Nate Diaz Responds to Dana White’s UFC Fight Offer

February 7, 2017
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UFC president Dana White recently said that Nate Diaz had been offered a fight, and he was awaiting a response. It appears that he now has one.

“We just offered Nate Diaz a fight, and we’re waiting to hear back from him. So we’ll see,” White told USA Today ahead of the Super Bowl in Houston.

“(The Diaz brothers) say they want a fight. I offered Nick Diaz two fights. He turned down two fights. I offered him Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler accepted the fight. Then I just offered him Demian Maia. Nick Diaz turned down two fights. And then we just offered Nate a fight and we’re waiting to hear back from him.”

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Prior to White saying that he had offered Nate Diaz a fight, Diaz told the Los Angeles Times that the UFC had been keeping him on the sidelines. Since he wasn’t getting a fight, or at least not getting one he wanted, Diaz decided to follow in arch-rival Conor McGregor‘s footsteps. The Irishman recently received a boxing license in California and was pursing another boxing license in Nevada.

“I know what this is: I’m being put on the shelf,” Diaz told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s why I’m trying to get a boxing license.”

Now that White has put Diaz on the spot by saying a fight was offered for him to step into the Octagon, Diaz has apparently isn’t taking it as a serious offer.

“Lol at your fight…” he commented on Twitter, presumably responding to White.

In late December, Diaz told, “I’m only fighting at lightweight for a big fight or 20 million (dollars) just to take the call. Until then, I’m just living my life.”

Speculation centered on former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez as the opponent that White offered Diaz. Apparently, Diaz either doesn’t see that as a big enough fight or the UFC didn’t ante up the $20 million that he wanted.

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  • cheflacsto

    Bottom line is Diaz likes to talk and that is what he is doing. He is entertaining and a great fighter to watch, but Nate isn’t getting 20 million and he knows it. He is smart and I am sure he is gonna sit out until he gets his 3rd bout with Connor. It may be a year or more, but I would guess that is the next time we see Nate. I think we will see Nick before Nate.

    • Juan Diablo

      He’s entertaining but he’s not a great fighter and he knows it- that’s why he’s holding out for a huge payday because he’s a non-Mac fight away from being exposed. Now that Mac is in his weight class he knows he will never be able to earn a title shot against him so he’s giving himself a reason to sit on the sidelines and not have to lose to other guys in his division by asking for 20 mil. Him and his brother are like Ronda- they never bothered to evolve with the sport and it left them behind. The difference is that the Diaz bros know it so they are holding out for one last cash grab.

      • eddioe90

        Was Randy Couture a great fighter? Nate has the same record. Chuck’s record is only marginally better and he’s considered one of the greatest ever, besides never being in wars like Nate. Is Brock great? not even almost. Who about Rampage? Tim Silvia has a MUCH better record than Randy, Chuck or almost anyone else in the UFC or MMA, ddoes that make him great? It’s not about whos great, it’s about who puts asses in the seats and Nate does, more than a lot of other fighters.

        • McGraw

          Randy was a two division champ, Liddell was face of the UFC and the light heavyweight king for years … how can u make comparisons to Diaz who hasn’t done anything relevant?!?

          • Jon Licata

            Diaz has made a lot of money in a short period of time. He is absolutely one of the biggest draws in the UFC. The problem is that Conor is a God of draw comapared the rest of the UFC and Nate made Connor money and think s he deserves it for every fight now. Diaz will be broke soon as he doesn’t kow a thing about managing money (Listen to his own stories when he made his for $100K) and he will fight for much less in the near future. Hopefully Conor gives him number # before he gets too desperate. Afterall, they have to put him on ice because he is too hot in Diaz’ own head; never take a fight that is truly what he draws without Conor.

          • McGraw

            Making money doesn’t mean sh#t if you can’t consistently beat the best in the game and although Nate has beat a name here and there he hasn’t proven to be championship material for the most part.

          • BigE

            Yup, it’s all about level of competition. You are comparing Champions to a gate keeper. The Diaz’s have never won a championship in UFC. They are more like mid range fighters. I could find a guy from Titan or KOTC with a 15-0 record – doesn’t mean they’d win a fight in UFC.

        • Juan Diablo

          Terrible post man, shame on you and the knuckleheads who gave you likes. All the guys you named are in an exclusive club that Nate is not and will never be a apart of- let’s see if you can name the club…

      • Jason King

        brutal but true

        • Juan Diablo

          I can’t stand him and his brother, but I will never miss one of their fights either. They are the UFCs tent pole fighters, they are a spectacle and nothing more at this point

    • robk1968

      Wait, did you just say he was smart? Dude can’t even form a coherent sentence.

