Nate Diaz’s Real Problem with the UFC is that He Has No Leverage to Negotiate

July 20, 2014
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Nate Diaz and Dana WhiteAt this point, it’s no secret that UFC lightweight Nate Diaz is unhappy with the pay structure of his current UFC contract. He’s currently under a new deal, but didn’t like the terms after signing on the dotted line.

He’s turned down fight offers. He’s voiced his displeasure via social media. The one time title contender and The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner now finds himself on the outside looking in at the organization that’s already moved on without him.

“Nate can do whatever he wants to do,” Dana White recently told UFC’s The Download. “Who cares, he’s a grown man. Sit out for as long as you want, sit out the rest of your career. It’s your decision.”

On Friday, White addressed Nate Diaz’s status within the promotion and why there won’t be any contract renegotiations with the Stockton 29-year-old.

“This isn’t a sort things out thing. You’re under contract. You just signed this contract,” said the UFC president during a media scrum following Friday’s UFC Fight Night 46 weigh-ins in Dublin.

“He’s under contract. When he’s ready to fight, he can fight,” added White. “The kid makes good money. The kid makes really good money. And the unfortunate part is he’s not a needle mover. His brother (Nick Diaz) is a needle mover. He’s not… He doesn’t pull the numbers in.”

After hearing White’s comments about his client not being a “needle mover,” Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan took to Twitter to confront White.

A couple of hours later, White responded to Kogan’s tweet, accusing him of misguiding clients in a way that is ruining their careers.

“Listen, if Nate Diaz was the guy, we’d work it out in a minute. If you move the needle, those are the guys that make the big money. He’s one and three in his last four fights. He’s one and three. He’s nowhere near a title fight. He’s never won a title, and he doesn’t move the needle,” said White on Friday.

“When we signed (Gilbert) Melendez is when he got unhappy. When his partner got his contract is when he became unhappy,” continued the UFC president.

“He’s got a contract that he just signed. I know he trains with Melendez, but Melendez is one of the top guys in the world. He’s the No. 1 ranked guy in the world, next in line for a title shot. He’s a former world champion. Nate has absolutely nothing like that on his resume. And he’s one and three in his last few fights.”

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  • Release Nate from

    Just release him let him make a living. Somewhere else if he don’t want ufc…ufc don’t need him let him go. Nate not a fighter anymore Dana not gonna cave he won’t give him more money won’t release him no matter what his manger says. Love Nate Diaz win or loose kids great fighter puts on shows but its just been to long. With stars Rhonda, Conner DC Romero in on and on ufc take the high rode in never let him back in again

    • TheCerealKiller

      He signed a contract. He’s getting $60,000 to show and $60,000 win bonus. I guess he wants more show money because he doesn’t win much lately.

    • Seth

      Again – why would they release him? HE signed a contract with them. HE agreed to certain amount of fights in the UFC. HE agreed on money and everything else. UFC did its part – they offered him fights. HE turned them down. It’s not UFC that makes him unable to – how you wrote it – “make a living”. It’s his fault. HE REFUSES to work on terms HE agreed on.

  • ac

    The UFC can’t just release him. He’s backed them into a corner by being so public. If they simply release him now it sets a precedent for other fighters who want to be released.

    He should just fight out the rest of his fights on his contract asap and then renegotiate or walk, e.g. Rampage.

    • Seth

      Why would they even think to release him? He can just sit at home and make no money…or he can man up and do what he already AGREED to do, when he inked new deal with UFC. It’s not UFCs problem that he may run out of money at some point. They offered him fights, he turned them down. If he runs into financial problems, it’s all on him at this point.

  • Fight or go away

    I agree just tired of this story just want it to go away at this piont only other story should be he fighting again or robbing a bank to feed his family not him n the ufc boss having there lover spats. He could take the fight in tap out when the bell rings bet that get him fired.

  • brad king

    like to see nate rematch rory again. would be epic

    • drkdisciple

      Why would there be a rematch? why would it be “epic”? Rory man-handed him and there is no indication he wouldn’t do the exact same thing in a rematch! Plus Nate has no business at 170.

