Nate Diaz Fought with Compromised Vision Most of the Fight (UFC on Fox 5 Video)

December 9, 2012
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Nate Diaz at UFC 141UFC on Fox 5 lightweight title challenger Nate Diaz had a rough go of it with champion Benson Henderson. That’s thanks in large part to a punch in the eye courtesy of Henderson in the first round.

Diaz said after the fight that his vision was compromised from that point on, but he’s already looking forward to healing up the eye and getting back in the cage.

  • Excuses knew that was coming

    • Supaman

      even so, it was a legitimate punch and not an eyepoke, so this excuse is bogus

    • Ron Couden

      Is it an excuse when he acknowledges he was punched in the eye?

  • Madmmax

    He should def include some strength training to his triathlon workouts. Benson just threw him around at will. Again, size matters

    • MuayThaiFood

      He’ll have to go to 170 if he does that. He’s 6’1″ and looks like a concentration camp victim at weigh ins. Where’s he going to cut weight to make 155? He can’t cut his hair much shorter and he’s already short on grey matter.

      • Madmmax

        True. LOL on the grey matter

  • chuker

    He need to get off Gilberts nuts. He sounds foolish always building up Gil like he is the greatest fighter to grace the cage. Once Gilbert comes to the UFC he will run into problems. If you can think of cutting to feather weight your probably to small to be a UFC light weight. Guys like Henderson and Maynard will over power Gilbert. I think Gilbert is good but he’s not the #2 light weight in the world and hasn’t face the competition to justify that ranking.

    • GoNoles

      its called being a part of a team and having confidence in your team and your friend. from your response my arm chair detective instincts are telling me you never got off your ass and played any sport.

    • Sounds like a really good friend and team mate if you ask me. Showing so much respect to a guy he trains with and respects, letting fans know who he is and how he belongs in the UFC to showcase his skills.


    nate was simply outclassed by a better figher same as Nick was outclassed by Condit. Diaz brothers are sons of evin and demon seeds.

    • Ron Couden

      I agree Nate was dominated, but half the MMA world thought Nick beat Condit, so disagree.

      • Madmmax

        Your in the wrong half

  • Sam

    Dont worry Nate, just smoke some more of that California Kush and your blurred vision goes right away, lowlife pothead.

  • MuayThaiFood

    You could argue he’s been fighting with compromised intelligence his whole life. His head looked like a sack of doorknobs for fighting a guy who just wins rounds.

  • Crashman

    lmao all the excuses in the world for the Diaz brothers, its so funny when GSP got poked in the eye , he’s slammed for “not finishing the fight:” but he WON, and here’s Diaz gets PUNCHED legit in the eye and its AWWW poor me, man when will his possee man up and see that he LOST straight up and stop making freaking excuses. Benson made him look like the weaker fighter all the way around, and they might want to bring in some better wrestlers into camp.

  • sprackles

    How is this an ‘excuse’? he said he got punched in the eye and congratulated henderson. he didnt say “so its not fair.” idiots.

  • Man everyone bashing the guy. He earned a shot at the title and he lost a very tough 5 round fight to Henderson who is young, tough and on a roll. Fans focus to much on liking a guy as if they know them personally and outside of the cage, the guy is a full time fighter who trains really hard just give him some respect already.