Nick Diaz Adds to Nate’s UFC Rant: “I’m Not Going Backwards… I’d Rather Work at Wal-Mart”

April 10, 2014
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Nick DiazUFC president Dana White may not have had a lot of contact with the Diaz brothers of late, and right now, he probably doesn’t want to.

There may not be a lot of talking between the brash UFC boss and Nick and Nate Diaz, but Stockton’s most famous MMA fighters certainly haven’t gone radio silent lately. If anything, it’s been the opposite.

After Nate tweeted a few weeks ago about wanting to be released from his UFC contract, and then opened up to about how unhappy he is with the “funny money” he’s being paid, brother Nick on Wednesday followed in his footsteps.

“I never considered anything other than to renegotiate my contract or fight Johny Hendricks,” Nick told MMAFighting about what his intentions were when discussing White’s offer of a fight with Hector Lombard. “All I said was, ‘What am I getting paid?’ And he said, ‘Let me check your contract.’ And the last text I got from him was what I would be fighting for.

“I didn’t consider fighting for that kind of money. I didn’t say anything back to him, right, but usually that means something. I’m not considering even for a second fighting any of those guys for less than $500,000. There’s no way.”

With that, Nick sounds resolved to hanging up his gloves if the UFC isn’t will to pay him at least half a million dollars per fight.

“I’m retired. Completely retired. Unless the UFC wants to renegotiate for something I’m happy with or I’m going to be fighting for the world title.”

“I’m not going backwards in this sport ever, especially in pay,” he continued. “I would rather work at Wal-Mart. I have enough money to buy a nice house, do some gigs, save some money.”

Being the older sibling, Nick addressed his brother’s recent outpouring of emotion to MMAFighting, feeling like he was somewhat responsible for his younger brother’s plight.

“You see this stuff about my brother right now? I gotta watch him go through that (expletive). It’s kinda harsh. That’s my brother. That’s my fault that he’s even in this,” said Nick. “He doesn’t want to fight either, but he’s not going to get a job at Wal-Mart, and he didn’t make a million dollars his last fight. So he doesn’t have a lot of options, and I don’t like that.”

White is used to dealing with the bursts of emotion and criticism of the Diaz brothers, but the tag-team effort has him shaking his head.

“If the Diaz brothers want to sit out for the next few years and not fight, they’re absolutely, 100 percent, it’s their right to do that. They can keep turning down fights and they can keep sitting out, but I just don’t know how they’re getting money,” said White at a media gathering in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“I’d rather not go to (expletive) work either. If someone wants to pay me to not work, I’ll take it. (But) that’s not how it works.”

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  • wtf

    Damn… these guys went full retard

    • aguest

      They come from a shallow gene puddle.

    • bwellerr

      people as dumb as you have no business calling anyone retarded

      • lol

        is funny lol is a joke douchebag. I guess you are in the same cease pool like everyone else who comment. (me to were low lives with nothing better to do)

        Hearing nick say he rather work at walmart is a pretty dumb comment. Ufc payment is the best they will ever get.. maybe not much but best they can make.

  • Seth

    Then go, work there and stfu already. People that say he should get a title shot now are as retarded as he is…

  • MuayThaiFood

    : a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements, ie…..”I’m not going backwards…..I’d rather work at Walmart.”

    : Diaz Brothers

    • bwellerr

      Or maybe you just don’t have enough intelligence to understand what he’s saying?

      • earlsimmons

        Maybe Nick doesnt have enough intelligence to understand the words coming out of his mouth?

      • MuayThaiFood

        Well, it’s not that complicated. He’s saying he’d rather work at Walmart than fight under his current contract terms. Terms that HE negotiated and signed. Nick and Nate are whiny little babies without enough brains between them to hold down a real job. Oh poor Nate….I got him into this awful life. He could have had a career at Walmart or maybe pumped gas somewhere. Cry me a f*cking river. And btw, you aren’t qualified to judge anyone else’s intelligence obviously.

        • bwellerr

          I’m not? You call them oxymoronic, but in order to do so, you had to misquote Nick! Nick didn’t say, “I’m not going backwards…..I’d rather work at Walmart.” he said, “I’m not going backwards IN THE FIGHT GAME…” Where’s the oxymoron? So do you understand why your intelligence is in question?

