Nate Diaz Suspended Pending Internal Investigation for Use of Homophobic Slur on Twitter

May 17, 2013
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Nate Diaz UFC 125Nate Diaz on Thursday was suspended by UFC officials for his use of a homophobic slur on Twitter.

Diaz was defending Pat Healy, who was recently stripped of $130,000 in bonus money after testing positive for marijuana, a banned substance, following his UFC 159 victory over Jim Miller.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board also suspended Healy for 90 days and changed the result of the fight to a no contest.

Aside from standing up for Healy, Diaz was taking a shot at Bryan Caraway, a fighter that lobbied UFC president Dana White for and was awarded the $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus that was one of the two bonuses stripped from Healy.

Diaz, however, used a homophobic slur in his attack on Caraway, which the UFC is now investigating as a possible violation of its code of conduct.

“We are very disappointed by Nate Diaz’s comments, which are in no way reflective of our organization,” read a UFC statement addressing the situation. “Nate is currently suspended pending internal investigation and we will provide further comment once the matter has been decided.”

Diaz’s manager, Mike Kogan, defended his fighter to, saying that Diaz never intended to use the slur as such, nor did he mean to offend anyone.

“He didn’t use that word in that sort of (homophobic) context,” said Kogan. “It’s a misunderstanding. If people are uneducated, that’s not my (expletive) fault. It’s slang for being a little (expletive). (Caraway) goes on Twitter and chases (UFC president) Dana (White) down like a little (expletive) instead of picking up the phone.”

The most recent example of a fighter flying in the face of the UFC’s code of conduct policy was Matt Mitrione, who came under fire after his rant about transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

Mitrione was suspended for roughly three weeks for an investigation into the matter. Ultimately, he was fined an undisclosed amount and the suspension lifted.

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  • John Bunch

    Look…I know the ACLU free speech brigade will hit the forums over this, but I hate to break it to all the cavemen left in the world. There are now lines in the world you cannot cross, and no matter how hard you beat your clubs on the ground…or in the forums…you can no longer cross these lines. It’s just a matter of intelligence now…and if you don’t have the intelligence required to operate in a public sport, either hire someone to communicate your every word…or stay silent. Just saying…

    • Lawdog1521

      It wouldn’t matter if he said he hates teddy bears. If your company is pro-teddy bears, Common sense says you don’t go around tweeting crap about them.

      Oh, that’s right. We’re talking about a Diaz, common sense doesn’t apply.

    • Great point, and your right; even in the fight game you have to have a certain sense of business etiquette so you might has well have a rep or just keep your mouth shut.

      • Pizza boy

        So u think killing the exciting comments from exciting guys is a positive thing? Honestely bro I thought u could do better than that. We’re in the fight buisness for god sake! These comments must be said even more frequently !! As much as I love Cheal, but why doesnt “Dana the dictator ” fire Cheal (or even “reminding him” the BS rules of whatever…?) ?!?!?!? UFC 148 was nothing but seriously offending Brazil and Brazilians let alone Anderson Silva. I love UFC but Dana does what he likes and is the big boss….”fighters” must be allowed to express their opinions whatsoever…we’re livining in America for god sake!!

        • I don’t agree with the rule but I respect it. Nate really does have all the right in the world to speak his mind. I don’t believe it’s the UFC trying to be hard on guys, it’s really because of these organizations that come out about every little thing somebody says that they find offensive. I agree with you but I also see things from the UFC’s point of view as well.

    • Maddawgmar

      That’s Gay

  • Timothy Malone

    Don’t they watch South Park? Diaz was trying to say Caraway rides really loud motorcycles.

  • The next time someone says “old white guy” I’m going to sue them, boycott them, and sick my rather large support group on them. You just won’t believe what havoc we can wreak after our afternoon nap! LOL. Come on people, politically correct syndrome is B.S. There will always be people making comments about others in spite or frustration. I’ll even bet John Bunch calls people from other than his ilk names. Who cares. I’ve been called many names, but I don’t take ownership of them because that’s not who I am. I won’t go hide somewhere and talk myself into believing that I am what someone may have said. Sheesh. Stop being such babies…..Oops, there I’ve gone and done it.. Babies will sue me for comparing them to whining brats.

    • Sir_Roy

      Lol. Good stuff. And agreed 100%

    • Kilthrax

      When you work for a company, you cannot say stuff like that. It doesn’t matter where you work. Even if you work for Burger King, if you call someone a f a g, you’re going to get fired.

      A suspension is actually pretty soft, he goes for long periods of time without fighting anyway. Also note that nobody is getting sued or boycotted.

      • Anthony Lopez

        Only if you say it while at work. This was a comment made outside of work

        • Dk

          Obviously you are not familiar with employment.

          • kbroesq

            lol best comment ever – Yeah, no legitimate business allows its employees to go on tirades on social mediation whether it is at work or outside of work; my job certainly doesn’t.

            I do think it’s BS that they are calling it homophobic – give me a break. But that’s not why Diaz shouldn’t have said it. Do other sports figures say stuff like that in social media? No, because they are given hours and hours of media training so they don’t make comments like that. The UFC wants to be like the big boys.

        • Kilthrax

          Come on, that’s completely false. People get fired over stuff they post on social networking sites and do outside of work all the time. It still reflects on the company.

