Nick Burgos Puts His Six-Fight Streak on the Line at RFA 27

Having made a name for himself over the past several years in Utah, up and comer Nick Burgos will be getting his opportunity to step up on the national stage at RFA 27 on Friday night.

One of the big reasons that Burgos is able to make the move up has been his recent six-fight winning streak. Burgos credits his constant time in the gym and willingness to take a fight at any given moment to being the reason he’s done so well of late.

“I’ve just taken fights at the last minute because I’m always in the gym, always training, and it’s been working out outstanding for me,” Burgos told “It keeps me sharp, my timing is always good, and I’m on a six-fight winning streak. I’m happy, excited, motivated and extremely confident.”

Most recently, Burgos defeated Matt Manzanares in March. It’s a win he feels was essential in terms of validating his development and his path in the sport.

“It let me know where I’m at, where I belong, and what I can do,” said Burgos. “It gives you that extra confidence knowing that I had done that on short notice against a guy who had been RFA champion. It showed me that I was doing something right.”

For his RFA debut, Burgos (9-3) will take on fellow top prospect Czar Sklavos (11-4) in a flyweight feature bout on Friday in Boise, Idaho.

“He’s a very tough opponent – maybe even my toughest opponent – he’s fought a lot of tough guys and went the distance with (UFC bantamweight champion) TJ Dillashaw, so I’m excited,” Burgos said of Sklavos. “I love that he’s a quality opponent.

“I feel like he’s good everywhere, but I’m better everywhere. Everything he can do, I can do better. I’ve just got to do what I do and keep up the pressure and let my body do what it does when it comes time to fight.”

With his success of late and an opportunity to showcase his ability on a larger stage, Burgos feels now could be the time to make his mark in MMA.

“My goal is to get to the UFC as fast as possible, so I’m hoping with a win – especially if I come and do extraordinary – that I’ll get picked up by the UFC,” said Burgos. “If not, then I want to continue to fight for this show until that goal is reached.

“I know the RFA is a great path to getting there. I’m very focused on this fight because I feel this can be the fight that can get me to the next level.”

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