Nevada Athletic Commission Raises Threshold to Declare Positive Drug Test Result for Marijuana

September 8, 2013
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Cannabis leafThe Nevada State Athletic Commission has raised the positive threshold for marijuana metabolites.

The move puts the NSAC in line with the standards set by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which is the world standard for drug testing. WADA, effective May 11, 2013, increased the threshold for a positive test result for Carboxy-THC (marijuana metabolite) from 15 ng/mL to 150 ng/mL.

The previous threshold for Nevada had been 50 ng/mL, but the commission increased its threshold to 150 ng/mL, matching WADA. That’s a 300-percent increase in the threshold to determine a positive test result for marijuana metabolites.

“The rule was changed to ensure fighters were not penalized for using marijuana days or weeks prior to competing,” NSAC executive director Keith Kizer told Inside MMA. “Fighters will still not be permitted to be under the influence of marijuana during a fight.”

The increased limit is intended to still detect fighters that are under the influence of marijuana heading into a fight, but not penalize those that used marijuana well before fight time, similar to alcohol consumption.

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  • b-soc

    I think they are opening Pandora’s box.

    • Charles

      Yeah, horrible idea to make your rules in line with of WADA. Should really punish fighters for something that they can legally buy.

      • Ping

        Fighters can legally buy all kinds of things at GNC or other stores that provide supplements that are banned. The reason it’s banned is because it increases a persons pain threshold.

        • fsunoles10

          we’re not talking about a ped bud, and i cant speak for everyone who smokes but if im stoned and lets say im playing basketball and i jump and get undercut, thats still gonna hurt just as much as it did if i wasnt if not more, if anything it makes your body more sensitive to pain.

          • Gary Fredericks

            fsunoles10, That’s the one thing people that do not smoke or never have smoked weed will never be able to understand…..weed is not a pain killer nor does it act as a narcotic or opiate in any way.

        • Gary Fredericks

          I think it makes pain feel worse if anything.

      • TheCerealKiller

        The USA holds itself above “World” standards. PRIDE didn’t test for roids, why would we want to lower ourselves to this “world” standard?

    • Milosc


    • Richurd Cheese

      You are an idiot.

  • Milosc

    I feel so bad for Pat Healy right now…

    • Jason Tracey


    • Edpo21

      I’m with you guys. I’m glad to see this change, but feel bad for guys like Healy. At least his suspension is too long. He’s gonna be a force to be wreckended with after the pounding he out on Jim miller.

  • jeffalvinson

    So all the s*** they put Nick Diaz through was for nothing! The A-holes!

    • Prince James

      I’m sure Nick was way above the new threshold.

      • Triggerman99

        Nope, he wasn’t. He was at 25 ng/mL. The new limit is 150. He would have been way, way under the limit. His situation is probably one of the main reasons why they changed the threshhold.

  • diazfan209

    “So how much am I allowed to smoke during training and how many days before the fight do I have to stop?” -Every excited fighter who loves cannabis.

  • I’m not saying I have a problem with this but I’am curious to what everyone else thinks so I ask; does anyone have an issue that they are allowing an illegal substance to be in your system at all even if it was days or weeks prior to the fight?

    • TheCerealKiller

      Just like alcohol, it should be zero.

      • Always appreciate your comment. And yes, I can’t really argue with your comment. Just because one guy can concentrate or train better with usage doesn’t excuse any amount in their system. I’am a very big fan of DIaz brothers but I’m not an expert on marijuana but they train hard enough as it is I can’t see smoke in the lungs being any help. But to each his own so no disrespect to those talented dedicated fighters.

    • Mark McDowall

      So marijuana is illegal to buy, sell, possess, possess paraphernalia for…but your allowed to be a professional athlete and possible role model…but according to this its ok to have it in your system at fight time?


      • Gary Fredericks

        According to the Nevada state athletic commision and Wada…..and it is not illegal everywhere for everyone.

        Just curious though, have you ever noticed Bud Light logo’s in the octagon or other beer logos in baseball or football stadiums? Kind of the same, eh? My suspicion, if the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB had the same type of testing as the UFC or WADA does, I think these athletes would be thought of role models no longer.

        • Mark McDowall

          In Nevada it is still illegal to possess, distribute etc. It makes them look kind of stupid if you ask me…

      • Always a pleasure Mark. Don’t forget to engage in conversation with me on Facebook about MMA.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Under certain and specific circumstances in many states, it is not against the law. I am somewhat Libertarian when it comes to drug use in general, but when it comes to competition, I think there should be an absolute zero tolerance for performance enhancing drugs (PED). In my opinion, and I am NOT a doctor, scholar, or expert on the subject, Marijuana is not a PED by any stretch. I have smoked it many many manymanymanymany times with no positive effects whatsoever on my athleticism. It did affect my training though. Made me lazy and less aggressive. Again, I am no expert, just opinion based on my own extensive experimentation with weed.

      Pot did wonders for my golf game though, but to me, that’s a GAME and not a SPORT! LOL

      • Mark McDowall

        You are speaking from PERSONAL experience, which is the best way to talk about the subject. I have never smoked so I can’t speak…but I know in HS our running back would give Snoop a run for his dime bag. He would sneak off and toke up and before a game and he would was insainely fast. The couple games he didn’t…he was no where near as good.

        I think every person is different…for some it is a PED…some it isn’t. Depends on the person I would think…

        Totally agree with your golf comment too lol.

        • Gary Fredericks

          That’s cool! You went to school with Snoop?

          Sounds like it helped him focus Mark. I have a few friends that are ADHD in a huge way and without weed, you would think they were on Meth! LOL They use it to slow the mind to the speed of the body.

          • Mark McDowall

            That’s my point. Some people it does enhance their performance, some it sends them off to munchy land and they are useless.

            It’s just the same as TRT in that way…some people say its makes their performance better other people claim it’s just to bring them up to even with everyone else.

            I think the only way to deal with these things are a zero tolerance policy. Not saying….oh it’s ok only if you only do a little bit.

      • I’am NOT a laywer but I would suggest to please never admit usage of a substance. Just looking out for you. I did enjoy your comment but don’t think pot did wonders for your golf game; believe in yourself and dedication and sacrifice. Once again no problem with people who enjoy usage but don’t rely on any substance. It’s all you. And I believe in you. Like my next Tshirt coming out. I believe in you! lol 😉

  • TheCerealKiller

    This sends the wrong message to young people. They should only give the extra allowance to people with a doctor’s script.

  • Mark McDowall

    NIck Diaz just lit up a fatty and called Dana again…said he wants to fight in Vegas asap.

    • fsunoles10

      id feel bad for diaz in that gomi fight if i was gonna feel bad for anybody, that dudes face was all gashed up and still trooped it out and got the sick submission victory only to be took away.

      • Mark McDowall

        True…it was a good fight. But thats like saying…oh I felt bad for that guy that crashed his car when he was a bit tipsy…he tried his best not to!!

  • onehitwonder

    sounds good to me, weed is not a PED. and as far as role models the public should butt out of sport stars lives and look to themselves in the mirror for a role model, what your gonna use drugs because some sports player does ? what you want to wipe your butt like he or she does too?