Nate Diaz Says Both Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson Should Have Lost in Twitter Rant

January 27, 2014
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Nate-Diaz-003-UFC-125-460x270Everyone has weighed in on the UFC on Fox 10 split decision between former lightweight champion Benson Henderson and contender Josh Thomson, but no one did it quite like Nate Diaz. Diaz took to Twitter on Sunday and posted a rant targeting the promotion, Henderson, Thomson, and champion Anthony Pettis.

We’ve cleaned it up a bit and included some punctuation, but here’s what Diaz wrote in its entirety.

“Last night’s fight was wack. First of all, these guys are here to cause confusion. I’m here to put these ass whoopins down to their maximum effect and you got these guys out here having a wrestling match. They’re smiling and shaking hands and having a good old time instead of fighting for real. They’re play fighting and this sh–’s putting me to sleep. That’s not what I signed up for. Nobody wants to watch that sh–, and it’s definitely causing confusion to the fans and the fighters. I don’t know who’s judging these fights. They both should have lost,” wrote Diaz.

The 28-year-old then turned his attention to Pettis, who was featured as an analyst during the event’s pre-show.

“Then you got this other mother(expletive) playing his Hollywood role on the sidelines in his #sillyasssuits getting paid to sit there and state his bullsh—opinion like anyone gives a (expletive). You been here like two years and pulled out of half your fights, so I don’t know why you think you’re calling the shots. How about you win antoher fight or two and then maybe you can fight me mother(expletive),” wrote Diaz.

“P.S. I thought Thomson’s bitch ass won the wrestling match…”

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  • caeser gracie what!!

    i hate to say it but hes right. give him a title shot…

    • Piotr

      Why? They’ve both already kicked his ass.

      • b-soc

        Took the words right out of my mouth. He’s talking s*** but he had his chance to back it up, and got his ass kicked by both guys. Thompson beat him senseless at that.

      • fern

        Not only did he get beat by both these guys but he got dominated. It was Henderson’s only real dominating performance in the UFC.
        Henderson normaly squeeks out a decision against every opponent they put in front of him, except for Diaz.
        And thompson straight knocked his block off. Have no idea what kind of simple minded ass kissing delinquents Nate has around him pouring honey potion in his ear…

    • bvol

      Its funny that the Diaz brothers always get pissed when guys won’t stand flat footed and trade with them. They hate wrestling matches because they can’t stop a wrestler from taking them down. Rather than work on their weakness they choose to call names and say those aren’t fighters. Title shot after winning a fight? Not in same class as Pettis.

  • Dadurdmma

    Ben Henderson and Josh Thomson both beat his ass….

  • King Of The Spread

    Dude wants to talk about being signed up to be a fighter?

    Didn’t he just turn down a fight with Khabib?

    Didn’t he just get Ko’d by Josh Thompson?

    Isn’t he on a 1 fight win streak and just called himself the best in the world?

    He is delusional and ignorant?! and its sd cause I used to like this kid.

  • King Of The Spread

    Just like Nick vs GSP – the diaz brothers don’t know how to play the role of being a professional and getting sponsorship using professionalism.

  • Piotr

    The Diaz brothers are clowns.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I keep saying it, these brothers are NOT that good! Especially the little brother. Khabib is the biggest thing you could have fought right now, but you turned it down like a little sissy! Beating a rising ranked star is the best way to put yourself in title talks. Instead, you duck him and keep thinking you’re better than everyone else. That must be some really good weed you’re smoking, because I think you’re overrated.

    • Collideoverme

      Nate bitched out, lol!

  • mmalive

    Nate is a CLOWN. He lost to BOTH Henderson and Thompson. This IDIOT has guts to post that Twitter Bulls***? Come on guy. It would be a different story if you beat both those guys. BTW, That head kick from Thompson mad you DUMBER that you already are. Nate, beat some TOP ranked guys BEFORE you run your moth bud.

  • uncle

    Nate can’t speak on guys that have wins over him

  • Dirrty

    Nate didn’t only loose, his corner threw in the towel. Ha! That’s worse than getting KO’d or tko’d! I know Cali has some good s*** but man hes gone full retard! You never go full retard!

    • earlsimmons

      how is getting a towel thrown in worse than ko or tko? becuase your opponent cant finish you and cant damage you enough to stop the fight that is worse than getting ko’d? you bro have not a clue what your talking about, go back to watching wwe.

  • Big Tuna

    Both whooped Diaz, that fool should back up!

  • Big Tuna

    I love MMA fans they call it like it is!

  • DiazDummie

    Which of the Diaz brothers more retarded? I originally thought it was Nick, but then Nate showed he also ate lead paint and might be out shining his brother..

    • The Best Eva

      Their not that stupid considering where they grew up and they`re both pretty successful.

      • Lawdog1521

        Not really. If they didn’t have a Gracie constantly looking out for them and cleaning up their messes, they’d end up like every other piece of trash from Stockton. Dead or in prison.

        • The Best Eva

          Can’t believe anyone would up vote this nonsense. I find clowns like you to be far more annoying.

          It’s still fully up to them whether they succeed and they have, at this point they could both make it without any more fame.

          • Lawdog1521

            Caesar handles all of Nick’s money. Caesar manages Nick’s fights. Caesar has bailed Nick out of legal trouble. Caesar has had to hand lead Nick to various promotions. Nick has conceded to all of this.