    • Seth

      If your definition of “epic” is watching bigger guy ragdolling and mopping floor with smaller guy for 15 minutes – then yeah, it would be epic…

  • CBPrinter

    Can’t believe I used to root for this kid. Loud-mouthed little bitch. For as much as I hate Dana, he makes a good point and has handled Diaz the right way. Diaz doesn’t do anything any more so he can’t expect to get into a higher pay grade, especially being 1-3 in his last 4. But, enough about the kid in the news. That’s probably half the reason he thinks he can pull more money.

    • John

      1-2 out of his last 3, 2-2 out if his last 4.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Well if he was intelligent with is money and did not blow it all away he would have made a lot, like retired pornstar Melina Mason who retired at 22 y old she was damn hot she said it, i did not put any up my nose not into drugs and she invested all her porn money into a business that is going well now. Theses guys make so much money yet they spend it all on useless junk and drugs and more.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Yeah, useless junk like paying for the gym and coaches, maybe even a manager – he obviously cannot afford a really good one, right :).

      I have no idea, how much Nate spends on what, but you probably have no idea too. I know he’s into weed, but is that really all that expensive? I thought an average Joe can afford it, and while Nate is in training camp, he does not use it. Go back to researching porn 🙂

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is average and and disgusting with the IQ of an empty tin can. Plus Nick doesn’t win the big fights and Josh Thompson beat and Ko’d Nick the can. Nick Diaz has no personality and is ignorant and crude. Way too many clean cut decent Kids in the UFC who are so deserving for fights. Cut this scab waste of air turd Nick immediately. Both Diaz brothers are rotted trash and smell up the UFC and permeate the clean air.

    • John

      U mean Nate…

      • dandogood

        nick or nate same toilet same bowl.

        • Baller31

          You make the Diaz bros sound intelligent

    • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

      Huh? Both Nick and Nate are ‘clean-cut.’ I don’t think their hair has ever once come close to touching the top of their ears.

  • TheCerealKiller

    By the way,
    Gilbert Melendez’s UFC/Strikeforce record is 12-2, Nates is 13-7. Do you see the difference?

    • Dan Hanson

      BJ Penn’s is 12-9, using the same logic.

      • TheCerealKiller

        BJ won a few belts and most of his loses came at the end of his career. Nate compared himself to Gil, not me.

      • Dan Hanson

        Dana White made the comparison, not Nate. I’m just saying that records don’t show the whole story. Nate has been in there with some of the world’s best. Beaten some of the world’s best. Had multiple FOTN and other bonuses. If he doesn’t move the needle, how does he get all of those bonuses? Surely he has to be a little exciting.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Nate makes the comparison, not in this article.

          source –

          Nates biggest win on his record is Donald Cerrone. All the other big names are loses.

          • Dan Hanson

            Nate compares pay, not skill or resumes as Dana eluded to.

            Cowboy us a huge win, Gray was a huge win and both were dominant!

          • TheCerealKiller

            I’m talking about the pay. He wants Gil money, but he’s not the top guy in his division.

            Gray is 1-3-1 in his last five, he’s on a huge decline. I bet today’s Cerrone would wipe the mat with him.

          • Dan Hanson

            He beat Donald Cerrone with Cerrone coming into the fight in a 6 fight win streak. Nate would beat him again. Donald doesn’t do well when fighting backwards.

          • Seth

            Ok. So tell Nate to agree to Cerrone fight. I’m sure that if he win, he would have at least SOME power to negotiate. At this point, he has nothing that would make UFC even attempt to negotiate, especially since he inked new deal – and AGREED to the terms of it. He should man up. And do what he agreed already to do.

          • jdwilli09

            It doesn’t do much other than allow Cerrone to avenge a loss, and stay busy but I would be glad to see that fight made. That fight was 3 years ago, and Cerrone got kicked in the face by a horse right before. He was fighting with a concussion and a mouth full of stitches. I’d be comfortable laying down a big chunk of cash on Cowboy there. Diaz bitches about Cerrone being a company man, but all he’s doing is fighting and making money. He’s made hundreds of thousands more than Diaz since their fight, because he’s not a whining 209er. Diaz, his idiot manager, and the idiotic Diaz fans don’t seem to understand that they have nothing to point to to say this is why you HAVE to pay us more. Nate Diaz is a good fighter but he’s a moron.