      • cheflacsto

        Did you talk your way into a million dollar pay day. Did you win and then talk your way into a 3 million dollar pay day. Has he fought since, is he shadowing Connor’s every move to stay in the conversation with him? I don’t care how well he speaks, seems like a pretty smart guy to me. If you judge everyones intelligence by how well they speak, you may not be as smart as you think you are.

        • robk1968

          He’s illiterate. And can’t talk. If you think that demanding a fight and following someone’s career as smart, then you’re just as stupid as he is.

          • cheflacsto

            I would like to be the second highest paid guy in the sport and have 4 million dollars in the bank, so I am not going to say he is a moron. The guy is a middle of the top 10 fighter who makes more money than anyone else in the division. He must be doing something right.

  • Stream Fan

    Love Nate but he “thinks” hes doing the same thing Conor is doing and whether he likes it or not, they simply are just not in the same place in there lives with their career’s.. The good part is Dana has turned into a absolute clown and Nate knows that sooner or later Dana will be back…may not be for $20 million..but at this point I don’t actually see it being about the money as much as it is wanting to somehow put Dana in a “bind”… Owners have a huge debt to pay off.. they HAVE to come up with some serious Head Liners… now is when these fighters should be weighing their options… the super stars I mean…

    • DaGenius2017

      They are not in the same place, I agree. If McG loses his next fight, he will still be a big draw. If Nate loses, it’s a wrap

  • BigE

    I have no desire to watch Nate or Nick fight again. If they don’t want to fight, let them stay home. Why beg two hood rats??? Let them stay in the second ugliest city in Cali – Barstow is #1 sucky city.

  • Des

    Let Nick and Nate fight each other. Now that would be entertaining.

    • McGraw

      Nick made it clear that’s not gonna happen which is why Nate moved back down to 155 from 170.

      • Burnt

        Nate moved back to 155 because he got ragdolled at 170.

        • McGraw

          He got beat by better welterweights but the main reason he dropped back to 155 is because he didn’t want to clash with his brother.

          • DaGenius2017

            Clash with his brother? That’s a possible motive, pit two < top 15 against each other. Although I would argue that there is a lot of mediocre talent there they could fight

          • McGraw

            Yep, they even admitted not wanting to fight each other was the main reason Nate decided to go back to 155.

  • noeffin way

    Why would Nate fight for pennies at this point? I am sure the fights were turned down because the payouts were too low.

    • H8Libs

      That’s fine. Let him go back to the car wash for a living.

      • noeffin way

        Don’t be a libtard hater. Nate made more in his last 2 fights than most mma fighters make in a lifetime. He does not have to fight anymore. If UFC wants him to fight, they better pay up.

        • Bruce Wayne

          So why is he crying about being put on the shelf?

        • DaGenius2017

          Oh, we have a Tbag supporter here. And you talk about people being rtards lol

    • DaGenius2017

      $500000 is not pennies. That’s how much I’ll pay him for a championship or big money fight. For McG fight, a million.

  • Lucas

    Nate’s a moron. Crying about not getting a fight and holding out for the Conor one… sad that this idiot thinks he’s worth more than he is. Nate doesn’t sell fights.. his fights before Conor was in prelims LMFAO..

    • McGraw

      His fights with the Johnson, Thomson, Dos Anjos, Cerrone and Henderson weren’t on prelims. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

      • Lucas

        It was UFC on FOX: Aka, most fights labeled as such are there because they aren’t expected to do well and are merely done to attract fans/because they have to fulfill a certain amount of them via their contract with FOX. He’s not a huge draw. He knows losing before a Conor fights destroys his status as a “monster” of a fighter so he’s holding out for that one last paycheck against Conor. No one wants to watch Nate fight unless it’s against Conor. Don’t try and act as if you know what you’re talking about. Johnson, Dos Anjos, Cerrone, Henderson, and Thomson? Oh yeah, those guys can’t even fill my local gym.

        • McGraw

          You said his fights were on the prelims which none of the ones I mentioned were. You’re a clueless knucklehead who has probably never stepped foot inside a gym. All talk and no action is what you are.

          I could care less if Nate was a draw or not, that’s not why people watch the fights for. Like you know anything about big money fights or who is and who isn’t a draw all the sudden

          • Lucas

            1) Look at your insecurity bringing up physical altercations on an online forum. You must be a real tough guy.
            2) UFC on FOX are basically prelim fights. How many times has Nate Diaz been on a main event that didn’t include Conor and actually SOLD well? Nate Diaz can’t fight. How come this dude has so many losses if he’s so great? He’s a fighter who has heart and durability but he’s relatively unskilled.
            3) Fans only watch him when he’s free and when he isn’t on a paid card that doesn’t suck. You keep saying fans watch him because he’s a fan favorite. Okay, so how come he’s not selling fights? You are contradicting your own words.

