Nate Diaz: I Beat (Gray Maynard), I’m Gonna Hunt Down Pettis and Thomson and Take Them Out

November 27, 2013
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Nate-Diaz-003-UFC-125-460x270UFC lightweight Nate Diaz takes on Gray Maynard for the third time on Nov. 30 at The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale.

Although the scorecards say he and Maynard split the first two fights, Diaz fully believes that he won both, and will win again on Nov. 30. From there, he’s on the prowl for a title shot.

“I beat (Gray Maynard), I’m gonna hunt down Pettis and Thomson’s ass and take them out,” said Diaz. “I’ll be back fighting for a title, real quick.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    Got to admire his confidence. I don’t like either of these guys, but I hope Maynard stomps his ass!


    First thing First,,, beat Gray,,, then we’ll see about the guy who KO’d you

  • jimmy777

    Gray will destroy diaz

    • Dan Hanson

      Diaz submitted him quickly in the first fight, and fought to a razor thin decision in the second. Why will Gray suddenly be able to destroy him?

  • Denny Swain

    Thompson will ko diaz again because diaz sticks that chin out constantly and trash talks leaving chin open for a ko

  • Live and Uncut

    I believe him

  • Dan Hanson

    I thought Nate won the second fight with gray. That was a sketchy decision. I wish this was a five rounder. Diaz will walk through Gray…again.

  • fsunoles10

    i got diaz beating maynard and if the thomson fight happens he will end up beating thomson as well, please talk about the ko as well cuz as we seen in the past 2 velasquez jds fights a ko over a guy doesnt mean s*** when you fight him again. pettis is a bad dude though so id have a hard time picking against him, but how about thomson saying benson is better than pettis. obviously he didnt watch both their fights when pettis dominated the stand up as well as the ground fighting.

  • Bill Porter

    So Gray, Thomson, and Pettis are out of the way. I guess he sees Benson as the future title holder.

  • Jared

    Grey fight could go either way imo. Thomson is way to mobile for Diaz. Condit showed how to exploit their slow plodding style in his fight with Nick. Thomson has the gas to make sure he doesn’t get drawn into the pocket with Nate. Pettis would beat Nate. Way to many weapons and his Thai skills would cancel out Nate’s boxing.

  • Milos Rackovic

    I love Nate but hes just promoting right now he cant beat top 3-4 lw’s but hes better than maynard a lot

  • Brad King

    this guys is gonna be beaten t o orange pulp by showtime. nothing more to be said

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Win or lose, at least you’re going to see a real fight when you’re watching Nate Diaz. He doesn’t play around with the point game bullsh*t and is constantly doing everything he can to finish the fight. Gray is also an exciting fighter aside from the Guida fight which was not Gray’s fault. This should be an awesome fight, glad it’s a 5 rounder this time.

    • solo

      actually its not a 5 rounder. after switching from co main to main event their bout remained as a 3 round fight.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        oh that makes me sad now 🙁

    • EdS

      Love him or hate him, either way Jay’s right. Diaz comes to fight and doesn’t fight not to lose like Greg Jackson fighters. Natr tries to finish every time. Sure he clowns around taunting and talking smack, but that’s all head games to bait the other guy to fight come some guys just don’t engage. Some guys try to play the counter game when they’re clearly not counter strikers which leads to a hell of a boring fight.

  • john

    Is he disabled?

  • Kbroesq

    Might want to win a fight before you start calling out the guy who JUST KO’d you.

  • otto

    a big fan of anyone who pushes the pace and is constantly trying to finish their opponents, and thats the Diaz bro’, not the most colorful personalities, but they will always bring it and entertain, and mostly thats whats it all about isnt it…….

    • taylor2008

      The Diaz brothers are talented, but they are also nothing more than a bunch of loud mouth pot smoking punks. It wouldnt matter to me if they were gone from the UFC. To most they arent entertaining. They are annoying.

  • Dragon Kid

    loved his fight with rory macdonald