    • Pizza boy

      Nice one bro! Keep it up 😉


    Bryan Carroway is a wimp and Nate was correct.

    • Richard Casimir Strage

      why was he correct?
      if i had the chance of getting 50k by writing a message on a site… i would. no reason to be insulted for it, its not like caraways message said anything bad about healy.

      • gnodeb

        Caraway said this: “I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I’ve never tried it. I’ve never smoked a drug in my life. So I have absolutely zero tolerance for people that do it. I don’t care if it’s legal in some places or not. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. Whether it’s legal in real life or not, they tell you to follow the rules. You need to follow the rules.”

        Now imagine if he was talking about some sensitive group: “He is not part of that group. He has zero tolerance for that group. He doesn’t care for that group. That group is ridiculous.” And he will happily take their money while throwing them under the bus while he is truly believe he is a good guy.

        This time Diaz was right. Caraway is an example of low life who doesn’t care about society he lives in. He said himself. He prefer artificial rules over real world! Give him a power and he will walk over our dead bodies with a smile on his face…

  • Nic


  • really ufc u getting as bad as wwe thay do the no bully crap and then thay bring out brock lesner biggest bully on tv get with it ufc get ya head out your ass’s go head fine me big ass bullys

    • El Gvapo

      Never thought I’d see the day when someone couldn’t spell “they”.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    It’s a sad day when even the UFC is caving in to political correctness.

    • Kilthrax

      Very few companies don’t.

    • Yep especially when the most violent sports code of conduct says you can punch, kick, elbow someone in the face, but you cant call them fag….

  • Seinfeld

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • kbroesq

      My father’s gay!

      • Adam White

        I hate that for you man. I’m sorry

  • Markus Schmitt

    Another defeat to the cryin baby Diaz!

  • Kevin
  • Darin

    If it is proven that Caraway is in fact a homosexual, the suspension should be lifted.


    Who cares……..

  • Advance*

    If he said biggest idiot in the world or biggest a–hole in the world or something like that, which is what he obviously meant by it, he would have been fine. He deserves a suspension for being dumb enough to send out that tweet

  • da

    So basically, Diaz’s defence is he is too stupid to know what the word meant? They should fire him because he loses consistently, this is just a nail in the coffin.

  • The suspension has nothing to do with the usage of the word “FAG”. Such language is used by UFC employees on a regular base.

    The real and only reason why Nate Diaz was suspended was because Nate expressed that he disapproved of the UFC’s handling of the Healey situation. The UFC goes against anyone who publicly counters their opinion/decision.

  • Lurker

    OMG! You can’t even say FAG?

  • Chris M

    this is getting out of hand! people are not allowed freedom of speech! shows what kind of free world we live in

    • sdelfin

      It is not getting out of hand at all. Free speech means the government can’t limit speech. Nate was free to say what he did, and now he is free to deal with the consequences from the UFC which is a private company.

  • diazfan209

    Nate, it’s cool to defend Pat Healy, but you should know how incredibly sensitive the UFC is toward GLBT community….. (ever since Dana let his bigotry slip out)

    • Pizza boy

      Yeah exactly!!

  • Cereal Killer

    Am I the only one that read the tweet and thought he was calling Dana a fag? “the guy who took the money is the biggest Fag”, Dana took the money and gave it to Caraway.

  • El Gvapo

    I was expecting a much worse tweet after reading the headline. In my opinion, the word fag has transcended it’s meaning as a gay slur, I read it more along the lines of a softy or a wuss. It was only today that I was describing a situation at work as being gay as f*ck, meaning it was frustrating and inconvenience, a less harsh word than sh*tty for example. Plus a fag is a cigarette where I come from.

  • mma fan

    i mean come on big deal he said fag oh my god we should hang him what a bunch of pussy’s we have in this country you cant even use your 1st amendment freedom of speech. If people in the fight game get offended by words than get out there fighters that’s what they do fight and speak there minds get over it Dana you sound worse in your interviews dropping f bombs all over the place you hypocrite its the fight business
    not figure skating power to the Diaz brothers,

  • Milosc

    This is getting really bad

    What’s happening to Healy and Diaz is fractal ridiculousness

  • eastbound91

    So if dana white calls a reporter a f%&ckin idiot, or says f#%k this and f#%k that on media day, its not in violation of UFC code of conduct. Im not siding with Diaz because i agree, dont be dumb and say s*** n social media, but if the UFC is gonna try and look like the NFL or NBA, they should whet thier hand and slap that bald headed F#%k and not be hypoctitical. IM just saying its a two way street here in America.

  • Isn’t a Fag also another name for cigarette…Look it up in the Dictionary…Also means to tire by strenuous activity(exhaust)…lol


    Nate spoke out like a man. thanks Nate for calling Caroway Mr. tate a F@g


    Dana ought to suspend himself for some of the insults Dana says. Nate is more a man than Dana.

  • wejay

    News flash just in!
    Today a man by the name Nate Diaz is accused of writing a curse on his lap top!
    An Internal Investigation is pending and The fbi are now on the scene.
    Officers are ordering the public to remain calm.
    Nate Diaz has gone on a rampage by saying a bad word in public!
    The bomb squad were called in where Diaz was ordered to rinse his mouth daily with liberal tooth wash.
    This is the latest offence from long time fugitive Nate Diaz who before this crime has a string of curses behind him.