Nate Marquardt Assumes He’ll Be Back in UFC, but Not Overlooking Tarec Saffiedine

January 11, 2013
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Nate Marquardt Dan Miller UFC 128Nate Marquardt speaks with a quiet confidence that will never be mistaken for bravado.

Maybe that’s why he’s often overlooked as one of the longstanding veterans of the sport, when, in fact, he’s been fighting professional nearly 14 years.

All that time and 44 professional bouts has taught Marquardt a thing or two, and chief among them is to not look past what’s immediately in front of you.

He has done that in the past, looking past an opponent or two while fighting chiefly in Japan in the early part of his career, and he paid for it. He was usually lucky enough that he paid for the mistake by making what should have been an easier victory a long, hard battle.

On the verge of finally making his way back into the UFC, the Strikeforce welterweight champion still has a battle in front of him come Saturday night, against Tarec Saffiedine, in defense of his belt.

You might think with the Octagon beckoning, Marquardt could easily find himself looking beyond Saffiedine, who has a third of Marquardt’s experience, both in terms of bouts and time as a professional.

That’s not so.

“It’s not hard for me,” said Marquardt in a media scrum at UFC 155. “I’ve made that mistake before.

“I assume that I will be in the UFC after this fight and I’m not concerned about that, so it’s not really an issue for me. I just look forward to my fight.”

Marquardt exited the UFC amidst a flurry of controversy, when UFC president Dana White gave him the boot following his disqualification from a headlining bout due to trouble with his testosterone levels being too high, while being on a TRT program.

That was nearly two years ago, but Marquardt has persevered, finally putting himself on the cusp of a return.

“Everything is resolved. I’ve gotten all my issues straightened out now,” Marquardt said, before adding, “That was one of the toughest things in my career, but no hard feelings. I feel like I’m blessed where I’m at.

“When I won the Strikeforce title, that was like redemption for me. There were a lot of things leading up to that that were good for me, but that was the climax.”

White hasn’t made a definitive declaration that Marquardt is back in the UFC regardless of what happens in his fight with Saffiedine, but he has indicated that it’s likely, as there was never a hard line against Marquardt, just disappointment.

“Yeah, probably,” White answered when asked about Marquardt’s prospects of returning to the UFC. “I would have to say so. I was never in a bad way with him. I like Nate Marquardt; he’s one of the nicest guys ever.

“You know how I get; I get bummed out when guys do stuff like that. You’re a professional; show up here and do what you’re supposed to do.”

And that’s exactly what Marquardt intends to do on Saturday night in Oklahoma, take care of business against a fighter that most believe he should defeat.

“I feel like I’m a better fighter, a better athlete,” comment Marquardt, “and if I come in there with my ‘A game,’ I’m gonna be able to finish him.”

Check out what else Nate Marquardt had to say about his final Strikeforce fight and the prospect of him returning to the Octagon…

  • $9244763

    Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt is the biggest steroid abuser in MMA history and should be banned forever

    • Joey

      And what proof of that claim do you have? He has fought in 44 professional bouts and got popped for TRT ONCE. Not only that, but he just recently went down a weight class.

      Meanwhile you have people like Alistair Overeem that went from an average sized middleweight to a jacked up heavyweight in a span of 5 years when he was in his thirties.

      So even with the lack of evidence to your statement, just going by the common sense eyeball test, I wonder which one looks like they abused steroids more? The guy that is losing mass or the guy that is gaining giant amounts of lean muscle mass?

      • MaritalArtist

        Totally agree. It speaks volumes for how little Doug knows. Sorry Doug, you got caught trolling.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever)

          You guys are IDIOTS marqaurdt was BUSTED TWICE in one year for abusing his TRT which is basically same as STEROIDS and then was busted dead to rights in 2005 by the Nevada athletic commission for DECA which anyone with half brain knows is ILLEGAL STEROIDS. Marqaurdt is the biggest cheater in UFC hands down.

      • Whana Dite

        Nate got busted 3 times, I think twice for roids and the final time for TRT. Young “elite” athletes that require TRT do so because they have abused steroids in the past, which messes with their bodies ability to produce testosterone naturally. TRT needs to be banned altogether. There are many reasons why a person is not a good fighter, many of it has to do with the chemicals in the body, reaction speed etc. If your body is not fit enough naturally, then don’t fight stupid. MMA will always be a bit of a farce when dudes need to be injected in the balls before a fight, and while testing is so telegraphed that fighters can cycle on and off steroids in time to piss clean.

