Nate Diaz, Manager Refute Dana White’s Claim that Fighter Turned Down Khabib Nurmagomedov

January 12, 2014
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Nate Diaz Dana White TUF 18 FinaleSigning a fight for Khabib Nurmagomedov has become a fight of its own.

UFC president Dana White said on Saturday that Nate Diaz turned down an offer to face the Russian lightweight. In responding to a fan on Twitter, White explained Diaz and others don’t desire a fight with Nurmagomedov.

“Nobody wants to fight Khabib,” White wrote.

Diaz, apparently put back by White’s comment, publicly blasted White in response, saying the UFC boss and the organization are “full of (expletive)” and he made no such refusal to fight.

Mike Kogan, Diaz’s manager, backed up his fighter’s stance to on Sunday, adding that the offer to face Nurmagomedov was made last week. The UFC, according to Kogan, wouldn’t agree with terms laid out by Diaz’s camp.

“Nate didn’t turn down the fight,” Kogan said. “He asked for additional conditions which were turned down by the UFC so the [fight agreement] never happened.

“There’s a sentiment out there put out by the media and the UFC that Nathan is scared to fight and that is just not true.”

Diaz is no stranger to having run-ins with the UFC. Prior to his last fight, Diaz nearly refused to face Gray Maynard at the TUF 18 Finale last November in favor of attending his high school reunion. Ultimately, the fight card and a payday trumped Diaz’s reunion, and the fighter finished Maynard by technical knockout in the first round.

Nurmagomedov is undefeated at 21-0 and is quickly climbing the ranks of the UFC lightweight division. His last performance had him dominating Pat Healy through three rounds, en route to a unanimous-decision win.

White White wrote that no one wants to face Nurmagomedov, the recently victorious Michael Johnson said otherwise. The fighter took to the same social media platform to express his desire for a fight with the 25-year-old Russian.

“Well Dana White,” Johnson wrote on Twitter, “if Nate Diaz don’t wanna scrap with me, I think the people want me & Khabib Nurmagomedov.”

Kogan added that while the UFC refused their conditions for the bout agreement, the door isn’t completely closed for the fight to happen. Camp Diaz’s conditions have been made known, and all that is left is for the UFC and White to accept them.

“If we come to agreement, sure,” Kogan said when asked if they still desire a fight with Nurmagomedov.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Well, Mr.Kogan, what are these conditions that the UFC won’t except? Let the fans see what kind of circus it is to deal with a Diaz. If you won’t reveal what these “conditions” are, then you ARE dodging Khabib.

    • Edwin

      I agree, are they understandable terms, or just insane demands that area nicer way of expressing they don’t want to fight

      • Jim

        Given Nate’s last payday, I’d guess more money.

        • TheCerealKiller

          “He asked for additional conditions which were turned down by the UFC so the [fight agreement] never happened.” Conditions, not money. I’m dying to know what these “conditions” are!

          No drug testing bro.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I’m sure Diaz will publicize his personal negotiating details out to you just as soon so he can, to clear up ANY issues that you may have with him over his pay from his employer doing his job.

      Negotiations are give and take. Obviously Diaz didn’t like the WalMart price Dana offered. Nate Diaz has the most to lose in a fight with Nomogohojosodowomedov, whaile Kabib and the UFC have nothing buy gains to make from the deal.

      • TheCerealKiller

        He just knows Khabib Nurmagomedov will smash him.

        • Manuel Lopez

          Wtf? NAte has never feared anyone. Are you mentally challenged or are you one of those that starts believing hyperbole right from the get go? Sure the Russian is a good prospect but he hasn’t beaten any top names yet. And if someone on the rise will use you as a stepping stone you might as well as for the big bucks! It’s a business after all.

        • archaictext

          Right. This coming from the guy who said “I’m not impressed with (Nate’s) wins”. Khabib is good, solid, well rounded, but we have yet to see him against the best, which is why this is such a great fight prospect. I’m all for the guy, as a fan, but you don’t know that he will “smash” Nate, and Nate obviously doesn’t “know” that either, none the less fear that. Just implying that an opinion on future events (such as the outcome of this possible match) is knowledge, shows how much of a fool you are, and invalidates your argument.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Like Johnny said, all of his UFC losses are to wrestlers. Khabib is a sambo wrestler, he is Diaz kryptonite!

          • julian moran

            you are annoying.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You’re an apple.

        • Gary Fredericks

          Cerrone was gonna smash Nate too….so was Maynard a couple times, as well as other notable fighters.

          I like them both to be honest and welcome the prospect of seeing them fight. I just think that Nate deserves more money than he is paid the UFC RE: announced salary and such. He should not sell himself short when Khabib is the one with nearly everything to gain from this fight.

