Nevada Athletic Commission Schedules Hearing to Review Brawl Between Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier

September 17, 2014
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Jon-Jones-Daniel-Cormier-Brawl-UFC-178-Media-DayThe Nevada Athletic Commission has scheduled a hearing to review the recent press-conference brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, and both fighters have been asked to attend the hearing, according to a report on Wednesday afternoon.

Jones and Cormier have been asked to attend the Las Vegas meeting, which is slated to take place Tuesday, Sept. 23. News of the meeting was first reported on UFC Tonight.

“I know I got the mail. I signed for it,” Cormier said, while hosting the FOX Sports 1 program. “I guess I will be there next Tuesday.”

Jones and Cormier engaged in one of the most memorable pre-fight scuffles last month to promote their upcoming fight, which was then scheduled for UFC 178. Cormier shoved Jones and the champ threw punches, leading to a melee that saw publicists flying off stage and the press-conference backdrop collapsing. The two were separated, but not before a chaotic scene that left a black mark and prompted each fighter to apologize for their actions.

Jones was subsequently injured while training and the fight was postposed for UFC 182 on Jan. 3. The two will headline the card.

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  • Joe

    I would laugh my @$$ off if Nevada suspends both for a year. That would show everyone that they must act like professionals leading up to a fight, and then Gus would most definitely be fighting for a title in January, although it would be the interim title.

    • thestoebz

      Big fan of the mauler, but he lost his title shot when he got hurt. So Cormier has it now unless he gets injured. Good day

  • Fagoat

    What are they gonna do? Fine them? Suspend them? Stupid Commission.

  • mike

    why do they have anything to do with this. nsac thinks they rule the lives of these fighters. how does that even work. it was not a scheduled fight in Nevada. anyone know or can explain why they have the right to butt in.