Nate Diaz’s Manager Says He’s Been Trying to Get His Client a Fight, UFC Not Biting

August 3, 2014
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Nate Diaz at UFC 118

There has been much made about Nate Diaz’s unhappiness with his current UFC contract and the perception that he is refusing to fight.

The latest public skirmish erupted when Diaz made a Twitter comment directed at recent headliner Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

“Some people just suck way too much #UFCd**k …” wrote Diaz. “An they where cowboy hats.”

UFC president Dana White didn’t take too kindly to Diaz’s remark, saying that the fighter could continue to “sit out” as long as he likes. White didn’t appear in any mood to give any quarter in an attempt to bring the younger Diaz brother back to the Octagon. He has since inked a contract extension for Nate’s older brother, Nick Diaz, to return and fight Anderson Silva.

“Nate can do whatever he wants to do. Nate can sit out and not suck any UFC whatever, for as long as he wants to. Who cares? He’s a grown man,” White told

“Sit out for as long as you want, sit out the rest of your career, it’s your decision.”

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According to Diaz’s manager, Mike Kogan, however, his client isn’t sitting out. Kogan said in a recent interview with Submission Radio that Diaz was ready to go back to work and that they had proposed several opportunities for it to happen, but the UFC has declined to bring him back.

“I reached out to the UFC before the Donald Cerrone/(Jim) Miller fight even happened and said, ‘hey, how about we fight the winner? Nate beat both of them, they’ve both since fought four times and won, you know,’ and they said, ‘oh you know, let’s see how the guys are after the fight, maybe they’re banged up, maybe there not’,” recounted Kogan.

“Next thing you know, they announce the (Cerrone) fight with Khabib (Nurmagomedov). Then Khabib blows his knee like 15 minutes later and now they’re saying (Cerrone is) gonna be fighting Eddie Alvarez, who’s not even signed with the UFC yet,” he continued.

“And we asked for that fight when Michael Johnson got injured. We hit up the UFC and said, ‘hey, we’ll fight (Josh) Thompson’. That was like 10 day notice, you know. We said maybe ask them if they’ll do like a little higher weight, like a catch-weight, like 160 or something. And they said, ’no, we have it figured out. Don’t worry about it.’”

Asked if there had been any movement on getting his client a fight in the Octagon, Kogan admitted there had not been.

“No, right now nobody’s talking to anybody,” he said. “I mean, Dana made it very clear that Nate should be happy with what he has and he doesn’t see any reason to even discuss it, he’s not really as popular as I guess we believe he is, and that was that, we just kind of stopped there. So right now no, nobody’s talking to anybody.”

For his part, as fiery as his client is, Kogan can sometimes be just as fiery. Some critiques have said perhaps this is an issue that could be causing some of the difficulty for Kogan to try and get Diaz back in the cage.

Whether t is or it isn’t, Kogan isn’t ready to take a backseat to the UFC president when it comes to defending his client.

“If you’re gonna be out there trashing my guy, then I’m gonna say something,” Kogan stated. “I’m not just gonna be sitting back like ‘oh yeah, you know, we’re so blessed to be breathing this air.’”

He also doesn’t think the trash talk between him and White would keep Diaz out of the Octagon.

“I doubt it. I don’t hold grudges; it’s whatever. Dana probably holds grudges, he probably doesn’t really like me very much, but what can I do? Nothing I can do about it,” said Kogan.

“This thing, it wasn’t supposed to be played out in the media. I mean, we tried to have a private conversion a long time ago, and instead of having it, UFC started trashing Nate to media, saying he’s turning down fights, and he’s afraid, and this that and whatever, to which we responded.

“Now, it’s like Jerry springer.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    “they where cowboy hats” – LOLOLOL! You should learn to spell if you’re going to use Twitter.

    As for Kogan, did you ask for a fight at his current contract price? I bet not.

