Nate Marquardt and BAMMA Part Ways

January 13, 2012
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Nathan Marquardt
Nate Marquardt and British promotion BAMMA have parted ways before they ever actually started to work together.

On Friday, the promotion announced that it had given Marquardt his release after they delayed their upcoming show in 2012, pushing it back from a Feb 11 date to March 24.

Because of the delay, Marquardt requested his release from the promotion and BAMMA granted it, splitting ways amicably.

“The decision to move the BAMMA 9 event to March 24th 2012 was taken in the interests of the BAMMA promotion as a whole and we believe that this will result in the strongest BAMMA event to date. It is important to note that the decision to remove Nate from the BAMMA 8 card and to reschedule BAMMA 9 in no way is a result of any actions taken by him. Nate was originally to feature on the BAMMA 8 card in December and with this current date change it is only fair for us at this stage to honor Nate’s contract agreement and allow him to look for fights outside of the BAMMA promotion,” BAMMA CEO David Green said in a press release issued on Friday.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the professional manner in which Nate Marquardt and his team have conducted themselves. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we are just disappointed that we have not been able to work out a way to seeing Nate take his place on the BAMMA 9 card.”

Marquardt’s manager Lex McMahon from Alchemist Management also spoke on the subject via the press release, wishing BAMMA the best in the future, but they had to sever ties after the multiple delays for his fighter getting the chance to compete again.

“Nate is disappointed that he has not been able to fight for BAMMA and the UK fans. However, given the situation that BAMMA removed him as the headliner from BAMMA 8 and have elected to reschedule BAMMA 9 to March 24, 2012 all parties concerned feel that it is in Nate’s best interest to explore other options at this stage. Nate is one of the best fighters in the world and looks forward to fighting the best competition possible. Both Nate and I wish BAMMA all the best in their future endeavors,” McMahon said.

Marquardt hasn’t fought since March 2011 in a win over Dan Miller at UFC 128. He was released from the UFC after failing a pre-fight drug test at UFC on Versus 4 in Pittsburgh, and has been waiting to get back in action ever since.

There’s been no word on when or what promotion Marquardt will fight for next.

  • Mma fanatic

    Please UFC bring him home!! Everybody makes mistakes!! Nate is a great addition to any UFC card!! We have a known steroid user in Allistar overeem fighting for a world title!! I think Nate should be forgivin and let him kick Bisping or Rumble’s Ass for a return!!

    • MachstarF5

      Are you ******* retarded? First off, when has Overeem tested positive? Second, Nate has moved down to Welterweight. Johnson just proved he can’t even make Middleweight now and Bisping is still at MW.

      Before you post like a jackass, make sure you at least have small fraction of MMA knowledge.

  • Intense1981

    Marchstar …. you should honestly chill the **** out. Its obvious your a fan not a fighter, havent trained a day in your life but we can catch you out at the local sports bar wearing your cute AFFLICTION Tee. Since you know everything there is to know about steroids and weight inlighten us, how many fighters in the u.f.c go up and down in weight…… you really think he cant jump back up to 185 lol. You wanna sit here and talk about MMA KNOWLEDGEMENT do your research before you open your trap!

    • fitefan

      Nate has left the MW division. It’s not a matter of whether Nate’s capable of not cutting weight and coming in at 185 instead of 170. He left the MW division because he wasn’t getting anywhere. Comeing back to the UFC for a MW bout serves him no purpose.

      And MachstarF5 is right, Johnson can’t even make MW without dehydrating himself to the point of needing medical attention and Bisping is still a MW.

      Being a fighter as opposed to a fan with MMA knowledge has nothing to do with any the above facts.

  • I like Nate but he screwed them big time.

  • D-rail

    I say, bring him in to STRIKEFORCE. Maybe that’s the reason why his Management didn’t commit, because they saw opportunity to get him in with Zuffa again, who knows, just a thought.I still say there’s some good challanges there at either weight class.

  • Mario

    Nate Marquardt belongs in the big show. I think Zuffa should re-sign him. In the UFC or Strikeforce, doesn’t matter to me. He deserves better than Yoshiyuki Yoshida 🙂

  • Mma fanatic

    You’re as dumb as they come!! Offer an insult instead of insight! Bet my Mma knowledge run circles around yours!! Nates not a true WW!! That’s why I pitted him against MW’s! I was just putting my opinion out there that I miss him from the UFC ! Now , when has Overeem tested positive for steroids? Haha? Are you serious? He is a walking talking Steroid!! FACT!! He just cycles off for fights! My point , guys test high testosterone and serve suspensions and move on? Why so harsh on Nate??

    • fitefan

      Exactly! Why so hard on Nate. Apparently unnaceptably high levels of T isn’t an offense as severe as roids. But Dana cut him all the same. There has got to be more to the story.
      And Nate’s last fight with Okami sucked! All he did was load up his right hand and dance around looking for a chance to counter. And lost the decision.

  • dathump

    I am sure there is more then just the failed test that caused Nate’s release from the UFC, Sometimes its not the offence, but how you handle it that is the reason, Now if Nate has a couple of good fights and proves he can be a big money draw, the UCF will take hime back. look at Sonnen, his offence was worse, but because he shoots his mouth off, Dana see green, so come on back.
    As for the steroid talk, how come as soon as a guy packs on 20-30 lbs of muscle he’s juicing? remember this is their job, its all they do, it is not that hard to do it natural, over a few years if you dedicate you life to it. Overeem hasn’t fought at 205 since 2007 and could barly make weight then, so he probably walked around at 220 or so, so that means 10 lbs of muscle a year, not unreasonable. I’ve done it personally, with diet and 5, 1hr weight training sesions a week and I work full time.

  • fsunoles09

    bro intense ur the dude that needs to chill, u think u look cool claiming to be an mma fighter and callin peopole out for not i would be willing to bet u aint shi t but a fat kid.and fanatic the overeem steriod comments r clearly false, go look at his fights he never was that small even at 205 he was pretty big im not sure how much weight he cut for 205 but id say he gained like 30 pounds max and over years of tryin to put on weight that isnt that hard ecspecially when u got the nutristionist and all that shi t overeem prolly has

    • fitefan

      I know, where’s his outrage for Mir/Carwin/JDS and the rest of the big HW’s that have never tested positive for roids? After all they could cycle off just the same as he accuses Overeem of doing.
      It’s just unreasonable and unfounded hatred for Overeem because he comes from an organization with success outside of the UFC.