            You’re all talk and no action. You ain’t a tough guy and you probably think you are one. You and your 1000 posts in a one month span equates to about 30 posts a day. Don’t try and act intimidating you internet keyboard warrior.

          • McGraw

            Ok so you’re just spewing nonsense and just seeking attention, ok gotcha!

          • Lucas

            What nonsense? Nate doesn’t deserve $20 million and he doesn’t draw buyers. What is so difficult to understand? You must be Nick Diaz. Doesn’t matter; both are mentally incapable of thinking. They already spend too much energy trying to compound a sentence.

          • McGraw

            Keep trolling, you’re spewing bulls**t as usual.

          • Lucas

            Keep deflecting.

          • McGraw

            Keep trolling or stop watching the sport altogether. you’re delusional

          • Lucas

            Stop spewing nonsense, please.

          • McGraw

            Don’t mess with me boy, go troll elsewhere or stfu.

          • Lucas

            You keep spewing nonsense.

          • McGraw

            You haven’t said anything of significance, you suck at trolling as well.

          • Lucas

            Yeah but you keep spewing nonsense…

          • McGraw

            Sure buddy, whatever. Keep trolling.

    • JuanTizmo

      Diaz was a fight night/on fox main event many times.

      • Mark Hoefs

        ‘many times’ puts him in the “past tense”. where he, and a few others, should be looking in from. Not a cage.

  • Darin

    “I’m just living my life” = I’m blowing through my money like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll be back begging for another fight when I’m broke.

  • MPA200

    whenever Dana White says something, you need to believe it as far as you can throw him.

    • eddioe90

      And you aint throwing that chubba wubba too far..

    • Mark Hoefs

      ha. That there is funny. He rolls, instead of walking.

  • H8Libs

    $20 Million to watch this pencil neck putz? Dana would be crazy to give him that! I wouldn’t even give this idiot a $100 Grand!

  • D. Van Nostrand

    Nate Diaz is smart to turn down fights with Lawler and Maia for relatively low money……..they are top dogs at 170 and 185. Why accept those when he can try to get a HUGE payday with a fight with CONOR 3……THIS is the fight everyone without total bias wants to see.

    • noeffin way

      Common sense. Neither Conor or Nate need to fight ever again. If the UFC wants to see them fight, they better pay up.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Well Nate is the one complaining about not getting a fight.

      • BigE

        cut them off. They will both be broke in a year.

    • dave smith

      it was nick who got offered lawler and maia not nate,nate got offered alverez

    • LCIV

      Re-read the article. There are two Diaz brothers who fight, and you’re mixing them up.

  • Jason King

    Dudes lost waaaay too many fights to make demands like that.

  • This is your pilot speaking

    The Diaz’s aren’t big draws, neither one can talk.

  • This is your pilot speaking

    Does anyone else see a bunch of babes on the right side of your screen.

    • yeah, i didn’t even read the article.

      • This is your pilot speaking

        Ha ha ha ha ha, no one cares about the Diaz.

  • This is your pilot speaking

    How about a fight between Nate and his brother? Maybe they’d go for that.

  • This is your pilot speaking

    They both suck ass. Both over rated. I would pay them 20 million if they can read a book from cover to cover.

    • Jon Holden

      Nick hasn’t won a fight since 2011!
      Almost 6 years…

  • AJ

    Nate has won 3 of his last 7 fights, why would Dana even be trying to get him a top draw?

    • Jeremy Martin

      W/L dont really matter in MMA. Nate will draw a decent # of ppv’s. more $ than dana is offering.

      But Nate will hold out for macvsdiaz 3. as he should.

  • Juan Diablo

    It’s ok to like Nate bruh, but a fighter is not great just because you like him lol He has not won a title in the worlds top promotion and now this idiot is asking for 20m to answer the phone. If anything he’s the patron saint of the “just bleed” fan base (you), but he is far from a great fighter. He won TUF in a different generation of MMA- in today’s MMA he is a gate keeper because he didn’t evolve with the sport. “To be in the top 10 is quite an achievement” c’mon man, don’t tell me you are part of the snowflake movement too and you wanna give everyone a participation ribbon…

    Let me ask you this- and don’t run… will Nate ever be a UFC champion, yes or no?