    • Mark McDowall

      Yeah they conveniently left that part out…i bet there was some stupid stipulations thrown in there

    • Wolf Ticket

      At least we know he rights it himself… 🙂

      • TheCerealKiller


    • bajafox

      Did you read the article? No disrespect to the author but it’s just as bad and that’s their job

      • TheCerealKiller

        I read every word. What’s your point?
        Just like his brother, a disrespectful piece of garbage.

        • bajafox

          Then your spelling and grammar issues should be focused on the author. Your blind hatred for the Diaz brothers is reaching elite level pathetic. He’s a flighter, not an English major. Are you too stupid to comprehend the difference?

        • bajafox

          Well it seems Ken Prishna deleted my reply. I’m glad he did, shows how little his balls are, it’s the reason I don’t visit this retarded site as often and the same reason I quit following them on Twitter. Criticism is not something they tolerate here, but they definitely tolerate idiots such as yourself.

          Ken, go back to to High School and take basic English

        • bajafox

          I can’t even reply without a mod deleting my comments.

          Anyway, good job cleaning up your awful grammar Ken. How you make a living doing this is beyond me…

  • Mark McDowall

    Its funny how the Diaz brothers are never in the wrong when it comes to these things. Nate Is an idiot…like Dana said…Nick sells tickets at least…Nate doesn’t do anything but cause head aches.

  • tim whatley

    actually the articles the one that conveniently left that part out when kogan and nate said they would fight them at the current contract hes in. kogan was interviewed on submission radio. check it out yourself. don’t just go along with anything the articles writes.

  • uncle

    Don’t hate on Cerrone for staying active

    • Mark McDowall

      I love Cerrone…he freely admits he spends his money on alot of dumb stuff so he fights alot to be able to afford it. If wanting to work hard so you can make alot of money is stupid…then call me stupid too!!

      • uncle

        It’s petty Nate chose to be on the sidelines, So why knock some1 who wants to fight? Cerrone comes to fight win or lose.

        • Mark McDowall

          Exactly…if you want to get paid…FIGHT…sitting on your butt at home and talking crap over twitter does nothing for you in the long run. He’s hurting himself more than he’s helping. His manager is a complete idiot too for letting him do this.

  • BobGyro

    Act like a douchebag get treated like a douchebag

  • bvol

    Honestly, I don’t even think nick Diaz moves the needle. He’s a Co main event imo. Maybe not even that. Nate doesn’t do half of what he does. I have no problem with someone wanting to TRY and renegotiate but you don’t do it when you are 1-3 in last 4 fights. Best strategy would have been to talk trash (like he does) and try to get a solid Co main event to get ppv share. Renegotiation didn’t work so back to fighting is best way to handle it. Dana definitely holds grudges but it seems if you stand up to him he will respect you for it down the road after the steam wears off. I agree with the agent that Dana does come across sometimes as “you should be thankful I pay you”. But he is the boss and at the end of the day you do what he says or hit the road I just think Dana could sometimes deescalate rather than escalating a situation but I’m sure he has to sometimes to keep from getting run over

    • daniel

      He beat gomi, cowboy, miller. Lost to Benson, Thompson. Then beat Maynard. He’s not 1-3 in his last 4 fights. Not argueing, just wanted to clear that up. I agree with a lot of what you said I think his agent an Dana are both to blame for him not having a fight lined up.

    • PLAY_HRD

      Nate Diaz is 2 – 2 in his last 4 fights, and has been even a bigger douche than normal. I hope the UFC cuts him all together! 🙂

      • AlphaOmega

        So is Nick, 2-2 in last 4

  • Dim .

    Time for Nate to be on preliminary card! LOL
    good job Kogan

  • Joe

    Since when do unranked fighters get to offer fights to the UFC. At this point if they want to do something about Nate’s image they should privately inform the UFC that they are ready to fight whomever they put I’m front of him, and avoid the press and social media.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Just to point it out, Nate is 11 – 7 in the UFC. That’s just a couple of loses away from being cut. I know, MMA is a what-have-you-done-lately sport. He’s 2-2 the last two years. .500 fighters are not stars.

