Nate Diaz Explains Issues: ‘I Was Outta Shape, (but) I Had to Get Paid’ (Video)

December 14, 2014
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Lightweight Nate Diaz explains why he missed weight for his UFC on Fox 13 bout against Rafael dos Anjos. He also says issues within his training camp hindered his preparation, but promises he’ll be in top form next time out.

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(Video Courtesy of UFC on Fox)

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  • Joe Dog

    His IQ???

    • Joe Dog

      Maybe 80?

  • Darin

    haffa get paid nome sain

  • TheCerealKiller

    3:27 of saying nothing.

    • blob

      All you do is bash fighters on here, why don’t you go back to your couch and finish that can of pringles…

      • TheCerealKiller

        I don’t bash fighters, I bash Diaz brothers.

  • hyperbole

    Q: When did you realize you were out of shape?
    Nate: Oh about the time my leg got destroyed in the first two minutes of the fight.

  • dandogood

    Could there be a dumber person in MMA than Nate dim bulb Diaz? Nate should enroll in hispanic medical school and become a Hispanic doctor.

    • TheCerealKiller

      The Diaz support has been pretty quiet the last 24 hours. What’s going to happen once Nick gets destroyed by Anderson?

      • Dana White

        i’m a Diaz fan and was wanting him to win but i honestly thought if he was going to lose it would be by KO, but Mini Vitor is a beast and got the better of Nate diaz that’s all there is too it really

    • junky9

      ya,nick diaz haha

  • Seth

    Well…that’s nothing new. We knew he accepted this fight for same reasons Nick accepted his. He finally figured out that sitting on his couch won’t make him any money.

  • googoogahgah

    That was possibly the most painful interview I’ve ever watched in my life. Ever. He makes his brother sound like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle rolled into one.

  • mmalive

    Nate and Nick Diaz makes the UFC some MAJOR MONEY

    Both guys are good fighters in MMA. Either one will CRUSH competition form Bellator, WSOF, OncFC, etc….

    Dana White WILL NOT either of these guys because he still makes GOOD DOUGH off both brothers.

    We all know that UFC pays fighters JACK SQUAT!!!

    The complaining of pay has ALWAYS been an issue.

    At least Nate and Nick have GUTS to speak up.

    Signing any type of contract requires proper and extensive legal representation from an experienced lawyer.

    What happened is that Nate was pressured into signing new deal without knowing the legal clauses of contract.

    He must of did it WITHOUT any legal help otherwise he would be in a better position.

    War on Diaz brothers from 209.

    • Hi Nate and Nick!

      • mmalive

        FYI DUMMY.

        Nate and Nick COULD NOT articulate proper English let alone reply on here.

        War on weed smoking sons from the 209.

        • So then you are Nate since you can’t articulate yourself properly. Thanks for missing weight after whining for over a year about your pay then donating 20% of it away to get demolished. Merry Christmas!

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nate sucks and is worth nothing. Nobody buys a PPV because of him, that’s why he has been on the free cards.

      • blob

        So A fighter sucks because he’s not popular ? You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya ?

    • Seth

      Signing any type of contract requires proper and extensive legal representation from an experienced lawyer.

      What happened is that Nate was pressured into signing new deal without knowing the legal clauses of contract.

      He must of did it WITHOUT any legal help otherwise he would be in a better position.”

      Eeemm…its still Nate’s fault that he didn’t hire/asked lawyer for help with that. So it’s still on him that he signed that contract. He’s 1-3 now so even he has to know by now that he has no power to negotiate anything. And as much as I agree for a long time that fighters are underpaid, it’s not UFCs fault that Diaz doesn’t even have a lawyer or didn’t ask him to look over this contract.

    • lolo9999

      I’ll call BS on just about every statement you make, but let’s just address a couple right now.

      The DIAZ bro’s do not make the UFC much at all. You got to fight to make them money. Since Nick has fought twice in the last three years and Nate three times.

      Nick has some draw potential even thou he hasn’t won a fight since 2011 against an old near retired 155lb fighter. That has been his only UFC win since he has been back. Look at the competition he has fought and it is horrible, sure mostly because he wasn’t in the UFC. How good is he? It’s debatable since he hasn’t fought anyone he can really hang with.

      Nate… how in the hell can Nate be a big draw? The last time the guy fought in a PPV event was in 2011. He is a free TV material fighter. He had potential, but is on the downside of his career.

      Neither guy would be a champion in Bellator, maybe one of the better fighters, but they are barely UFC material.

      Out of all the MMA organizations, who pays the best? UFC

      It was stated in the thread, they complain of pay, yet they don’t fight. That means they get less bank. nuff said.