  • Hipplee

    Nate you never have and never will be worth that much. You should be thankful Conor gave you the opportunity to fight him TWICE

  • A R

    lulz at comments here. im not even a big fan but either of them would slap the hell out of you and as conor says youll do fookin nuttin. as for how much money he has or how hes spending it or what he wants to fight. what are you worth lol

  • Jon Holden

    $20 million?
    God he’s dumb.
    Nate has said some really stupid things since he won the lottery with those 2 McGregor fights.
    He criticized Cerrone (who makes around $100 grand per fight before sponsorship) for taking fights for low pay, but before Nate fought Conor he was making $15 grand to fight and 15 to win.

    • Ojas Devam

      He is…..Dana made him Rich….now he shits in Dana’s face…He fat$ and now can sit down. Honestly This is the biggest reason to NOT pay All the Fighters More $$$………. They will become unmanageable and frankly imo NO sports figures are worth the $$

  • jack lee

    nate with conor wouldn’t get 20 million to fight. Hes not even a champ. not in the top 5 or even top 10 of fighters in hes weight class either. Hes retired now if waiting on a 20 mil fight. maybe a one mil fighter if he would fight a champ ,due only to hes personality that’s liked by some fans,not hes fighting skills


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    • natjones

      Go suck a shotgun.

  • theptrue

    I was about to make a comment about this, but apparently you can’t say how dumb he is unless you are/was a professional fighter.

  • Mark Hoefs

    #1) Da’ass is not the ‘boss’ of UFC. He is a puppet that has been allowed far too much chain in his job.

  • grtelli .

    I love the Diaz brothers, but they have to get back to reality. If they don’t want to fight anymore, no problem, no is forcing them to do so… but they really shouldn’t make outrageous demands.

  • BigE

    Too bad he peaked in the TUF tourny.

  • LCIV

    Would love to see Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler fight. Lawler looked terrible against Woodley though.

  • Yabba

    like them or not. everyone would love to fight them and everyone will watch their fights

    • Dong Wang

      not actually. depends entirely on the opponent.

  • Jeremy Stroop

    See that is the part no one gets. Dana says ‘hey i offered them a fight’. But he doesn’t put out what the dollars are.

    • Adam

      Thats because every one is on a different contract. The fight was most likely for the the amount he agreed to on his contract. He should be a man and live up to the contract since he is the one that signed it

    • Josh Hamilton

      The dollars don’t matter in regards to Diaz. He is a millionaire now only because Conor gave it to him. Without Conor in the fight, Diaz is a nobody. Diaz is not a draw on his own merit no matter what he thinks so holding out for money is ridiculous.

  • natjones

    These boys are going to stupid themselves right out of the UFC.

  • Josh Hamilton

    So funny that Nate thinks he is a draw now. No one cares who, when, or where Nate Diaz fights unless Conor McGreggor is his opponent. If Nate fought tomorrow against Alaverz, he wouldn’t even sell 100 pay per views because no one gives a s–t about him. 20 million…lmao! He is grossly over-estimating his worth.

    • Atomic Man

      He elevated Conor, so you’re speaking out your ass.

    • uncle

      I disagree Nate is great to watch when he’s focused.
      I like to see him fight anybody
      But Khabib the eagle would
      smoke him.

    • deepgrim

      nate has a lot of fans too, prob why conor wanted the fight with him when RDA pulled out

  • Wabbit

    Alvarez is probably trying to fast track a return to credibility, the Diaz fight could serve that purpose; Diaz may feel Alvarez is beneath him, after being so easily beaten by McGregor.

    Fighters are certainly entitled to be paid well, but in what universe does Diaz expect to get $20 million for a bout:

    {In late December, Diaz told, “I’m only fighting at lightweight for a big fight or 20 million (dollars) just to take the call.}

  • Jon

    He’s not worth 20 million…

    • Dong Wang

      not worth 2

  • Ethan Grossman

    ive said this for a long time both of them are bad for the sport….over rated and cant stay clean….

  • Hope Foradvice

    Well tell us what the fight offer. Why the secrecy?

  • jjmsk23

    He is the only one to dismantle Connor, I’d say he’s worth something. Love him or hate him the dudes got heart. Can’t really blame a guy for trying to make some money on the way in an age where Athletes are getting ridiculous figures.

    • wayne

      Not only that but even in the second fight it was very close! Some say it should have been a draw and I’m one of them!!

  • David Calvert

    People don’t give Nate enough credit for his smarts. Fighting Alvarez is like dating down

    • Zang Li

      Dos Anjos would have been arrested for what he did to Diaz if they weren’t inside the octagon… Alverez ko’d Dos… i know MMA is not if a>b, and b>c, then a>c… but Alvarez would be favored… Diaz only fought well against McGregor because they fought at 170, too big for Conor’s power.

