Nate Marquardt Sick of Questions about TRT, Wants to Focus on Strikeforce Title Fight

June 28, 2012
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Nate Marquardt has had one of the longest years a professional athlete could endure.

Sure, a lot of the turmoil that Marquardt has undergone over the last 12 months is self inflicted after his treatments for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) caused a spike in his testosterone levels prior to his scheduled fight at UFC on Versus 4 last June, and he was subsequently pulled from the fight by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.

Moments after that, Marquardt was released from his UFC contract.

At the time, UFC president Dana White was adamant that Marquardt would never fight in the UFC again.

Marquardt then took to the airwaves to explain the treatments that he had been undergoing to help some vicious mood swings, as well as his body not reacting the same way in training as it had done for years, and the need for TRT.

Fast forward to almost exactly one year past the date where he was released from the UFC and Marquardt is back in the good graces of the owners at Zuffa, although this time he’s fighting under the Strikeforce banner instead.

During the year off, Marquardt was never able to take a fight, but he was able to curb himself away from the controversial TRT treatments, and according to the Colorado fighter he’s adjusting to life without the therapy he needed to get by just over a year ago.

“It’s been challenging, I’ve had to find a lot of ways to combat it and I’ve had to change my training schedule, but bottom line is I’m training hard, I feel great. I’ve felt like this before in training and done awesome,” said Marquardt during a media conference call recently.

Unfortunately for Marquardt, he was one of the first fighters to come out and openly admit use of the TRT, so his name has become synonymous with the controversial treatment.

He also admitted recently that he has stopped using TRT, and so the questions still come at him about how his body is reacting a year after he said he so desperately needed the treatments to combat fatigue and other issues he was having at the time.

The subject remains a sore one for Marquardt, however, as he just wants to move on and focus only on the matter at hand and that’s his welterweight title shot against Tyron Woodley in Strikeforce on July 14.

“I really want to just move past that point in my life. I’m so sick of answering TRT questions to be honest. You’d think the media would want to talk about something new anyways, it’s kind of like old news,” Marquardt said.

“I’ve got a title fight coming up and I feel great and that’s the bottom line.”

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  • johnt

    So sorry you are shocked by the interest. But you must be a medical miracle. A year ago as you made sure to let everyone know, you NEEDED TRT to be normal. Which means your body had shut down its regulated normal levels of testosterone in your system so you needed to have them artificially enhanced. Now, a short 12 months later all the sudden your body has kicked back into gear? So let me get this right, as you aged your body regressed?
    So here it is one of 2 scenarios.
    #1 – you did steroids all along and faked a test to get more
    #2 – you are still taking hormone therapy but not admitting it

    • pooby

      Nate is a cool guy, and DON’T you talk to him like THAT!

  • fries171

    Who really cares? He is a step up fighter who is a good fight for up and coming fighters to get ready for tough fights. I think that zuffa should have stuck with there first judgement and went on but i think mma is hurting and need somethimg the cards they are selling us now are not that great.

  • SuperNate-AO

    Yeah I hate when I cheat and people keep asking me about it too. WTF You are a cheater, a liar, and as a ufc fighter-you are mediocre at best. Enjoy three or four years as a stepping stone for future stars.

    • smill0313

      Lol. So true.

  • kylesmith

    If you don’t like questions about cheating, then stop constantly cheating. Loser.

  • MMATapOrNap

    Here’s a thought Nate. Don’t like discussing TRT? THEN DON’T USE TRT! Give me a break, I have no sympathy for athletes who break the rules to gain an edge on their opponent, then cry about the ramifications of getting caught. Nice guy, good fighter, but a cheater in my book.

  • MikeMc1983

    People do recall that he didn’t cheat in a fight right? Well at least this last time. He didn’t fight because he didn’t have “normal allowable” numbers. To an extent the system worked. He did Trt, but his numbers were not right, so he couldn’t fight until he tested well again.
    I know nothing will ever be good enough for the guys who believe in the “superman pill” but it worked out as it should. He just got fired because he left the UFC without its main event a day from fight day.