    • AlphaOmega

      For more fun, Nick is 7-6 in the UFC


    Let him fight Cerrone again, and pay him what he wants. If he loses, he’s cut from the UFC. Lets see what he says to those terms.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He agreed to fight for said money! Can you imagine if this happened in any other sport? “Manning won’t play this week because he wants more money.”

      • PrideMMA

        MMA is a growing sport so things do happen differently but no different than when football was on the rise. Just to point out and well I guess you don’t remember a few years back when NFL players did go on strike to renegotiate contracts to make more.

  • nagats

    nick has had a long career with some great fights
    nates in his brothers shadow. he needs to fight win the belt and then people will notice.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nick never won a UFC belt or anything close to it. They both suck.

      • PrideMMA

        Nick won the strikeforce belt which is pretty close to a UFC belt in many ways. UFC owned it for one and etc.

        • Sbmt Authority

          The only thing similar between the UFC belt, and the Strikeforce belt, is that they are belt-shaped.

  • Tim

    He should fight for FREE, Prove he’s still got it, win a winner bonus, otherwize follow Cael to @#$$

  • George

    The best thing for Nate to do is to shut his mouth. He should send his manager with a big box of donuts to Mr.
    White and have his manager tell Dana that Nate will fight anyone that the UFC wishes for the agreed amount in his current contract. To do otherwise is to end his career. As long as Nate has an open contract with the UFC he cannot fight elsewhere and Dana will not use him if he insists on being a pain in Danas ass.

  • Jon Holden

    If Nate was unhappy with his pay, he shouldn’t have signed the deal.

  • Tomas

    Looks like Nate will be the one wearing the cowboy hat to make money now.

  • Tomas

    Nate’s tweet tells you something about his education. Didn’t he mean “wear” cowboy hats and NOT “where” cowboy hats?

    • jack

      lol, wtg on that one diaz

  • Phil Dert

    Have you considered that Diaz has worn out his welcome?
    A bad attitude, coupled with a fighter that complains of being underpaid doesn’t put you in ultra high demand.

  • PrideMMA

    If people look at this from a business perspective you can see that in many ways Nate is correct. In business there are many causes to renegotiate a contract. In this case its because his friend Gilbert Melendez has a better contract. Nate sells more PPV or tv views than Gilbert. A lot of Nicks past fights have been the main event. He has a proven track record. A lot of people will disagree with me because they dislike Nate. But remember all press is good press.

    • earlsimmons

      Ya well I also do more work at my job and get paid less than my co workers. Do I go cry to my boss about it? Nah i dont. Because Im not a big baby. Grow up you clown.

      • PrideMMA

        Please don’t call me or anyone else a clown for speaking their opinion. I’m also sure your not an mma fighter. So don’t compare your job to theirs. Like any athlete he has only a limited timeframe to make money so I can see why he would like more money. What he is doing is good for the sport and years from now the Diazs will be looked as people who changed the careers of many fighters. Its just sad how noone sees that today.

        • Keith Riddle

          I do like seeing both Diaz brothers fight because I will buy a fight to watch them lose and that is good for the ppv buys for sure. But I do not like seeing guys with such a lack of respect for the sport because young fighters look to people like this and they only make the sport look bad. They are talented fighters but Nate is quickly being forgotten by the casual fan and needs to fight as soon as possible, and should take what they give him for at least one fight. And don’t get me wrong Dana and the company cross the line too with some of their BS. I help with a local promotion and I hate when people like this are on the card because them and their fans usually bring the same trashy attitude and ruin the event for the rest of the fight fans.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      nate isnt right tho because he has no bargaining leverage…people dont care if he sits on the sidelines…nobody is banging down the doors demanding nate diaz…thats the gods honest truth…wed all gladly watch him fight and would likely be entertained but at the same time, hes hardly in the title picture, hes not the draw his brother is, he already had a shot at the belt and got swept on the cards…wont knock him for trying to get more $ but the world keeps turning w/ or w/o nate diaz…the division is going strong w/o him…UFC dont need him…bottom line…

  • the sneaker farm

    Cowboy is probably sucking off Dana to avoid getting his ass BEAT by Diaz, hes scared or nahh?? Of course Dana playing favs with cowboy because he does what hes told so Dana will throw him a bone now n then

    • jack

      dumb comment

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      they already fought and cowboy did get his ass beat…no point for a rematch…nobody cares about that fight

  • Rodrigo_Silva

    This is a classic case of sometimes it’s better for your career to fight/work elsewhere and then come in on a contract based on your outside achievements.