  • Triggerman99

    I love how everyone here (and on every other Diaz article) says he’s not relevant and nobody cares about him, yet there’s 8-10 times the amount of comments on here than on any other article on the front page, as there always is with Diaz brothers content.
    Yep, clearly nobody cares.

    • wayne

      I agree! However I like the Diaz bro’s!!

    • Zang Li

      people that comment about him don’t necessarily pay to watch him fight… or if they do, they want to watch him lose… i guess in a way, that can be considered “relevant”.

      • Triggerman99

        Exactly. Relevant is relevant, even if you don’t like the guy. You can’t sit there and say he isn’t relevant and then spend two days talking about him. Maybe he shouldn’t be relevant, but that’s not the same thing. He is, like it or not.

  • U8IT

    Boxing is a different game, more of an endurance sport. I’m not sure the athletes in either sport can easily transition between the two. Will be interesting to watch.

  • wayne

    Good I’m glad to see him squeezing Dana for more money! They all should! Plus Nate’s fights will sell big!!

  • Ray

    If I was Nick I would fight Damian either. He’s boring as hell. He’s a horrible draw. But he’ll probably win because he’ll just lay on top of you and press JJ. WIth Diaz’ JJ the fight will be boring as hell. And Diaz will get pissed and do something stupid.

    Lawler though… that’s a fight he should probably have taken. IF he comes out and put Lawler down he’s looking at a shot at a belt in 2 fights. Nobody does that. But he loses and he’s probably done… or at least not gonna be picking his fights anymore.

    I think he wants the big money fights… doesn’t want to get worked by the true top guys. He wants Silva or Bisping. Stuff like that.

    Hell if it was me I’d play the fued card and get Diaz vs Diaz. That’d probably be the biggest card ever.

    As for Nate… I’m curious who he turned down. My guess is they want him to fight down. A rematch with Cerrone? I’d like to see him get Dos or Eddie. Put himself in the title talks. If he does that and Nick gets a decent fight they could figure out a way to get them both fighting on the same card for belts by new years. That’d be huge.

    • Zang Li

      Dos almost murdered him already.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Here is the problem. We have two idiots that say nothing but “I want a title fight” and neither deserves one. Nate is a lot better than Nick, but somehow Nick always gets paid more. Nate has won fights against real contenders, something Nick hasn’t done in nearly a decade. Nick has to take a much smaller fight and finally win if he wants to remain in the sport. I have a hard time picking him to beat anyone in the top ten.

  • Big Jeff

    Line him up against Jorge’ Masdival. Now that’s a fight I’d pay to see.

  • Kabul Bulan

    The Diaz morons have average skills. They’re lucky they could take punishments to wear their opponents. They used their ugly faces to block punches. They are both idiots.

  • Guy-Paul Roy

    Nick and Nate make millions not fighting, So if you want to fight Million $$$$ fighters you must offer Millions.

  • Zang Li

    Diaz was lucky to hit the jackpot when McGregor picked up for their first fight inwhich he made $500K… he was a $20K to show and $20K to fight guy… nobody pays attention to him (whether he deserves it or not)… the 2nd fight got him $2M, also only because of McGregor… he’ll never get anywhere close to that ever again on his own… someone needs to tell him to put on a reality hat… (btw, Dan Henderson got $800K for his last fight… as old as Dan is, there are still a lot more fans following him than Diaz.)

  • Rick Peterson

    I’d tell the diaz boys they can fight each other or they can kiss a monkey’s ass.

    • himmler adams

      Bet neither Diaz Bro is married. Imagine some broad bring home a Diaz Brother to meet the family? Hilarious/

  • himmler adams

    Nate Diazz cannot speak well Diaz has an IQ of a fly and that is insulting the fly. Nate dimwit mumbles Diaz is an average MMA fighter with a very average record. Nate is a flushable as is his dimwit dope smoking clueless embarrassment bro Nick IQ of 15 Diazz.

  • Farid

    You don’t worth 20 million dlls get real dude!
    Even if you get lucky again and fight Connor……..not 20 million dollars!
    LOL at your request!

  • himmler adams

    Nate was picked by Conor becAUSE nAte is average. Nate is dumb and Nate usually loses big fights. Nate has maybe a 40 IQ. Nick might have a 42 IQ.

  • placiddream

    He’ll need money sooner or later… then i assume that 20 mil price tag will go on sale mighty fast. Its no secrete the Diaz bros dont think more then a couple months into the future. Someone really needs to tell them to strike while the iron is hot… get in and make your money and get out. Time is not on your side.