless…. Just happens that diaz is an income drawer for them and they know it…. It’s just as real as it gets….

          • TheCerealKiller

            Diaz was a draw. He’s losing (no pun intended) his star power with each loss. I’d be okay with him fighting Brown, but he doesn’t deserve Hendricks. Diaz is at best a #4/5 on a PPV now, not a 1/2. I think we are talking about nothing anyways, because he’ll probably go back to retirement.

          • Guest

            Worry less about grammar, nothing to do with the subject but yes, it’s from my phone. I’d like to see him fight Hendrix or brown….I learned not to pay for PPV, I’ve been watching them at hooters and BWW, …. I do agree with you that I won’t pay for events as such,… But yet again, hasn’t stopped ufc from putting crappy events,…. As real as it gets

          • TheCerealKiller

            I figured out that “price” meant prove, but what was “ale an article” supposed to say?

          • Sir_Roy

            Meh … just go to your local sports bar to watch. I only buy PPV at home when I have a bunch of buds coming over and pitching in for fights that pique interest. Otherwise … sports bar.

          • deepgrim

            nick diaz is always going to have people that want to watch him, he has fought in many entertaining fights for years and for the physical gifts he has is a dam good fighter! much in the same way wanderlei will always have fans. i believe he has a very good contract at the ufc with 2 fights left on it, he may wait for a big fight, but matt brown is a good style match up to see another stand up war

  • Neil

    If his corner had been honest with him, instead of just being yesmen inbetween every round, he could have taken it. He was the aggressor, and definitely has the style & ability to have beaten Silva, just a shame his camp and corner don’t push him.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nick said over and over in his rambling pile of excuses that he can’t stand guys that don’t try to finish a fight. He was unable to finish it, or win a single round. Don’t blame his corner, they were all high.

      • Hamandeggsmurderer

        Had more to do with silva moving backward the whole fight. Every moron that thought diaz would get destroyed saw him walk right through everything silva had to offer, and even come out ahead in the clinch

        • TheCerealKiller

          Nick was busted up and bloodied. Silva walked away looking like he didn’t fight that night. Silva out struck him in every round. Nick succeeded in nothing. Nick lost, just like all of us “morons” said he would. Tell Nick to go win a fight.

  • Licky my Dicky

    Nick went full retard.

  • cheflacsto

    I do agree that Anderson could of been more aggressive and finished the fight, but exactly what round did Nick win? Nick was busted in a few spots on his face and his stomach was purple in a few spots. The only thing I give him credit for was that he took an extremely hard kick to the gut that would of finished other fighters and he just shrugged it off. A few of the rounds could of went either way but, Nick did nothing to cement any of the rounds for himself. There are a lot of bad decisions in the UFC but this was not one that anyone can really complain about.

  • WHAT !?

    Nick Diaz won. Simple as that.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Significant strikes
      Silva 107/217
      Diaz 77/223
      Silva out struck him in every round.

      What fight did you watch?

  • Michael

    I wish I would’ve known he was injured before I bet $$$$ on him. 🙁