          • MuayThaiFood

            Wow, you are the smart one aren’t you? If you’re going to act the arrogant know- it- all then you should get it right. I didn’t quote Nick at all. I quoted part of the article’s title which was a quote of Nick’s taken out of context by the author and I fully understood that at the time. You’re obviously the one who needs help in reading comprehension. You’re about as smart as your idol Nick, who thinks working under a current contract that he negotiated is somehow going backwards (maybe you could explain that to me as well). The oxymoron is in the broad sense of what he said. Most people would agree that working at Walmart would not be going forward in relation to Nick’s current situation in the UFC.

  • truth

    I thought you only get to say this kind of stuff when you’ve fought more then TWICE in over TWO YEARS and at least WON those fights…. Reality check Nick your in the bottom half of the top ten and sinking like a rock.

    • Seth

      Where he is? O_O He’s not even top 20 at this point, man…how can you be top 10 without fighting and being 0-2 in your last outings? Unless you are Miesha Tate, you need a win to be ranked. lol…

    • bwellerr

      Someone needs to explain this to the dumb people out there: all that matters in the fight business is how much money you can generate for the organization. Stupid people like you don’t realize that everything else (such as fighting twice in 2 years) is irrelevant. Nick gets to say the things he said because he’s one of the UFC’s biggest draws.

      • Piotr

        Too bad he can’t string together any top 5 wins. giving a title fight to an 0-2 talker makes the sport look like a joke.

      • RoBeRtOe

        Well Phucking Said….teenagers don’t get this…it’s not thir fault…

  • Aimed With “V”

    Question: why don’t UFC just release Diaz brothers?
    They just released Shields from his contract, they can do it easily with both Nick and Nate.
    Do they really want to have in their roster guys, who do not will to fight there? Especially not that successful in recent fights (both are 1-2)?
    They can even give them some kind of fine for contract breach and let them out of the obligations.
    But no, they don’t do that – they keep Nick and Nate around as their employees, they offer them fights.

    The reason is simple:
    They NEED these two. They NEED them, because they attract audience.
    Nate is one of the most exciting fighters in his division, and Nick is probably the most exciting in his (now when GSP is gone).
    Thus they constantly keep them , and offer them high profile fights, probably main events.
    Hope dies last 🙂

    • Seth

      …Are you feeling alright? I mean, you have Condit…you have Lawler…you have Woodley…you have Lombard…and you pick drug addict who didn’t fought in over a year, with losing both of his last fight as “most exciting fighter in his division”? Unless you mean “weedweight division” then your comment wasn’t the brightest. I agree though that UFC needs them – not best thing in the world, to need someone like Nicky – but with amount of cards UFC puts this year, they need headliners.

      • bwellerr

        “comment was not the brightest” really? Nick is widely recognized as the most exciting in his division. And given the fighters you listed, I’d say Robbie is the only one in contention with Nick.

        • Seth

          “exciting”…yeah, how exciting that he keeps losing big fights and sitting at his couch, smoking out rest of his brain. WHAT AN EXCITING WELTERWEIGHT MMA FIGHTER!

          Are you serious, man?

      • Aimed With “V”

        Sorry, wrong word – instead of “exciting” I should’ve said “appealing to the crowd”.
        I myself consider Condit not less exciting than Nick Diaz – however, I really doubt that Condit has the same fanbase as Diaz has, or the hate-base, if you know what I mean 🙂
        Sure thing is, that Lombard, Woodley and even Lawler are way behind him in that aspect of the game.

        BTW, Nate Diaz should not even considered a “weedweight”: remember, he never failed a test.
        Nate reveals himself as a pot smoker, but apparently he doesn’t mix smoking pot and fighting…

        • Seth

          “Weedweight” was about Nicky, not Nate 😉

          • Aimed With “V”

            …BTW, Nate is really company man for the UFC.
            He dedicated his whole career to one organization (unlike his buddies Nick, Jake and Gilbert), he won their TUF, he was main eventer so many times.
            He even participated in the famous post-fight-scuffle that closed the CBS doors to then-rival Strikeforce – he truly is the UFC man 🙂

            So maybe, just maybe, he IS important to the UFC? Or, at least, should be?