          • Seth

            That’s why I wrote “So tell Nate to agree to Cerrone fight”. That’s ALL Nate has to do to make money. Agree to a fight. If he doesn’t – he won’t make money. He bitches about how he doesn’t make much money fighting…guess what, by NOT fighting he doesn’t make money at all. How people can actually defend him, when it’s all his fault that he makes no money currently?

            People like Cerrone, Rich Franklin or Jamie Varner – they will make money. Exactly for the same reason – because they are “company man”. Rich ALWAYS was ready for a fight, whenever UFC needed replacement they knew they can call Rich and he will do it. Same thing with Jamie or Cerrone and other guys like that. When UFC knows that if they need you, you will step up – you will have a job there and you will make money. Declining fight after fight never helped anyone to keep their job in the UFC.

      • Danny boy

        Yeah but b.j. has wor two world titles.use that logic

  • MuayThaiFood

    His manager is obviously a jackass too. Nate is under a contract that he negotiated and now he’s doing battle on Twitter. If they didn’t like the terms they could have walked but they signed, so STFU because nobody likes a whiner.

  • dandogood

    Wonder if Nate and Nick Diaz ever attended school. Making these dumb financial decisions seem to say 3rd grade drop outs. Both Nicka nd nate are the type of guys a father prays their daughter never brings home or associates with.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He graduated from the Tokay High School in Lodi, California. His net worth is $700 thousand and I would kill my daughter if she walked this guy into my house.

  • Rob Smith

    Nate Diaz’s last two losses were against elite fighters; Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson. His last fight was a first round KO of Gray Maynard. Dont forget his wins over Donald Cerrone, Jim Miller and Takanori Gomi prior to his loss to Henderson. He’s a top five contender behind Khabib Nurmagomedov, he moves the needle, period. Gilbert Melendez also lost to Henderson and Josh Thomson at one point. Since Melendez represents the Mexican fan base he gets a bigger contract because he is a headliner for a promotion in those regions. Diana White is the POS dirtbag be claims Mike Kogan to be. For sure the next fight is Nate Diaz VS Donald “Jabroni” Cerrone, since Nurmagomedov is injured. At the end of the day, Nate Diaz is a dummy for signing the contract and Diana is the nucleus of scumbags. Renegotiate and give these men what they deserve you rotten fascist corporate bullies!

    • Seth

      What people do not understand (or refuse to understand) is really simple. It all comes down to one, simple rule:

      More money you can bring to UFC, more money you will be paid.

      As you said, UFC needs Melendez for their expansion in Mexico. They need him. He proved he doesn’t need UFC, when he reached out to Viacom and got deal from them. That’s why UFC paid him more. Because they need him.

      Do they need Nate Diaz? I don’t think so. I mean…well, he turns down fight after fight and UFC still works, putting on events and everything, right? It’s not like Nate would say postponing of UFC 176 if he decided to fight. At this point he wouldn’t be a good headliner for FOX Card. Maybe for Fight Pass. With good opponent.

      Nate is just jealous, because he saw that Gil got better deal and he knows his brother would get also better deal if he decides to comeback. Nick still has that drawing power that UFC needs at the moment. And based on that Nick have a power to negotiate with UFC. Nate doesn’t have anything like that to use and make his deal better.

      But my point is this – UFC needs Melendez = they paid him more. UFC can live and still roll without Nate Diaz = so Nate either takes what he already AGREED on or he can sit home, doing nothing and make no money at all.

    • TKDGuy

      Moving the needle isn’t based on his fight victories, but whether people buy tickets, PPV’s, etc. to see him fight.

  • Who cares at this piont

    Rob I agree with most of what u say but josh Thomas isn’t elite he is good but no where near elite elite is reserved for only a few Jon jones silva randy n chuck fedor but not josh not near elite. Nate just got caught he one of the best at 155

    • Rob Smith

      Melendez lost to Thomson….regardless he won the trilogy, the argument here is downplaying Diaz in comparison to Melendez…..FAIL

  • pat I

    LMAO. Soooo lets see….He signs a contract and then bitch’s it is not fair enough after the fact? LMAO. Then why did he sign it in the 1st place? He a complete idiot! Typical whiney, gimmie what I have not earned kid that has no honor and shows us his word means nothing even when he gives his signature along with it!

