New York Senate Passes Bill Approving MMA, Now Moves to the Assembly

May 23, 2011
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The road to getting mixed martial arts sanctioned in New York have been long and arduous, but on Monday things took a turn for the positive.

With a vote of 42-18 the New York State Senate passed the bill to authorize and sanction mixed martial arts in the state.

Senator Joseph Griffo championed the bill on the floor of the Senate, along with several other state senators who spoke out in support of MMA being legalized, pointing to the safety of the sport as well as the tremendous financial impact the sport could have on the state.

The bill passing the Senate is a good sign, but not the final challenge MMA will face in New York.

Now the bill will make its way to the New York State Assembly for approval, and if they vote yes then MMA will be sanctioned in the state.

The biggest issue is that MMA has come before the Assembly before after being approved by the Senate and then voted down.

Assemblyman Bob Reilly has continuously battled against MMA being sanctioned in the state, and he will likely once again be a major antagonist to try and keep the sport from getting through this time as well.

The bill will be presented to the State Assembly next, and if it’s approved there then MMA will officially be sanctioned in New York.

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  • If it doesn’t get past the assembly this go around then Zuffa needs to pull back and let NY come to them or at least wait a while to pursue this matter any further. No sense in burning any more time, energy and money when everyone else (other states) gets it and New York doesn’t (or doesn’t want to).

    There’s not a single good reason as to why the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is not sanctioned in the state of New York, ZERO. The push back seems to be driven by ignorance and or political pressure and not sound facts or data.

    New York is nothing more than the pretty girl playing hard to get and it’s time to leave her in the rear view mirror. Either they’ll figure it out and come running after us or they’ll be left in the dust all alone.

  • God

    Amen to that!