    Nick didn’t pull up any trees in his first stint in the UFC, goes outside wins fights against a fair level of competition while the UFC had a very stacked WW division. Builds up a hard core fanbase and then comes back with a bit of leverage for negotiating. Melendez was similar. If both guys had fought like Nate has in the UFC for so long, it’s doubtful their contracts would be so high. And therein lies Nate’s problem.

    He should apologise, get back in the cage ASAP, fight whoever they put in front of him, and win as many fights as he can. Then when his contract his up, if the UFC don’t offer the big $$$, try Bellator and go for their belt, plug yourself in the media and the forums and then the UFC will come up with the $$$.

  • Sbmt Authority

    It sure seems like Nate brings a lot of this on himself. Kogan says they are trashing his client, but wasn’t it his client that keeps tweeting the sh1t to begin with?

  • Nick and Nate bang each other

    The Diaz brothers are living proof that retardation is genetic.

    • TheCerealKiller

      How many different names do you use?

  • jack

    cant blame them for wanting a bigger paycheck but if your asking for rousey or even cormier type money then fight for it. talk all the trash you want about cerrone, nate diaz, but between what he makes for a fight, plus the win bonus, plus his NUMEROUS fight of the night bonuses, i would gladly pay for his next show then watch you and your brother come off a 2 year lay off. both diaz ufc records arent exactly stellar. we as fans know you fighters are getting taken advantage of by the ufc, but when the ufc fans are by your side and want to see you, then you have the leverage… even NFL players who hold out for better contracts go to practice and team workouts

  • Roid Rogers

    Its funny how the Diaz brothers keep popping up in MMA news. Both are losers. The only feather in Nate’s cap is that he beat Cerrone pretty badly. He and his brother are spoiled babies. Nick has always had a losing record in the UFC and he will lose his next two fights also. The UFC should just release Nate and be done with it

    • HemoRoidItches

      Hey hemoRoid! It’s too early for Halloween bitch! Take off that clown boy suit and hat. You look focking ridiculous! LOL

  • Omahatanker

    personally I think Dana needs to just let the crybaby sit his ass on the shelf and not fight him. He’s under contract with UFC so they choose who and when he fights. I say keep him on the shelf and let him break the contract and the have to pay the legal fees that come with the breach of contract clause that is included in all UFC contract bylines. Then he will have to stop his pissing and moaning and go try to get a contract somewhere else.
    Not too many other companies would put up with all the crap that Nate and Nick have given out over the past few years. I say sit him and let him go find a job flipping burgers somewhere.

  • NategetsRapedDiaz

    I’d say give him a fight — Kahib Nurmagomedov or any other fight THE BOSS WANTS not whatever this bitch cry baby wants. He thinks he’s cute trying to force his own terms, but he’s nothing but a moron how’s been getting raped in the octagon lately. Just because he beat an average Joe in Maynard doesn’t mean he deserves a title shot or the right to turn down fights. Some people just suck he says, LOL, well, they suck because they won’t give in to your senseless demands. Be a man and fight whoever they put in front of you, not whoever you choose. You’re the employee, remember? Instead of being a cry baby fire your sorry ass manager, who clearly is screwing up your career. Get someone who can be professional about getting you fights, moron! And in the process, get a brain transplant, to see if you can get smart.

  • Junior James

    nate could get a fight if he would man up and lose the dickhead attitude.