    The whiner can serve out the terms of the contract HE agreed to and then earn his way to more money if he even can. Otherwise just fight and quit whining that YOU signed a contract YOU now do not like. There is a reason they call them contracts ya know. Apparently he didn’t learn how to read in school!

    IMO he is fearful he will loose his fights and not be worth his salt for the next contract so he trying to take a 2nd crack at the negotiation table just in case.

  • dandogood

    Nate and Nick Diaz could be the dumbest two kids on earth. Sad to see these dimwits ruining their average careers. Well there is always barber college?

  • TKDGuy

    Of course he doesn’t have leverage – its a signed contract.
    Even before reading the twitter exchange between White and Hogan, I thought what Diaz needs to do is fire his manager, complete his contract with successful fights, and then he would have the leverage to renegotiate some better money.
    People seem to lose sight of the fact that the UFC is a business. It exists to make a profit. The fighters and the service they provide are a commodity. If they become “needle movers” as White said, they can negotiate higher salaries. Until then, they should work to become that.
    One thing that surprises me is that the UFC doesn’t go after a guy like Diaz for breach of contract, failing to perform.

  • Ed

    The Diaz Brothers will f*ck anyone of you keyboard warriors up!

    • Super Rob

      Since they are pro fighters they should be able to. Not really saying much now is it?

    • John hedlenssonn

      anyone who spends 90% of their lives in a gym learning how to fight, BETTER be able to. Really isn’t saying much.

  • The Light

    Bottom line, he signed a contract, discussion over

  • Joe Mc Geehand

    dumb Turd would make a good gardner

  • Super Rob

    Nate Diaz couldn’t headline an event. It seems he and his agent think that people will tune in just to see him. They would be wrong.

    • Jeremy

      Hahaha looks like u were wrong. Biggest ppv in ufc history.

      • Super Rob

        McGregor was the headliner not Nate. McGregor was the draw and the one getting a big cut of PPV not Nate.

        • Jeremy

          Nate also had ppv cut and he is was a huge part of the draw dude. The Diaz brothers also have a huge following. That’s why the event was larger than aldo or mendez.

        • Jeremy

          Nate received like 3 bucks per ppv. Not as much as conor but still nate had a large following just like nick

  • the great master

    At least Kogan knew to pipe down after White took to Twitter. He knows White is wayyy to powerful and wayyyy to vicious to push too far.

  • bvol

    Hard to argue against 1-3. Not much there for a raise. He’s an average fighter. Any wrestler can take him and hold him down to grind out a win and probably always be his biggest weakness. His strength is you could hit the guy with a shovel and not k.o. him but his chin seems to be fading I guess because of lots of shots he eats. Gray hasn’t been a solid fighter in a year or 2 and he looked like his training has slacked not to mention he never tries to take anyone down anymore. I honestly don’t care to watch nate fight. Don’t cheer for or against I really just don’t like watching him. He’s probably a guy that will still have to fight when he’s 50 if he’s not brain dead.

    • MikeDDS

      It’s actually easy to argue against 1-3 because it’s not true.

    • WrestlersRuleMMA

      He is 4-2 in his last six fights. And 2-2 in his last four. Do not be a dumb a s s who listens to every word that lying douche Dana White says.

  • He just needs to stop playing baby games and get in there and win some fights. Whinning isnt doing much for him except disappoint more, and suck more.

  • Jon Holden

    Nate Diaz is a crybaby, and doesn’t deserve more money.
    That being said, the line of bs from Dana about not moving the needle is somewhat inaccurate.
    Same old same old really. Diaz is a whiner that acts like a child and Dana White can’t talk for more than 30 seconds without lying…

  • sean

    Good for him to not fight…the pay they are getting is a joke and in the last year i have went from buying two PPV’s a month to one every three months. The PPV’s are no better than the free fights so why pay for them. All the idiots below that say he is a crap fighter are clueless..every fight even when he lost he brought it the entire fight. the real POS is Dana

  • Black Sex

    nate is actually 2-2 in his last four fights

  • dandogood

    Nate is nothing but used trash.

    • WrestlersRuleMMA

      Only trash would call another human being “trash.” Nate is a great fighter and a decent human outside the cage.

      • cramer

        Nate may very well be a decent person outside the cage, but he is far from being a great fighter. That includes Nick.

  • Lester Macgurdy