          • Piotr

            He’s now crying about money too.

          • Seth

            Who isn’t? Besides top guys. Most of them don’t take it to the public, afraid that it may cost them their jobs. Imagine prelims guy from fight pass bitching about it – I doubt he would be in UFC for long. Prolly cut after first loss. They ARE underpaid. Its fact known for a long time, so you can’t hold that against Nate.


      WHY !! WHY doesn’t the UFC release the Diaz boys? Simple, because they ARE under contract! NO employer in any sport would release a “player” under contract. The reason is simple, if it was done for one person then it would snowball and pretty soon there would be chaos. Why bother even signing a contract in the first place if you don’t plan on honoring it? The only people the Diaz brothers are hurting is THEMSELVES. By not fighting they are getting stale, doesn’t matter how much you train it’s not the same as when you’re preparing for a fight and actually fighting in a cage. A lot of people are getting tired of there crap and they are losing fans. The big thing is the longer they stay on the sidelines the longer they go without a payday or two or three. They still have expenses coming in and they’re using savings to get by to prove some point that they won’t win. Yes the UFC could use the Diaz brothers to headline a couple of shows and make some cash, but if the Diaz brothers never fight again in the UFC the UFC will survive and be just fine. How long can Nick and Nate go on like this? If Nates contract is for another three years (a guess since he signed a six fight deal) can he afford to just sit there and not fight? He won’t get released by the UFC they WILL wait him out. Maybe it’s not fair but it will show as an example to other fighters that may get the same idea and say ” hey I’m not gonna fight unless you pay me more than the contract I signed and if you don’t then I won’t fight, and if you don’t like that just release me.” Yes I’m paraphrasing there but you get the idea. In all seriousness there is NO way Nate can win this, he may not like it but he should just suck it up, get back to fighting and making some cash and honer the deal he agreed too.

      • Aimed With “V”

        Wait wait wait.
        Why would it create any kind of snowball?
        I thought the UFC is the best and the most important company in the world, and every fighter wants to ENTER it, and not to GET OUT of it.
        I don’t recall any fighter desperately asking to leave the UFC – do you?

        If what you say is right – hmmm, maybe we don’t know something, like, fighters actually regret signing the UFC contracts and prefer to go, say, to Bellator or One FC, where they can actually get better money.
        Interesting, interesting….


          You are being childish! What would happen if they let Nate just walk away from his contract? After every win (OH WAIT LIKE NATE) a fighter would think he’s all that and they’re worth a tonne more cash than they’re getting now, so he pulls antics like this. Simple! Because once a precedent has been set then everyone else would give it a try. Why do you think that contracts are used in the first place? So stupid things like this don’t arise. It has nothing to do with signing UFC contracts. It is any contract of any promotion in MMA or any sport. Lets say I sign a 5 year contact with a TEAM in Baseball. A couple years into my term I have the best season of my life pitching no hitter after no hitter. SO, I suddenly decide I want more money because I’m so good and if the owners won’t pay I won’t play ? If they won’t pay me more should I be able to say then release me so I can go elsewhere and make more coin? If you think yes the player should be able to do that then you are very Naive and Immature. Both Athlete and owner agreed in the beginning on the terms of that five year contract, it was signed, so it’s a done deal. What if that player didn’t live up to the potential that was expected would it be fair for the owner in the middle of the contract to suddenly reduce the salary by vast sums of money? NO! that wouldn’t be fair either. ALL I’m trying to point out is Nate signed an agreement, he knew what he was signing he’s done it before many times. Nate and Nick talk all kinds of crap about being men of their word and being straight up. Well that’s not true! His signature is his word, so he should man up and deal with it.