  • Warren Tierney

    Nate Diaz is one of the most poorly paid fighters in the UFC. No wonder Nate asks for more money! It is great to see Diaz trying to get more money…

    • TheCerealKiller

      Over the last five years, he’s a .500 fighter. That gets most guys cut.

      • Warren Tierney

        Well he as being fighting top fighters so perhaps that statistic is a little bit misleading!

        • TheCerealKiller

          Since 2009
          His wins;
          Gray Maynard
          Jim Miller
          Donald Cerrone
          Takanori Gomi
          Marcus Davis
          Rory Markham
          Melvin Guillard

          His losses;
          Josh Thomson
          Benson Henderson – for the title
          Rory MacDonald
          Kim Dong-Hyun
          Gray Maynard
          Joe Stevenson
          Clay Guida

          I’m not impressed with the wins.

          • Johnny

            his wins were against real scrappers and 7 outta the 8 losses are to wrestlers holding him down…. 8 if you count Dong Hyun , so wtf are you talking about?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Thomson just TKO’d him, wtf are you talking about?

          • archaictext

            Not that I agree with cereal killer’s point of view on Nate, but you aren’t really helping the argument for Nate by embellishing the number of his losses. He has had only 7 losses in the UFC. Unless you are referring to his loss against Franca in the WEC, which was a submission anyway. I do agree that Nate has had some great wins and he is one of the top fighters at 155. Cereal Killer isn’t impressed with his wins? What a chump lol.

          • Mark McDowall

            If he doesn’t like being held down then learn to do something about it. But then again he is a Diaz so he will just complain about it and say its not fair and he is getting screwed etc etc.

            And I seem to remember that Rory McDonald didn’t hold him down…he dropped him on his head a couple times and threw him around like a rag doll…Thompson KO’d him…so not all just wrestlers…

          • archaictext

            Not impressed? Well aren’t you just the toughest little man.

          • Jason Tracey

            he’s not impressed with his per-for-mance

          • MMAFAN

            Disagree with you. The amount of fights alone should be getting him a bigger pay day!

          • Pat Garret

            Seriously dude, you give stupid a bad name.

          • Jay A Nokay

            You’re dumb homie.

  • jay

    Prolly wants 5 rounds so the fight isn’t a repeat of the stun gun Kim fight. 2 Rounds of Nate being tossed around, and a 3rd round of Nate pounding a gassed fighter. Same thing Nate wanted with gray. Its a pretty respectable demand. Itd either that or a rematch against Thompson win or lose lmao

  • jdwilli09

    Nate and his management signed a contract and agreed to terms. If he wants more, win out on the contract and get 6 figures to show and 6 figures to win. This is a guy who got his ass kicked by Josh Thomson and then turns around and says he and Gilbert are the top two fighters at LW. I think it has been made clear that the Diaz Bros. have screws loose. They are great fighters but not great thinkers. I hope the UFC stonewalls him and just has him fight out his contract with no extra concessions made. He needs to pull his head out of his ass and realize that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. If he isn’t the main even, it’s not reasonable to ask for 5 rounds. Also, Diaz’s pay is just disclosed pay. And if he had to renegotiate after losing 4 of 7 he was victim of bad timing. The people who are paid best are the guys who in general keep their mouths shut regarding the UFC and win. If my employee was shit talking me, I wouldn’t feel compelled to pay him more. He can’t make insane demands then claim he was willing to fight after knowing his terms wouldn’t met. That’s disingenuous. I’ll fight him, for 2 million and it has to be 5 rounds, and he can’t use throws. I don’t see how people still defend the diaz brothers. They are grown ass men. They should conduct themselves as such.

    • Mark McDowall

      Very well said. Diaz is a god in his own mind. Diaz lost a fight, then Melendez DECISIONED a guy not even anywhere close to the top 10 at LW…and now they are the 2 best?? Sorry boys…not on your life.

      Khabib is a bad mofo…and I have a feeling he will not long be without the belt…

      • julian moran

        About 50 percent of mma fans thought Melendez beat Henderson. Since then, he went 1-0. So the argument that he could be the best still stands.
        I think that Pettis would beat him, but I still have Melendez as number 2 in the division.

        • Mark McDowall

          Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what the fans think…its what the judges saw. And yes he is 1-0 since that fight…but like I said…he DECISIONED Diego Sanchez. A guy who is lucky if he is in the top 25 at LW right now. An exciting fight…yes of course it was…but not being able to finish a guy who has no business fighting someone ranked as high as Melendez was…honestly I think it hurts him more than it helps him.

