Newly Signed to Bellator MMA, Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson Take Parting Shots at UFC

August 11, 2013
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Tito Ortiz - Dana Is My BitchFormer UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently signed deals with competing mixed martial arts organization Bellator MMA.

Both fighters have had very public disputes with their former employer over the years, while under UFC contract.  And almost as fast as it took the ink to dry on their Bellator paperwork, the two were throwing jabs at the UFC.

“Once the other fighters hear about how things work over here (at Bellator) and the sweet deal I got they will be coming over,” said Jackson during a recent media conference call promoting the organization’s first pay-per-view event.

Jackson (32-11) solidified his standing in mixed martial arts history in Japan fighting for Pride Fighting Championships.  Forever known for his epic rivalry with Wanderlei Silva and his technical knockout win over Chuck Liddell in the semifinals of the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix, Jackson didn’t become a world champion until he fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In his second fight with the organization, he defeated then-champion Liddell for a second time to capture the UFC title.  He unified the Pride middleweight and UFC light heavyweight titles in his next outing by defeating Dan Henderson by unanimous decision at UFC 75.

Jackson’s biggest career accomplishments came in the UFC, but he was often times at odds with the organization.

Jackson coached two season of the reality series The Ultimate Fighter.  During his second stint as coach, he was pitted against rival Rashad Evans.  The two were scheduled to fight at the conclusion of the season, but Jackson pulled out of the fight to film the movie version of The A-Team.

In September 2009, Jackson announced via his blog that he was “done fighting,” citing mistreatment by the UFC.  He returned with a new contract and made a second title run, but came up short when he faced champion Jon Jones at UFC 135.  Jackson is currently on a three-fight losing streak.  Following his last loss, to Glover Teixeira, the UFC cut ties with Jackson.

“I’m just excited to be involved with a positive company,” said Jackson.  “I knew fighters were going to come over when they found out how cool Bellator is and how they know how to treat fighters. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know it was going to be this soon.”

Prior to signing with Bellator, Jackson had considered retirement or moving over to boxing.

“Before Bellator come around, I was thinking about retirement because I didn’t want to fight for the other company I was with no more,” he said.

Ortiz (16-11-1) is a UFC Hall of Famer.  He held the light heavyweight title from 2000 to 2003.  Prior to Zuffa LLC’s purchase of the UFC in January 2001, Ortiz was managed by Dana White.

During his reign as light heavyweight champion, Ortiz entered a contract dispute with Zuffa and held out to get what he wanted.  Many felt he was trying to avoid a fight with top contender Chuck Liddell.  While Ortiz sat on the sidelines, the UFC crowned an interim champion.

The rift between Ortiz and White is well documented.  Their relationship deteriorated to the point that the two agreed to fight in a boxing match.  White’s preparation was filmed and later aired showing Ortiz backing out of the bout.

The fight with Jackson on Nov. 2 will be the first time Ortiz has ever fought for another organization, save for one bout on a non-sanctioned event early in his career.

“Now I’m with another one and I’m going to do exactly the same thing with a positive environment around me, with some people who care about me and want to do something great in the sport. And I think the fans and the fighters in general get another opportunity instead of just answering to one man, to be able to have the opportunity to look somewhere else,” said Ortiz.

“And let me tell you, Bellator is giving that opportunity to fighters that I’ve always said from the very beginning about pay, about how they should treated and so forth, and you know, Bjorn understands that and he respects us fighters,” he added.

Ortiz retired following a three-fight losing streak and a second loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148, but has been contemplating a return for some time.

“I think it came when my handcuffs came off of me on July 7,” he said.  “I let my contract clear or be completely done. And you know, pick up the cards and reshuffle and let’s do this again. And do it the right way this time. Do it in a positive environment. Do it in a way us fighters should be treated.

“I could only handle so much. I could only be torn down so much,” continued Ortiz.  “If we lose, the boss ain’t going to sit there and talk smack on us, talk (expletive) on us the whole time, saying how horrible we were and we should be retired and this and that.”

“I agree with what Tito said,” declared Jackson.  “It’s no secret that we both felt like we’ve been treated wrongly in the past.”

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  • eca209

    To me its funny how these two are actin about leavin ufc botb have made pretty good there I dont see that the ufc bad mouthing about them join bellator they need more money

    • Served

      No, Dana White has been talking smack about TIto.

      • Mark Bazid

        Only in response to their comments.

      • Lawdog1521

        I seem to recall Tito challenging Dana to a boxing match, the failing to show up the day of the fight.

  • ronbo

    the only bitches i see are tito and jackson.

    • hg

      say that to theri face if you ever get the chance…

      • Lawdog1521

        Or they’ll what? All I have to do is run from Quinton a few minutes and he’ll gas. Tito’s just going to lay on me without doing any damage.

        • Fern

          If Dana White, Tito and Rampage are standing in front of you and you have to fight one of them, hmm, which one would you call a bitch to their face first??
          UFC nut huggers..can’t stand em

  • Le’ts just see how they perform and how they are treated in Bellator.

  • Scott Tenorman

    Man, that fighter insurance in Bellator must be kick-ass. Also, those million dollar paydays with locker room bonus incentives must be awesome too. Of course, the pull of fighting in Tupolo and Louisville is quite enticing, who am I to judge. Perhaps they got sick of fighting in front of 12,000 at the MGM Grand and wanted to fight in Long Beach at a convention center. Think about it, that’s a great location for these so-cal boys. I bet Ortiz can even drive himself to the arena, cracked skull and all!