    • archaictext

      No one cares about dick head attitude. That’s what the Diaz brothers are about. If the UFC thought a Nate Diaz fight was valuable enough for the cost, they would make it happen. They aren’t going to lose money because they want to punish Nate for being a hot head.

  • mmalive

    Gotta give props the BOTH Diaz brothers.

    These guys still bring momentum positive or negative.

    Both guys still make waves in MMA scene eventhough both have been sitting out.

    Uncle Dana will not cut Nate as he knows he still can pocket some hard cash off Nate.

    Nate hold out like you bro Nick. Uncle Dana will cave in and pay you what your worth man.

    Just make sure you do not get caught smoking that weed.

    • Chris

      Has ANYONE ever TOLD YOU to STOP using CAPS to EMPHASIZE your comments because it’s ANNOYING and NOBODY can take you SERIOUSLY?!…..EVER

      • mmalive

        Chris Mr. Jack A$$.

        A public forum where anyone can post views MR IDIOT.

        I post only in replies to DUMMIES like you man.

        My points are very valid. Otherwise, no one would read or reply to them.

        Btw, I did use caps to point out your stupidity.

  • Seth

    I will do same thing as Mayhem Miller did – I’m gonna steal Nicky’s line

    Don’t be scared, homie! Man up, puts your gloves on and do what you can(not) do. Fight. Even your half-retarded brother finally realized he needs to fight to make money – and I still believe you are the…”smarter” Diaz (if such thing as smart Diaz exists…)

    But no…better blame UFC, say they DECLINE to give you a fight. How about those fights you turned down? Like Khabib one for example?

    I think it’s about time we finally stop giving a f about Diaz brothers, since they don’t care about fighting anymore. Nicky came back ONLY to make some money and get beat up by Anderson, Nathan doesn’t want to fight AT ALL.

    I wish them both nothing but the best after-active-MMA lifes. Becaue as legit and relevant MMA fighters, they are done. Shame…they weren’t good enough to win UFC title, but they still could give as a few good fights…

    • mmalive

      Seth, you and me do not see in same light.

      Here’s the thing: the bottom line is both Diaz brothers are decent fighters.

      Both want to be paid what they are worth and nothing less.

      Turning down fights boils down to money.

      Any fighter given the right money will fight ASAP.

      Even if they were to get and win or get a massive beat down.

      The Diaz brothers are no different.

      Btw, Uncle Dana will not cut either Diaz. Both buys still make money for UFC brass.

      • Seth

        You know where is the problem? Nate is 1-2 in his last three. Unless he has opponent who doesn’t care about W/L, he won’t deliver a good fight. When Ben Henderson was focusing on winning a fight, Nate was DEMOLISHED. It’s not like anyone he fights, he delivers FOTNs. And he isn’t THAT big draw. He can’t deliver good fight if his opponent do not engage as much as he does. And that’s not the style of the most guys today. 5-7 years ago? Yeah, they were willing to bang it out. Now? Majority of fighters fight for decision. Why? Because that’s W, that puts them forward to better money. Nate is fun to watch when he has an opponent willing to fight. Which is rare nowdays.

        On top of that – He just signed new deal. HE agreed to it. HE knew what he signs. And now he is unhappy with it? That’s childish. He bitches about it ,coz he saw what Gilbert did and now he thinks he can do same thing. News flash – Nate isn’t Top 5 fighter and he don’t have ANY power to negotiate new deal now. If he could go and fight 2-3 times and actually win more than 1 fight in row, I guess they would be happy to keep him. Now? They don’t care, because he won’t headline or co-headline a card. He would be lucky with MAIN CARD fight at this point.

        • mmalive

          Nate likes to knock and bang.

          He does not play that running around for 25 plus minutes to get decision win.

          Nate has that mentality of either smashing someone or being smashed by someone.

          Those characteristics make a fun filled fight.

          Yes, Nate was stopped in a few of his fights.

          Bensom gets lucky for sure. Come on.

          Thompson beat that guy with a broken thumb.