          • Aimed With “V”

            I don’t think it would cause a precedent.
            I mean, there aren’t many fighters who will benefit from behavior like this, and not many will actually be able to have any weight in their demands.
            What would happen if, for example. CB Dollaway follows Nate Diaz’ steps and asks for the new conditions in the middle of his contract/release from his contract?
            In case UFC lets him go, he won’t find himself in a super great position – even after his win over Mutante, I don’t see other orgs giving him some enormous salaries, or at least salaries that are much different from what UFC gave him.
            If, on the other hand, UFC agrees to change his contract conditions, they can simply put him against a contender (Vitor, for example), and then give him a pink slip after he wakes up in hospital.

            BTW, what would happen, if Nate decides to fight now? He will probably do his best to fill the contract duties as quickly as possible, and then will jump to Bellator with open arms, without giving a second thought. And they will pay him maximum that they can, and gladly.

            So, under all those circumstances, maybe it would be WISER from the UFC side to leave the head-to-head principles alone and to negotiate with Nate?

          • Piotr

            The moral of the story is, if you’re stupid enough to sign a bad contract(Diaz brothers), don’t be surprised when they make you honor it. Or you know…do what the Diaz brothers are doing, being crybabies and “threatening” to go work at Walmart.

  • Kenny Powers

    I know the Diaz bros are kooks, but aside from their complaining, but ufc fighters should be getting paid way more. I know the sport is still young and everything but you got Mayweather making 40 million a fight? The top Ufc fighters make chump change compared to that. Anderson and GSP probly didnt even make 1 million for a fight, Mayweather makes more in 1 round than these dudes make in their entire career. Im not saying they all should make Mayweather money, but the top 5 in each division should be making millions to fight.

    • Chris Morgan

      Keep in mind that the bulk of the 40 million that Mayweather is making comes from the money he’s making for being one of the promoters for that event.
      There are a few reasons why the top guys in boxing get such large paydays (promoting/co-promoting, deals with HBO or Showtime, # of events promoter runs per year, etc.). The problem in the UFC’s case (at least one) is that they’re promoting A LOT more event (TV and PPV) per year than your average boxing promoter and they’re consistent with their paydays. I’m sure if the UFC followed boxing’s lead (fewer events per year and/or paying guys on TV a few hundred to 1 or 2 thousand) that paydays would be larger for guys on PPV’s. However, that’s not the case.

    • Mark McDowall

      Brock lesnar fought 2 times his second year in the UFC…he made over $5mil. They don’t just get what is reported on here…they get PPV’s bonuses…and Dana is known to just send out random large checks…Once of which I personally witnessed Dana handing to Cowboy Ceronne last year at a Fan Fest event…He said thanks for what you do and gave him a check for $25k….now tell me that these fighters aren’t taken care of…

      • Kenny Powers

        Im not saying they aren’t taken care of or the UFC is robbing them, but compared to boxing or any other pro sport (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA etc.) MMA fighters make peanuts. These guys train harder than any other sport, put their lives on the line and literally fight to make a living. I know the logistics behind it but im just sayin, i wanna see these guys make real pro athlete money, they deserve it.

        • Mark McDowall

          Agreed they bust their butts…BUT…they get sponsorship money ASS LOADS of freebies etc. Its not as bad as it seems…

          And look at the guys who really hustle…Bones, Weidman, Bendo, Sonnen etc etc…hell even Diego Sanchez…these guys hustle and they know that it takes hustle to make the good money. You never see them complaining about money problems.

          The Diaz’s think their value is ALOT higher than it really is. With all the extra BS that they bring to the table it really isn’t worth the UFC’s time. And lets be real…are they ever going to compete with the top guys and win a belt??

      • brian stevens

        That is ridiculous. You don’t know what that money was from. If pay is so fair why won’t the ufc open it’s books like the other major sports? These guys need to honor their contracts but I find it unbelievably unfair how much fighters are paid. Just look at ufc 171. Being on a conservative side lets say they did 300,000 buys at $50. That’s 15 million. Take taxes and payment for other employees out and let’s say there is 5 million left. The reported pay out to all fighters including bonuses was 1.2 million. Does that seem fair? How about when you include the 2.6 million gate. Or the sponsor fee of 50,000 per sponsor. That’s right each fighter has to give up 50 grand from each sponsor. Plus the sponsorship money the ufc makes on the fight. When you really break down the billions that are being made each year it’s disgusting.