  • The dude

    Saw Nate the other day……

    • The dude

      So this site officially sucks… I post a pic with my comment and it get deleted…… I’m outta here.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Don’t post as a guest.

  • RayRay79

    I’ve been a long time fan of Nick and Nate I have much respect for them, but they need to get a better camp or seek better training partners or something. Staying in Stockton and thinking they are good enough with their boxing and bjj is not working. So much potential wasted

  • taylor2008

    Kick this joker out of the UFC! Cant stand him or his brother.

  • dandogood

    Once Nick loses to Silva Dana will drop both of these sons of Satan the Diazz Bros. 2 morons with zero class and zero respect for anyone. The UFC is hurt having these disgusting immorals brats in the UFC. Dump them both and flush away.

    • taylor2008

      Isnt it amazing theya re still in the UFC? You know that you are going to fight a guy and you dont train much and are out of shape…..because you needed to get paid?

      • dandogood

        Diaz brothers might share 1/2 a brain between them

        • taylor2008

          lol! Key word is MIGHT.

    • Dana White

      Shut the f— up you f—ing Goof you don’t know what i’m going to do i could give him a raise if he loses to Silva

      • TheCerealKiller

        Troll needs some troll food. Where’s the guy that posts as (blanks)Mom?

        • Dana White

          Dana White is my name, Ripping Fighters off is my game no troll about me,, and i don’t know who that person is LOL

          • TheCerealKiller

            Go back to storm chasing.

  • Drayton Sawyer

    Pretty much every Diaz brother interview ever.

    • Bwahahaha


    • TheCerealKiller



  • dandogood

    The UFC has so many good kids working hard trying to earn their way and then there are the no class morons the Diaz Brothers fouling up the UFC. Cut them both and move on. reward the hard working respectful deserving kids.

  • He could’ve gotten paid a long time ago if he wouldn’t have been asking for GSP pay… Can’t blame but himself, excuses are like a$$ holes, everyone’s got one.

  • Joe Dog

    Marginally retarded. Not mentally fit to fight. Ban him.

  • Daily

    He and his brother should both try finding gainful employment doing something else. They seem to be getting no joy at all from fighting. It seems really just a job and they are just getting paid. They should really do something else, anything else. Even if they are just BJJ instructors, or trainers, or loading boxes on a dock, they should do something else.

  • Tim

    I just got to see the fight????? Nate, you suck, got your ASS served to you for three rounds. Right leg aught to be feeling fine. Is that MM takin away the pain. You should be relinquished to King Of The Cage. I believe after you couldn’t walk on your leg that SMUG PUNK-ASS WANT TO BE A BADASS LOOK YOU HAVE WAS GONE. YOU ACCUALLY LOOKED WORRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack lee

    you was way out of shape ,pro mma fighter should ashamed ,also got the crap beat out of you ,deserved it all and the scorn an shame for your actions no excuse.should be done with ufc ,go work at the circus sideshow as has been mm fighter if they will hire ya

  • ty270

    Other than Cung Le, this was one of the worst beatdowns I have seen this year

  • John Dough

    Lmao at all the useless trolls that come on here to bash the Diaz brothers, calling them classless douches or whatever. YOU are the classes douches. You obsess over cage fighters and hide behind your laptop to talk trash. Atleast the Diaz trash talk is productive (sells fights), yours is just trashy. The Diaz brothers are GREAT fighters, with HUGE potential, but lately have fallen off, due to lack of motivation and stupidity (both within themselves and their camps).

    Let’s take Nate, yes he was out of shape, but the real reason he was destroyed in the fight? He STILL hasn’t learned to check leg kicks. Nate! You have been destroyed by legs kicks in what 3 fights prior to this. On top of that we just say Anderson Silva snap his leg in half from leg kicking. Put 2 and 2 together bro. The way dos Anjos was kicking at him, if he put his knee up the way Weidman did, I wouldn’t be surprised at all is dos Anjos left as a cripple the same way Silva did. Diaz need to adapt is all. They are still going out there trying to high school brawl, while MMA has evolved. They have great trainers but no strategist. If they watched tape and came up with a different strategy based on the person they are fighting they definitely could rise back to the top of the heap in their respective divisions. I don’t really see this happening however. I see Nick coming right at Silva with pitterpatter till Silva knocks him out either in the first round or the first 30 seconds of the second round. And Nate is gonna get kicked in his leg till he can’t walk anymore (every fight he is in, the opposing fighter will know that legs kicks are his weakness and will use them extensively while he plods forward into it).