        • Joey

          Nate tested positive in 2005 for High levels of nandrolone. So I was wrong on him only testing postive once. However Doug stated that he was the biggest abuser of roids which seems pretty farcical considering how many fighters get caught nowadays for all sorts of substances.

          I do agree that TRT needs to be banned altogether. It really blurs the line between what fighters can take and be diagnosed with in order to enhance their performances and training.

      • Tom Jolley

        “an average size middleweight” i know that Pride’s 205 was called middle weight but its misleading when u call him a former average size middleweight, when he was a huge light heavy weight

        • Joey

          While that may be true, if you watch his fight against Liddell, Chuck was the same size if not bigger than Overeem and Chuck was never known for being a huge LHW.

          Then when he fought Lesnar, he was bigger than him. That’s a pretty ridiculous and damn near impossible to do without some added help. Not only that but he must be at 5-6% body fat so he gained 50-60 lbs of lean muscle as he got older.

          And again, I was just stating that you can’t call someone like Marquardt the biggest steroid abuser when you have people like Overeem in the sport.

      • macgrubber

        not that hard to put that much muscle on in 5 years bro. I just got off my 5 month bulk and put on a good 15-20 lbs of muscle. Some people know how to lift heavy and eat right. Just cuz u a sissy and dunno how to gain weight doesnt mean everyone else is like you. Plz dont post until u learn to lift bro.

        • sam

          you are awesome for saying that! Overeem walked around at 225 when he was not cutting down to 205 that is why he went up to heavyweight and so putting on 30 pounds of muscle in 5 yrs is not that difficult!

    • lol he’s only tested positive for steroids once in 2005 for nandrolone. He’s most certainly not the biggest abuser in history. Although most of these guys have issues with TRT b/c they have used steroids in the past. He’s not going away anytime soon so is there anyone you would be interested in him fighting and I’m guessing hoping he losses to?

      • adam1848

        I’d like to see Nate rematch Kampmann or Maia. Both guys were very undersized when they fought at 185 and I think considering the facts that have come to light, but guys deserve an opportunity to redeem their losses. If Nate gets a win in the octagon, I also wouldn’t mind seeing how he can do against a wrestler like Fitch or Koscheck, considering he has struggled with wrestlers in the past. 170 is a thick division and I think Marquardt will be a good addition, assuming he can continue to demonstrate the take down defense he showed against Woodley.

        • Nate is so well rounded any fight with him is interesting. Nick Diaz and him would be nice. The only problem I see with Nate right now is GSP being champ and them being friends/training partners. 1 step at a time of course. What would you think about Nate vs Robbie Lawler or Nate vs Tim Kennedy? I know there MW’s but I’m asking in general b/c those two fights intrigue me very much.

          • adam1848

            I think unfortunately Lawler is washed up. Nothing against the guy, just don’t think he has the skills to hang with elite fighters like Marquardt. Kennedy is an intriguing match up for sure…not too sure about that one. Has he ever discussed the possibility of dropping down? Not sure how big he is…but 170 is a tough division right now and I think Nate will settle into the top 10 somewhere…just a matter of where…probably around 7 or 8, in my opinion. Again, I’m very interested to see how he can handle a top 10 wrestler. If he can beat Kos or Fitch, I’d love to see him fight Ellenberger or Hendricks, but I’d also like to see Rory and Carlos fight those guys, because I’m still unsure of who the top 3 WWs are…GSP #1 for sure, but 2-3 could be Hendricks, Ellenberger, Condit, MacDonald, or Diaz…in my opinion, and I still haven’t counted out Fitch, Kos, or Kampmann yet…although they all have some work to do if they want to reenter the equation. I really like the WW division right now…I think it will be the most exciting division in 2013.

          • Yea for sure. A lot of great fights to come.

    • King_DG

      While I also believe he cheated in the past, but I don’t think he is the BIGGEST steroid user in the history of MMA. Stephan Bonnar is the biggest steroid abuser in mma history in my opinion.