Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer Resigns

January 10, 2014
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Keith KizerKeith Kizer, the Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, has resigned his position. He will continue his role until Jan. 27, but then move back to the Nevada Attorney General’s office, where he was once Chief Deputy Attorney General of Nevada’s Gaming Division.

The news was announced via email on Friday, and Kizer confirmed the details, including his move back to the state attorney general’s office, to

Kizer has served as the commission’s executive director since 2006, overseeing mixed martial arts and boxing events in the state.

Kizer has largely been the face of the commission during his tenure, often becoming the focal point of scrutiny when judging and refereeing issues came to a head, as well as with drug testing and other licensing related issues.

Despite public criticism from the likes of UFC president Dana White, Kizer gave no indication that had anything to do with his leaving.

“Just going back to lawyering,” he told when asked why he was resigning as executive director.

A search for his replacement is already underway.

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  • grashopper

    About time

  • battle ready

    Don’t need him lawyering either.

  • Kenny Powers

    Bout damn time. Now lets get someone who has some fight knowledge instead of this nerd. Good riddance Keith, hope u fail at ur new job, then station casinos can hire u as a part time valet.

  • jimy2time


  • dgs

    Good riddance! He was worthless as an Athletic Commissioner and probably more worthless as a lawyer.

    As much as I can’t stand Dana “F&cking” White, for the most part, Dana’s criticism of this fool was usually spot on.

  • Timothy Malone

    I hope someone comes up with a good Vitor Belfort conspiracy theory. This is the guy that said Belfort wouldn’t get a TRT exemption.

    • Milosc

      You’re already half way there, Timothy. Be brave enough to make your own… and I say that in a nice way (unless you’re just encouraging dumb people to dismiss Kizer’s positions with the word “conspiracy”)

      I’ll go: Perhaps this is why the UFC is coming back to Vegas. I do remember Dana White saying he was “scared” to do fights there, anymore; after the GSP/Hendricks decision a mere two months ago; that he wanted the governor step in to resolve..

      Maybe it’s just a lucky miracle for the state of Nevada 😉

    • Guest

  • Edpo21

    It’s about damn time. Keith Keizer sucks…

  • knockout67

    Good Bye-Keith Kizer…it’s about ffing time you stepped down..I cringe everytime a fight is scheduled in Nevada.Now hopefully they will put someone in charge who actually has a strong passion for combat sports.