  • Anthony Forrester

    So sick of UFC fighters comparing themselves to Mayweather. He does he own promoting. Any of them want to shell out money up front? Diaz was in 4 fight last year. So if the UFC put on 16 events last year at an average of 11 fights a card than Diaz fight represent 4 percent of the total. They are paying to market his fights too. Shut up fight. Don’t act like an ass and maybe you will make more money.

    • Aimed With “V”

      Is it actually possible – for an MMA fighter to do his own promoting?

      I mean, I know that it’s the UFC’s job, to promote their fighters, but I’m sure that there are guys that would’ve been glad to do this by themselves – and I’m pretty sure that Diaz brothers would love to…

      • Anthony Forrester

        No idea if they could. Wonder how many of them would actually pony up there own dough.

        • DamianCross

          You could argue Fedor did this with M-1, and obviously some of the founding Japanese Pride fighters.

      • shakejunt

        twitter and other mindless social media is free and effective. problem is the diaz brothers are anti-social.

      • TRT-rex

        It possible. Bit they would have to promote other fighters on top of themselves in order to create a fight card. Diaz basically did it with WAR he just didn’t fight. It’s possiblle. S–t Rey Sefo did it in WSOF to.

  • julian moran

    Nick has the perfect style to beat Hendricks. Hendricks is too submission vulnerable on the ground, and nick will outbox Hendricks on the feet.

    • Peeinurcereal

      Did you not watch the fight between Hendricks & GSP? Nicks submission game won’t work. GSP is way better than nick & he barely won. Sometimes non-martial artists & non-fighters know the sport.

      • julian moran

        I do not get your point.
        GSP has much better sub. defense than Hendricks, therefore Diaz should do better against Hendricks than GSP.

        If they stay in the pocket and trade punches, Diaz should trow and land 3 times more often, which should be enough to defeat Hendricks.

        • Piotr

          Hilarious. Diaz is SO overrated.

  • DamianCross

    Nick’s obviously on another planet to think his fights are worth half a mil, but I will give him this: he did prove he doesn’t need the UFC in order to secure his future. His promoted card shocked alot of people, and he can obviously get Nate and the rest of the Cesar Gracie team to fight for him. That’s a business model right there, and if Nick doesn’t want to fight for what he considers pennies, he absolutely doesn’t have to.

  • julian moran

    Diaz vs Kampmann, make it happen. I’m sure Diaz would take that fight for less then 500 000.

    • Piotr

      He doesn’t deserve 5,000

  • Piotr

    Good riddance. Don’t let the cage door hit you in the ass on your way out. Take your brother with you.


    Well Nate has a point of getting paid $15k per fight after 19 fight in the UFC, but Nick Diaz doesn’t deserve anything over $50k per fight !!!

  • shakejunt

    pay him something more reasonable like 40k just to show and promise him another 160k if he does all of these things:
    – attend ALL press conferences and media events,
    – pass random pre and post fight drug tests,
    – win his fight (on the scorecards, not just in his mind), and
    – legally obligate himself to repeat the process for a title fight.

    not that he’d go for it.

    • Mark McDowall

      Exactly!!! If Nick got his head out of his ass he could be a top fighter making top money. But there’s always drama with him. He’s failing drug tests…he’s not going to the press conferences…which is part of his job btw people…his manager is always opening his stupid mouth etc…not worth the hastle…get rid of both of the Diaz brothers asap Dana!!

  • L

    Lets cut out all the bulls–t, and go straight to real talk. Every dollar the UFC makes, that it DOESN’T pay to its fighters, goes into the pockets of Lorenzo, Frank, Dana, and that guy from the Middle East. Period.
    And we know Dana and the Fertittas have made made cash these last 10 years, so much so that they are unwilling to sell the UFC (i.e. they would rather make $100m per year, than receive $2b in a lumpsum).
    Fighters are getting screwed, and MMA is becoming way too much like boxing, in terms of a SINGLE PROMOTER thinking he runs the sport.

  • TheCerealKiller

    These guys are so stupid. If you want to get released, all you have to do is post rape jokes on Twitter!