      • Jay A Nokay

        Diego is impossible to knock out though, like VERY impossible.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      I think gilbert beat henderson, champions always get the nod because the judging in MMA is garbage. gsp-hendricks gus-jones. if you google the scorecard for nick diaz vs condit two judges gave condit 4 rounds, and gave diaz round 3. the one round that I would easily say diaz lost, was given to him.
      nate got caught with a high kick that rocked him, anyone can get caught. if nate worked on his leg kick defense, head body legs, he would be champion already. he’s been working with team alpha male so I think his wrestling is going to get him another win, probably fight the winner of henderson thomson, then a title shot. michael johnson is crazy is he thinks anyone is scared of him, diaz would destroy him.

  • Pat Garret

    Don’t think Diaz was afraid to fight,” Nate Diaz fears no man”. Without a doubt, it’s a financial reason why Nate isn’t fighting. Ufc probably wants to pay him peanuts, hence he’s holding out for more money. Good for u Nate! Don’t let UFC push you around. I personally buy PPV because this man is on the card.

    • deepgrim

      he isnt getting paid what he should be. hes top 5 in the division, consistently puts on high quality fights that the fans love to watch and has a fairly strong fan base.i do believe that khabib is a fight that i think very few would want, he is such a strong power grappler who enforces his style of fighting. Doubt diaz would beat him should the fight happen

  • Timothy Milloff

    It’s ok to be afraid Nate, that Russian is bad-ass!

  • Brad Phillips

    lots of shit being talked on here but lets face it like them or hate them the diaz bros sell tickets and get the ratings cause of the way they carry on the ufc is a business and very good at what they do if the fight will make a dollar then the fight will go ahead the fight could headline a fight night but khabib fighting most other fighters in that weight class could not they will meet some where in the middle and the fight should happen

  • Brad Phillips

    love them or hate them lets face it the diaz bros sell tickets and they get people watching the box the ufc is a business and they are very good at what they do the fight will make them a dollar and they will do all they can to make the fight happen this fight could head line a fight night and have huge ratings but a fight with khabib and most other fighters in that weight class would not they should meet some where in the middle on pay then get them in that ring and lets watch them bang!!!!!!

  • solo

    What a mess!!!
    Nate is only available fighter in top 10 at the moment. C ‘mon Dana, work this thing out! If not, just find some good guy for Khabib to fight already. But not Johnson.

    I wanna see Johnson vs Barboza! Everybody…


    Is Gilbert Melendez still fighting Nurmagomedov ?

    • Ron Bidelman Jr.

      Nope. Called off for whatever reason.


    ” DON’T B SCARED HOMEY ” !!! = [

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    nobody wants to fight him because he is a really good fighter thats barely known. There is no pay off for anyone with a name to fight him, thats on the UFC for not promoting their fighters better

  • Get2DaChoppa

    Does anyone really think Nate’s scared? I for one don’t and like others I’m of the opinion that money is holding this fight up. Nate wants more and lets be honest he deserves more. He’s a top 10 fighter and if this fight were to happen it would be between 2 top 10 guys. Nate finishes fights and his fights are always entertaining. Love him or hate him the dude brings it every time he steps into the cage.

    • Ron Bidelman Jr.

      Nate is not a top tier fighter. Only his nuthugger fans think that. Does he have talent?? Well hell yea. But Josh Thompson showed how to beat him. He hasn’t beat anybody but a washed up Gray Maynard. Rory toyed with him. And the list goes on.

  • vinnyjr

    DW is one ass hole. He tries to play mind games with his fighters. Nate Diaz sells seats, bottom line, that is why he wants Nate to fight. If Nate was smart while he still is young and popular he would play the same game but play to win. Make them pay you Nate. You are the most exciting fighter in your division.

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov is one dangerous dude. I’d like to see him vs Edson Barboza, that would be an amazing matchup.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Now Nate and his management went full retard! Today they said they are waiting around for a title fight.

  • crabwalk

    When u Refuse to fight for the Ridiculous $$ DW offers, then DW Announces that U..,”RefusedTheFight.” His HalfTruthsLies &Rmeant2 ForceU2 call him aLiar….&NO1, especially those UnderContract ie..,UnderHisThumb, has the Balls……, Xcept the DiazBros. It’s the main reason i’m a fan. They just Don’t G.A.S., so they R BrutallyHonest. DW hates them & this couldB his “Straw.” Being an Atheist w/no HigherPower, Never expect Fairness or CompleteHonesty from DW, He answers 2No1 & Lives4Control. WatchWhatHappens when DW gets Caught&Confronted in a Lie. It’ll be Epic.

  • RaiderDan

    Big fan of both Diaz brothers here in the 925. Hope to see both in action again. I love their us against the world attitude. Props.