          Benson’s fights lost these fights: Thompson, Melendez, Edgar.

          The dominate loses were from the hands of Pettis in WEC( Showrime Kick) and UFC( armbar sub)

          Back to Nate. He screwed up signing the contract. He should have pit his lawyers on notice before he signed.

          Uncle Dana and rest of UFC brass paid Nate only a fraction of making money of Nate.

          UFC keeps Nate around because they still make money off the guy.

          The bottom line is MONEY TALKS.

          Pay Nate decent bread and dude will fight in a second.

          War on weed smoking Diaz brothers from Stockton 209

          • Seth

            I agree that Nate likes to bang. But if his opponent doesn’t, it turns into boring fight where Nate tries to taunt his opponent and lure him into a fight. That was a problem with Ben’s fight – Ben didn’t let Nate to get into his head and beat the f*** out of Diaz. That wasn’t luck, that was gameplan and focus on a goal – winning the fight.

            Nate signed his deal, he had a chance to negotiate and try to get some more. He didn’t. He agreed to terms in his current contract and he should respect them. He should man up, accept the reality – which is simple, he signed the contract and has to fulfill it. If he doesn’t want to play by the rules HE agreed on…then sorry, but he is just a little bi*** from Stockton, scared of fighting. Unless he proves me wrong, that’s what he looks like, after signing a deal and not willing to follow it.

          • mmalive


            You know Both Diaz brothers WILL NOT back down from any fights.

            These guys grew on fighting to defend themselves from being poor.

            Like most poor inner city kids.

            The reason Nate or Nick were not fighting was due to money.

            Nick was offered pretty good dough for the super fight with Anderson.

            Nick came out of retirement REAL QUICK.

            Offer Nate decent bread and the outcome will be the same. Guy will be begging to fight.

            Nate messed up by signing WITHOUT proper legal attorney help.

            But then the UFC is sneaky as well. Trying to low ball salary of fighters.

            Resolution would be to offer Nate high profile fight and pay him good bread.

            On the subject of Benson.

            This guy’s fighting style SUCKS.

            Not exciting at all. Sneaking by to win.

            Pettis put a stop to that style 2 times.

            Even Uncle Dana mentioned that numerous times.

          • Seth

            Benson isn’t not exciting, that’s right. But he gets W after W. So far only Pettis was able to beat him in the UFC. That means something. And Benson can actually headline a card.

            And like I alread wrote somwhere else – if Nate thinks that sitting at home will make him more money than fighting, god bless him. UFC won’t renegotiate his deal now. They just resigned him, where is the point in that? Nick is at least a draw – and UFC needs guys like that now. Nate? Not so much. UFC can still go on and put on events WIHTOUT Nate. When Nick is big help for either main or co main event. Which means Nick CAN make some money for UFC, while Nate would be back up on the main card at best, nothing more.

            Nick gets paid more because UFC needs guys that can headline a card right now.

            Nate won’t get paid more untill he become a draw like his brother. He won’t do that sitting at home and doing nothing. He should man up, win 2-3 fights in a row and THEN UFC will be more willing to negotiate with him. If he doesn’t want to understand that…well, I wish best of luck and I hope he will find a job meanwhile.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        nate aint worth what hes asking tho…if he was, hed have signed a more lucrative contract…he saw gil get a sick contract, TUF show, and a title shot and got super jealous but he doesnt have the leverage gil had at the time…nate should have renegotiated a better deal when he was in line for the LW title shot, NOT after he got swept on the cards by bendo and TKOd by punk…awful timing…hes trying to renegotiate on a downswing…bad business

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    why would the UFC be interested in booking any of those fights tho? diaz v. miller, cerrone, thomson? WTF? weve seen those fights already…maybe diaz v. tj grant on the nova scotia card…maybe diaz v. johnson when hes back…diaz v. barboza…something new and exciting…not the same old fights all over again…

  • eddie eagle

    The UFC is so much better off without either of the Diaz worms fighting or being around. the stench off both Diaz brothers stinks out the UFC.