  • Delusional computer bandits

    What’s funny is how delusional some of these comments are. I was apart of a deal that sold Dana a Ferrari a few years ago. I saw his financials and it’s nothing even remotely close to what people masturbate inside their head as to what he’s probably making. For a guy that has made the company what it is, he’s not making that much money. I’m by far a Dana nuthugger but you guys are hilarious, it’s comical really. I would be willing to bet that all if not most of the current belt holders are making close if not more than he is with bonus money, endorsements ect. I just can’t help but laugh.

    • English Colonel

      Hard to believe that someone that doesn’t know how to spell “a part of a deal”, can be a part of any deal…

      • mmalibe

        Good comment man. englishman

        BTW, Delusional we know why you have your screen name.. Sniffing fried your brains cells for you to making that statement.

        Dana is a rich GREEDY SLAVE DRIVER. Making money OFF blood, sweat, tears, injuries from fighters. Nick, Nate, Tito, Rampage, Randy, Frank, Ken, St Pierre, ARE JUST the brave and smart few who spoke up.

        • Mark McDowall

          Really…those are the names you bring up???

          Tito and Rampage are beaten down has beens that still think they should be paid top money to loose or get injured all the time.

          Ken Shamrock did wayyyy to many PED’s and got hit in the head too much to ever be taken seriously.

          Nick and Nate…above average fighters that think that acting like dramatic 16y/o girls will make them money. Yet they have one of the most widely known dumb managers in the game.

          GSP you may have something but he wasn’t mad at Dana he was pissed at UFC policies about drug testing. He was also a self admitted OCD, Anal retentive person who couldn’t handle things not being perfect for HIM.

          • mmalive

            You forgot about Randy and Frank. Post comments on those 2.

            There a quite few more Royce Gracie, etc… Those guys at least have courage and stand up. Not take BS as Nick/Nate sated.

          • Mark McDowall

            Randy became bitter…I think his head got a bit big…but what went on behind the scenes….who knows.

            Which Frank?

    • RoBeRtOe

      You saw Dana’s Financials but NONE of his spiffs. You IDIOT, he works for the Fertitties!!! You saw nothing close to the Las Vega truth. Hope the Kool-Aid tastes good…

    • Sensei_jr

      Did he insist on leather seats?

    • Darin

      You were “apart of a deal”. I’ll ignore the grammatical error and just ask, we’re you part of the landscaping crew in front of the dealership the day Dana showed up?
      But seriously, Nick and Nate deserve to be paid just for their antics outside the cage. We’ve all been thoroughly entertained by these two for years. Every mma fan should send these guys a couple bucks.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    I was a Nick Diaz fan before it was cool, but now he is loosing it slowly, what the hell does he want, Anderson Silva money and a tittle shot straight away? Slow down with OG-kush Nick, and if he gets 100k for his return fight he should feel very lucky..

  • peeter

    White is such a f–king bully. He is destroying the sport with his micromanaging everything about the fighters and the matches he chooses. The Diaz brothers deserve respect for their contribution to the sport not ridicule. If White would’t blow so much money in the Casino’s, Ufc would have enough money to pay fighters what their worth.

    • MuayThaiFood

      What did the Diaz brothers contribute to the sport? Nick can’t even promote his own fight let alone the sport so what contributions are you referring to?

  • Havoc

    “I would rather work at Wal-Mart. I have enough money to buy a nice house, do some gigs, save some money.”… And why do you have all of that, Nick? F–king ingrate.

    • vinnyjr

      He has all that because he trained his balls off and risks his life when he gets in the cage. No one gave him anything, you are insiduating he was given these things, WRONG, he earned them. DW and the UFC has just made money off of him, that is all. You are obviously a UFC kiss ass and I am a fan of the fighter. These fighters are all grossly underpaid, overtrained and the best athlete’s in the world. They deserve every dime they get.

      • macarrech


    • mmalive

      Havoc is ANOTHER IDIOT that knows NOTHING about MMA. Nick is an ELITE fighter. Like him or not. Just fact. Either pay him what he is worth or leave him in his relaxed retirement. He is definitely a big draw and makes some cash for UFC. Uncle Dana, Poppa Lorenzo and the rest of UFC brass just CHEAP A$$. Lining their OWN POCKET AT EXPENSE of fighters.

