Nate Marquardt: ‘I Feel Like I’m the Best in the World’ (Strikeforce Post Video)

July 15, 2012
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Nathan MarquardtPORTLAND – Nate Marquardt made his return to the cage at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy on Saturday night, where he won the vacant Strikeforce welterweight championship. It was a hard fought battle with Tyron Woodley, Marquardt battling back from being put down on the canvas twice, but that just showed his resilience.

Marquardt took control and wound up knocking Woodley out with a series of elbows and uppercuts early in the fourth round.

After the fight, he said that he feels he is the best in the world and described his title winning victory as a “dream come true.”

Check out Nate Marquardt at the Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy post-fight press conference…

  • RubeKegal

    Yeah ok then Nathan, you are the best ever…..sure, and TKD and macgrubber aren’t d-bags right?

    • TKD

      Dude, you must be really desperate to be commenting on us all the time. Time to seek help for your pathetic life. Seriously, seek help.

    • macgrubber

      No they never were dating and i was never proved wrong so I dunno what your talking about. You mad about something mang?

    • worldchamp

      TKD, you are making your point but stooping down to RubeKegal’s level in order to do so isn’t helping. Let it go already.

      RubeKegal, are you trying to say that tae kwon do is a p*ssy martial art? Two of my best friends are black belts in tae kwon do and they are killers (not literally). In fact, one of them recently got into a bar fight with 2 guys twice his size and he sent them both to the hospital with little effort.

      No martial art is wimpy or a p*ssy form, and you know that you would NEVER tell him or anyone else in tae kwon do that to their face. Just stop with that nonsense already.

      Having read some of your older posts I can see you are not an idiot. So please stop making idiotic statements just to ruffle feathers.

      Move on from each other already.

  • UFC should never have let him go, he was amazing last night and i am really looking forward to is next fights. Being so lean at 185 i was wondering how dropping to 170 would affect is fight performance but i did not at all.

    • adam1848

      i agree nate looked amazing at 170. i had the same concern but he seemed fresh even in the 4th. maybe its just in my mind, but his combinations also seemed crisper without all that bulk.

      • MaritalArtist

        I really like Nate the great. I hope he gets back in the UFC soon and get another crack at the belt, but this time, the WW belt.

  • adam1848

    calm, accurate, methodical, devastating. a lot of haters out there eating their words after last nights performance. woodley is an tough, athletic dude and nate absolutely wasted him. there are several names on mmaweeklys top 10 WW that i think he would do the same to as well. nate isn;t really the kind of guy i’d like to sit down and have a beer with, but he is a phenomenal martial artist and i was excited to see him put a stamp on last nights performance. i applaud Dana for kicking his cheating ass out of the UFC, but now that he is clean, i’d like to see him come home and face some top level competition.

  • tenbearsohiomma

    Yea Nate did a fine job last nite in Strikeforce show. I’ve always had a great deal of respect for that guy. As far as getting kicked out of the UFC by Dana White, i understand these guys taking products to boost there testosterone levels. The training that it takes to get to these levels is a hell of a grueling process an sometimes they need products in order to recover faster w/all the pressure they put on there bodies. However far is far. We at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton OHIO DON’T SUPPORT Performance enhancing drugs. boxing in dayton bjj school in ohio martial arts ohio

    • adam1848

      funny, for a second there, it sounded like you did support performance enhancing drugs. glad you cleared it up somewhat.

      one of the things i personally admire about elite athletes is that they do things that most of us can’t. i would love to be able to perform at the professional level, but no matter how much i pushed my body, i doubt i ever could. so i admire the people who can. when dudes are taking banned substances of any kind or finding legal loopholes to do things that we all know they shouldn’t be doing, it cheapens the entire sport, in my opinion.

      i admire nate for getting that **** out of his body entirely and not just finding a doctor willing to sign on the dotted line. at least i hope, anyway.

  • insane187288

    ANYONE who shows support for a cheater needs to not comment. There is a reason he isnt in the UFC. Top talent is in the UFC and there is a reason Nate isnt there. Go dominate in some other federation but you will never be top cause you cheated.

    • Machterf5

      Non-cheating top talent like Stephen Bonnar, Chris Leben, Chael Sonnen, & Nick Diaz? Last I remember, they’ve all been busted for using banned substances and none of them are champions.

      • bajafox

        You consider Nate smoking weed cheating? LOL

        • Machterf5

          I consider Nick (really, how did you misread that?) using a banned substance cheating. I should’ve also included Melvin Guillard in there. He was caught and suspended for using a banned substance. It doesn’t matter what substance it is, it’s banned by the commission so it’s considered cheating.

  • MikeMc1983

    He didn’t actually cheat. Well, not in the incident that got him kicked out of the UFC this last time. He didn’t even fight.
    You could say he tried to cheat.
    But there’s always a “but” to every story.

  • insane187288

    ok he dindt cheat then why was his license taken away? Learn your rules befor you comment

  • I guess it depends on the definition of cheating. Nate was on TRT treatments. There are a number of guy’s in the UFC on TRT including Sonnen, Mir and Henderson.
    He wasn’t able to get hit the proper ratio in his blood and the fight was canceled. Dana had a hissy fit and cut Nate. Dana didn’t cut Sonnen when he FOUGHT and lost to Silva with elevated testosterone in his system. The TRT issue was known for both, and the Sonnen incident happened AFTER the Marquart one.
    So as usual Dana has his favorites that he protects and he has the others he abuses.
    So was it cheating? Was Nate or his Doctor at fault? Should Sonnen be in Strikeforce now?
    With MMA fans there is no consistency. If they like the guy they are just like Dana.

    • adam1848

      well said. i agree 100%.

  • MikeMc1983

    I wasn’t saying he didn’t do anything wrong. But to “cheat” he would have had to compete. That’s all I was saying. He may have tried to cheat, but he did not.

  • MaritalArtist

    It would be nice to see some consistency. There should be clear rules, where if you do this, that happens, and there’s no leeway. I also want silva to stop cheating. He’s so good, why does he have to cheat anyway? Look at Weidman. Did he cheat whatsoever while convincingly beating Munoz? Nah. No cage grabbing, no shorts grabbing, no Vaseline, no illegal strikes, no probably legal strikes yet still possibly borderline illegal anyway, no illegal ratios of anything in the blood, nada. That’s how a champion should win.