New UFC Trading Cards Include Ronda Rousey

December 4, 2012
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Ronda Rousey UFC Trading CardTopps UFC Bloodlines is a new trading card product that features the most notable fighters in one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

UFC Bloodlines celebrates the immense diversity of the UFC by featuring unique cards that proudly honor the specific nationality of the various stars of the UFC such as GSP (Canada), Anderson Silva (Brazil), Jon Jones (America) and more!  There are no teams in the UFC, fighters represent where they are from and Bloodlines celebrates this notion.

UFC Bloodlines also includes the first-ever UFC women’s champion, Ronda Rousey, making her UFC trading card debut!

Jon Jones UFC Trading CardAs with all Topps card products, UFC Bloodines features more than just pictures of fighters on cardboard.  The product is packed with autographed cards from many of your favorite fighters.  Also, look for awesome relic cards, cards with pieces of fighter gear Octagon mats and other memorabilia.

Some new features in the UFC Bloodlines set are Patriotic Patches featuring 25 fighters shown with patches bearing their national heritage symbols. International Airmail cards featuring 10 fighters with actual postage stamps from their countries of origin (numbered to 50). Jumbo Fight Mat Relics featuring 30 fighters with a piece of the mat they fought on (numbered to 88). Fighter Jumbo Relic Base Parallel featuring 40 fighters with a jumbo sized relic of fighter-worn shirts or shorts.

Collect your favorite fighters, show your pride of country!  Topps Bloodlines can be found in your local hobby shop.  For a hobby shop near you, go to

  • as

    Not a single fight in the ufc and already a card with ufc logo? WTF

    • Maddawgmar

      Well she has signed with the UFC. I guess it’s kind of similar to football cards coming out before they play in there first game.

      • shakejunt

        wec guys had cards before the merger too

  • Ras Butten

    You know Tate will cry about this in her next interview lmao.

  • chuker

    She is almost over exposed already. I think Rhonda is awesome at what she does but i think her arm barring everyone is already wearing a little thin and will get boring. Maybe a leg lock or a tko? I also don’t want part of my $60 dollar pay per view going to watching Rhonda arm bar weak competiton.

    • Mark McDowall

      Nothing wrong with having a signature move, but I have to agree about the competition thing. She may be a great fighter, but if she is fighting sub par competition then who cares. I have a feeling that Dana will be thinking with the wrong head and make her first fight a main event PPV and it will probably flop unless they stack the entire rest of the car with great fights. Which if it does well he will accredit soley to Rousey being on the card.

      Also….what if she pulls a Hector Lombard in her first fight and sucks it up or looses?? Then what?

      • chuker

        I totally agree if she headlines it should be on fuel or co-main on fox so if like you say she stinks the joint up or loses at least it won’t be a total catastrophe.

  • Dana must be in love with her this is ridiculous its to obvious

  • onehitwonder

    i hope Topps has her base card, Topps 2012 finest Ronda card was only offered as a autograph card which you can’t get for less then $80

  • Mike mckinney

    Got to give her credit. She is running full speed with her 15 minutes.
    For those gthat don’t like her, or are getting tired of her? Don’t worry. A few girls will learn how to defend the armbar, and her time will be up. She’ll be relegated to porn in no time if she doesn’t want her 15 minutes to be up. 😉

  • Greg

    Its so obvious Dana absolutely adores Ronda. I think its pathetic that she gets the belt and the main event in February.