            Nick is nothing more than a pet baboon. If his owner is around an his leash is on, fine. Otherwise he’s throwing poop around and running through traffic.

          • The Best Eva

            No..He is not just his trainer.

            you just outlined the job of a manager, good job pal.

            You are one of the losers that trash people on the Internet because you are small, I can’t have respect for small minded people who are either stupid adults or dumb teens who need to go outside.

          • Lawdog1521

            No. A manager gets you jobs then takes a cut. Caesar gives Nick his money the same way a father gives a little boy his allowance. Nick literally can’t do anything on his own.

            Of course that explains your defense of him. Perhaps daddy still gives you an allowance.

          • The Best Eva

            You are immature idiot look what you wrote before.

            He gets to outline what his manager does and give him whatever cut he deserves based on that, if Cesar can be a financial manager at that same time then why not?

            The legal troubles are his problem, he had to go to someone.

          • Lawdog1521

            A Diaz fan throwing a fit. What else is new?

          • The Best Eva

            Another idiot who turns it around after he gets shut up.

          • Lawdog1521

            I doubt you could shut me up.

          • The Best Eva

            Lol piece of cake.

          • Lawdog1521

            Other than cry to your mom, what are you going to do?

          • The Best Eva

            What did you take a Karate class last year when you were twelve.

  • Fern

    As Urijah Fabor very accurately put it one time, “the only reason [Nate Diaz] is alive today is because we have rules in MMA”
    JT would have have beat him to death if the corner didn’t throw in the towel.
    Its only because of rules in MMA that Nate is able to lose and still talk crap about the opponent that just finished him.

  • Nate the not so great

    I think Thompson kicked him in the head so hard he forgot that he was dominated by him and Henderson. Either that or the Diaz brothers are the biggest arguement for weed having serious long term negative effects.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    the guy is a little crazy but you can’t deny his fights are awesome…I wish more fought like him..should probably stay away from the social media though.

  • g

    Thompson should have been pounding bendo when he had back control instead of going for would’ve been more impressive to judges. I still think thompson won, even with one hand. Nate knows that both these guys can fight better than they did because they beat him and thompson just destroyed him. They did seem to fight like friends. Thompson when fighting nate was way better in striking than he showed in this last fight.

  • Diazbrosown

    everyone talks $hit about the Diaz bros. Yet none of you keyboard warriors run your mouth and get goes in and fights. I love how everyone loves these cuddle fests. Benson is a douche and never wants to fight just cuddle. Thomson can only do so much takes two to fight. Cant be mad that the Diaz bros call it like it is!

    • Ted Burger

      simple fact Ultimate Fighting Competition is nothing of the sort. Its a sport and its got WAY to many fccckng rules to be classified a dam fight. Ultimate Hugging Competition. Funny 20 years ago when it started the attitude amongst street fighters were rolling around on the ground for 10 minutes was for girls. MMA is NOT FIGHTING! its a dam sport! I aint a Diaz fan but he damwell right. Much rather watch him and his brother cause at least they got a real fighters attitude!

  • Bensonisawoman

    Benson needs to stop fighting and go into some kind of hair style career. all that fool cares about is her hair

  • The Best Eva

    Nate comes off as a goon sometimes, but I like him and think he`s an excellent entertainer.

  • Robby Clark

    haha, Love it

  • candelario

    Nate can’t speak on guys that have wins over him but keyboard warriors sure can…. lets be real the “fight” was a wrestling match

  • TNT

    Nate didn’t turn down the fight he wanted more money in who can blame him. Who would u pay to see benson Henderson, or Nate Diaz? Henderson makes alot more in no one wants to see him fight his fights sucks. Diaz weather u like him or want to see him get his head kicked in makes u want to see him. Think he should get more $$$. That guy that khabib got alot wholes in his game in hasn’t faced anyone legit will be exposed unless Dana pads his stats with lower level talent

    • TheCerealKiller

      Besides your massacre of the English language, you made zero sense. I would and have paid to see Henderson, but not Diaz. “weather, wholes?” You mean whether and holes. Khabib is trying to get anyone to fight him, he’s not dodging or padding anything. Why should Nate make more money? He’s .500 in the UFC!

      Nate is paid enough and has made plenty with his bonuses.

      • TNT

        So who made u the spell police. 🙂 in yes i failed the spelling portion on my GED test who gives a shit…The reason he deserves more is cause he sells fights. His name on the card has more weight than other light weights

        • Who

          Everyone has opinions. I don’t mind watching Diaz fights, but much rather watch Henderson. To me they are a hell of a lot more exciting, plus it is usually a war. I’ve seen Diaz crap out of half of his fights, he can’t handle anyone who has more than a year experience as a wrestler. If someone wants to stand with him great, then he has a decent chance of winning. Regardless, he can’t be calling out these guys who beat his ass, who the hell is he? An average UFC fighter and that is all.

  • El Gvapo

    “We’ve cleaned it up and added some punctuation”. Bravo, this really amused me. Seriously though, Nate is deluded but it’s just so comical. How can you hate the guy?

  • kixxxers

    Wow! Am I in a Bizarro World .. I actually agree with him!

  • horace

    didn’t Josh just brutally KO Nate? beat Nate into a bloody submission?