Nevada Drops the Hammer on Hector Lombard for Positive Steroids Drug Test

March 23, 2015
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Following his hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday, Hector Lombard is done fighting for the next year.

There has been a seismic shift in the way that governing bodies oversee performance-enhancing drug use lately, and its effects are starting to be felt in mixed martial arts.

Having tested positive for steroids following his UFC 182 victory over Josh Burkman, the Nevada Athletic Commission came down relatively hard on Lombard for his first offense.

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Lombard admitted to having the steroid in his system, but tried to explain it away as accidental. He explained that it might have been in some pills he took in trying to deal with a bout of the flu. He pleaded for a second chance.

lombard vs burkmanThe commission didn’t buy his defense. The commission didn’t offer a second chance.

When all was said an done, the commission levied Lombard a one-year suspension, stripped him of his $53,000 win bonus, fined him an additional 33-percent of his $53,000 show money (which would be $17,490), and changed the result of the fight to a no-contest.

He will also have to provide a clean drug test upon applying for a license to fight in Nevada in the future.

This certainly sets an ominous tone for Anderson Silva, who is supposed to go before the Nevada commission in the next month or so to face charges that he tested positive for steroids on two separate drug tests.

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  • Usmc8408

    Hit ’em in their wallets…unfortunately that’s the only way people learn a lesson these days. A 9 month suspension and a no-contest wasn’t cutting it. If they can’t honor the sport maybe they will honor their bank accounts and stay clean. I think a 2 year suspension is good…4 years is a little excessive, and a rapeage of their payday. Injuries and drugs are killing the sport. Something’s gotta be done.

    Chael Sonnen actually made a good point about injuries: what other sport, like boxing, do you see a fighter sign a contract to fight and then pull out due to injuries….NONE, NEVER! It should be the fighters responsibility to properly train and show up on game day ready to go. Otherwise it’s a forfeit and it goes down as a loss. Food for thought….

    • Seth

      Well, I see your point but I can’t agree with it 100%…even in boxing, it’s different type of training. One takedown may destroy the knee – so you shouldn’t train them? One punch can split your eyebrow in half, creating huge cut. So you shouldn’t train them? One blocked low kick may snap your leg in half – so you shouldn’t train them? There is basically TOO MUCH different skills you have to train in MMA to be on top and accidents will happen. It is kinda disappointing when fight is scrapped due to injury, but we can’t blame fighters for a fact that accidents do happen… :/

      • Usmc8408

        Yeah that’s true. I didn’t think about like that. These guys are full body training so It leaves a lot more opportunity for something to go wrong. Back to being an idiot for Chael then, haha!

        • Digiaddict

          no, you were right the first time. think about how long pride had been going on, how long the UFC has been going on. then thinK about when all f these cards had fighters pulling out. it hasnt been the whole time. its a relatively new thing going on here. esp. for the champs, its a running joke me and my boy have.

          the ufc champs get a tittle then come up injure half the time. just so they can keep the title longer. they get all the perks and free stuff that comes with being champ for a nice long time.

          cain won his title back in 2012, and has fought twice since then. lol come the f— on. after his next fight ill take a bet he gets “hurt” before he can fight again.

        • Seth

          Nah, I like Chael too and agree on a lot of stuff with him too 🙂 But nobody’s perfect, right? 🙂

  • TheCerealKiller

    Good! The one year I like, but I wish they would fine him his entire purse and give it to a charity.

    • blep

      Once again I agree with you dude… I could have seen him getting a bit less if he had just manned up and admitted it but to lie with such a bulls–t excuse like ‘there is Dbol in my flu meds’ it deserved to get a hammed dropped on it

    • taylor2008

      Great idea! It should be given to charity.

  • Seth

    Ok. Now NSAC has a chance to become a little bit more serious and less of a joke. I would love to see Anderson fight again – but he can’t go unpunished. You’ve made a mistake and you have to pay for it. We will see what happen next, but it looks like its going in the good direction.

  • Mmalover

    What the hell?. They take his win money for Themself?. They should give it to josh or return it to the ufc. WHO do they Think they are takin People’s money, a fine is a fine. But just takin the win bonus, where does the money go??

    • TheCerealKiller

      Good question. I would guess it goes back to the UFC, as it was not part of his contract purse money. The $17,490 is used to fund more drug tests. I wonder what a strike two would be?

    • taylor2008

      BEcause all those organizations, and even the states, are a bunch of money grabbing crooks.

  • Sir_Roy

    Sucks to be Lombard. Stop cheating folks!! Doesn’t pay, and with the spotlight burning bright, the ban hammer will be in full force. Let’s clean up this sport!

  • CoCo

    Hector Lombard eaten dem Cuban steroids… oh sh-t!

  • Wow, yeah they ain’t playing anymore. That’s the Hammer of Thor that hey dropped on Lombard. Should be interesting to see how they deal with Silva… Man, vicious financial penalty.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Jeremy Horn: 19 years, 117 fights, 0 injuries.

    • polk14

      I’m sure he fought with injuries. The first generation of fighters were just tougher. A lot of them fought injured or not.

      • TheCerealKiller

        He had a recent interview where he explained that he has never had any surgeries or major injuries for the sport. He had a serious groin pull against Anderson Silva, but that’s about it.

      • Espanol Guerra

        fighters are also becoming bigger faster and stronger so say they were tougher back then is kind of B.S.

        • polk14

          I was not talking about being tougher skill or strength wise. I was talking about their grit and will. Many of them fought injured. If they stub their toe these days the fight is cancelled.

    • drakeXtheXsnake

      freak of nature lol

  • Digiaddict

    of course tj is “injured” now too. lol, and folks thought i was joking. you can see a clear pattern hee with ufc champs. why is it that the champs always seem to come up injured. in the ufc you can be champ for 3 or 4 years and only fight 3 ties against the same 2 people.

    • drakeXtheXsnake

      others besides just champs get injured and have to pull out all the time too. it’s a fact of mma, training is brutal.
      Back in the day people fought with injuries because they had to eat. Now that they are properly paid they have the opportunity to take off fights if they are injured instead of ‘toughing’ it out and hurting theirselves worse.

  • Usmc8408

    Look how long Cruz was able to keep his belt too without fighting. 2 years I think.

  • Brandon Jalbert

    These fighters need to get paid, they don’t spend thousands of dollars on training camp to fake an injury just to hold the title. It’s just that they’re more cautious now. Back in PRIDE days fighters NEEDED to fight so they fought with injury. Besides, they were probably going to get soccer kicked anyways.