    • Mike mckinney

      To be fair rampage hasn’t really had many opponents where he’d be likely to get any kind of bonus. Rampage is certainly capable of getting all kinds of bonuses even though he hasn’t lately.
      However Tito is pretty much screwed on that front. Tito has about no chance of getting much extra. His goal in fights is pretty similar to Gsp’s. he’s just not as good at it anymore. Hell, the world was shocked he was able to pull off a guillotine on a half conscious wrestler.

      Tito has always fought for bigger pay without a win bonus. I’m not saying its the reason, but once he got the flat rate he pretty much stopped winning.

  • Tim Lee

    is going to complain about something about Bellator & TNA sometime
    down the line like he with every other promotion he fought for.

    Tito Ortiz is going to hold out for more money at some point like he did in the UFC.

    Hopefully Tito doesn’t make Bellator go bankrupt.

  • Mark Bazid

    When Bellator starts loosing $$$$$ Viacom will dump them like they are nothing.
    Then they will cry and cry and cry some more.

  • Big T

    Haha Eddie Alvarez would like to hear about this “sweet deal” you are getting Rampage…

  • Darin

    Although I have little interest in the Ortiz-Jackson fight, I say these two have earned the right to speak their minds on the UFC. I have no doubt DW disagrees, what’s new?

  • Manuel Lopez

    This is the part where all UFC’s defenders and DW lovers come out to defend his honor…read on!

    • Werdoomb

      true. Had this fight taken place in the UFC, these TUF noobs would have spent the same amount of energy in arguing why this fight makes sense.

  • Rodrigo_Silva

    Tito is obviously the best LHW fighter of any night… When he doesn’t have an injury or his boss isn’t going to criticise him if he loses.

    He’s just off knee surgery, already mentions being accepted when he loses and talks about money, amidst his widely reported issues.

    Yet people think he’s on some sort of crusade against Dana! This is all about the $$$s. the modern day equivalent of Tito-Ken 2&3.

    • Werdoomb

      Cheeto + Mic = ?


      “One of the best light heavy weights…..of the night~!”

    • DT33

      Did you not see the t-shirt he’s wearing?

  • Juan

    They are lucky someone is paying them period, of course they are going to suck on bellator’s you know what because they are greatful someone is dumb enough to pay them to fight each other, a really meaningless fight in the history of mma, maybe ten years ago this would be exciting,

  • Rampage the Whiner

    Lets see if Bjorn flies to Orange County to bail out rampage when that idiot runs from the cops and hits a pregnant woman with his monster truck. Douche.

    • bajafox

      It was pretty amazing that he cites mistreatment, a hole should have been in jail and uncle Dana bails him out

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    The UFC is run like a 1930’s moonshining ring. But they are rich as hell net like 1bil. A year

  • Lawdog1521

    Nice to see Bellator has forgone the traditional weight based classes and gone with a new “Lazy, Washed Up” division. Either Ortiz or Rampage will make a fine champion in that new class.

  • Sensei_jr

    Before its all said and done both will be begging Dana to take them back, that leaving the UFC was the biggest mistake they ever made. They will also be begging Sensei Seagal for a chance to appear in one of his straight to video movies, perhaps A-Team part 2.

  • Bugster

    After I heard Korean Zombie was being paid 20 thousand dollars that was crazy by the UFC. I believe in Rampage and Ortiz.

    • DT33

      I agree that Zombie or any other Main Event fighter should be paid better than that, win or lose. Pretty ridiculous.

      • Dragon Kid

        But at least Zombie was winning his fights and winning them impressively. You can’t keep paying a fighter big money if they’re keep losing their fights.

        • DT33

          Well, sure. I guess I should clarify that I think fighters coming off of several wins should be paid better in a main event fight, win or lose. After taxes and whatever expenses he had to pay for on his own, he probably didn’t walk away with much of that 20k.

    • Ray Douglas

      Ortiz got paid for losing like 12 fights, i could do that

  • DT33

    I lost all respect for Rampage after TUF 10. He’s a whiny, selfish prick who cares only about himself. Rashad showed him up beyond embarrassment. Rampage had no business even being there. Of course he’s going to trash the UFC and Dana as soon as he signs with someone else. That’s just the kind of person he is. I don’t know how anyone can take anything he says seriously anymore.

    I believe in the idea of having a rival organization that can potentially force Dana and the UFC to start paying their fighters better and not just run a hush-hush monopoly, but as it sits, all the best talent is still in the UFC. Bellator is just the minors.

    When I say “monopoly,” I use the term loosely. The UFC doesn’t really have one. They’re just the king of the mountain. Any fighter who wants to can leave once his/her contract is up and join Bellator or whichever other organization, but they’re not going to if they want to keep fighting the best fighters.

  • Dan Almeida

    Bottom line is cash. Floyd Mayweather Jr. spends more on taxes than Junior Dos Santos and any other UFC Heavyweight have made in the past 3-4 years.


    both of these two Chumps will soon realize their worth (star power/ ppv buys)

  • BobGyro

    Tito has good taste in quality woman. Rampage cannot drive a truck. Not one is buying this nothing fight. As Dana laughs.

  • DamianCross

    “If we lose, the boss ain’t going to sit there and talk smack on us, talk (expletive) on us the whole time, saying how horrible we were and we should be retired and this and that.”

    We can make jokes and talk smack about the old fossils all day but you cannot deny Tito is 110% correct with this statement.

  • Ray Douglas

    They will say anything to promote their pointless fight, Tito has lost 7 of his last 8 fights lol get the message, your done, still needs to pay off jenna, this actually hurts Bellator in the long run, already lost some respect for the promotion