      BTW, Havoc you are a CLOWN like your buddy Horace here. Making STUPID COMMENTS with no BRAINS.

      Train MMA and get into the cage BEFORE making you FOOLISH comments guy.

      • first time caller

        You act like ufc is the only ones. such is life friend. If you work for a living I’m sure you realize you get paid pennies on the dollars
        Lining their OWN POCKET AT EXPENSE of fighters.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You don’t read the articles much do you? Dana is content to let him stay retired. Problem is Nck says he’s retired and then spouts off stuff like this. If he’d just keep his mouth shut then we could all continue to forget about him.


    Es Normal

  • Jon Doe

    I’ll fight anybody right now for 5k and will guarantee an entertaining fight. not saying im a tough guy, but if you me to go in a cage and bombs away like Diego I can do that. I’ll most likely die getting my head taken off but damn if dont I’m 5k richer, what!

  • gibby

    johny would kick the supreme hell out of diaz… HEY NICK WIN A COUPLE FIGHTS OK

  • Rj

    Diaz brothers are freaking hilarious. Saying that they have a lot of fans and that they train hard for every fight, who doesnt? And to think that they earned a special treatment for having these things. These guys are crazy. A title shot and a raise? You got to be kiddin me! There’s a lot of fighters in their respective weight class that earn a title shot than them. Diaz brothers, for once let your performance do the talking.

  • Jeremy Nm

    these guys are privileged thugs nothing more

    • mmalive

      Wrong Guy. Get in cage with them and call them that. Nick or Nate would TEAR YOU APART guy. Ohh, and they will be chump change for destroying you fool.

  • bcoyo34

    What’s hilarious is the Diaz fan club actually trying to sound intelligent posting comments supporting these two. Well, good luck trying to support these two as their money dwindles down to nothing. Oh yeah! They’ll be bringing in the bucks at Walmart or Bellator or their own circus mma event! Lol
    Too bad these guys don’t have real friends or a real manager to steer them in the right direction before its too late. Sad …really.

    • mmalive

      Well, Nick’s War MMA did pretty good. He got some exposure for that event.

      Nick would SMOKE Bellator’s talent.

      Points Nick and Nate made are quite true and obvious. UFC brass cares less about fighters and more on LINING THEIR own pockets. Paying peanuts to fighters.

  • homiescaredtofight

    I thought this guy was scared of the media funny how all of sudden hes making all these releases and comments.

    • Manuel Lopez

      well, he IS being interviewed and has always spoken his mind. so, let me know if he’s going around following the media seeking attention… I’m sure Helwani would have made a report on it.

  • otto

    what happened to all the love for the Diaz bro’s, like them or not, these guys helped shape the UFC back in the day, and put allot of asses in the seats, say what u want, they bring it and are never involved in a boring fight, Nick and Nate rock, rent every card when they compete
    War Diaz brothers !!!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft


  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    I work with a guy thats like the Diaz brothers, total baby no matter what he gets. New desk cause his feet hurts? CHeck. 6 months off cause his neck hurts? Check. The youngest and ugliest dude in the office? Check. He spends more time looking for what other people have that he doesnt and you know what….. it works for him. In this case Id rather see Dana let the Diaz bros hang themselves, cause btw they aint that good anyway.

  • Bugster

    UFC should definely paid Nate Diaz, I think he should get Melendez money, He’s headline main event.

  • brian stevens

    These guys need to honor their contracts but I find it unbelievably unfair how much fighters are paid. Just look at ufc 171. Being on a conservative side lets say they did 300,000 buys at $50. That’s 15 million. Take taxes and payment for other employees out and let’s say there is 5 million left. The reported pay out to all fighters including bonuses was 1.2 million. Does that seem fair? How about when you include the 2.6 million gate. Or the sponsor fee of 50,000 per sponsor. That’s right each fighter has to give up 50 grand from each sponsor. Plus the sponsorship money the ufc makes on the fight. When you really break down the billions that are being made each year it’s disgusting.