Nate Diaz Denies Altercation with Cowboy Cerrone Ever Happened

December 27, 2011
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In the build up to UFC 141, there was a story out there about an incident between Nate Diaz and Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone that led to a little animosity between the two fighters.

According to Cerrone, he had approached Diaz and attempted to shake his hand and the Stockton, Calif. fighter slapped his hand away and a grudge was immediately formed.

Well, now Diaz is denying that the altercation ever happened in the first place. He says that he just avoided Cerrone all together, and he’s not the bully that his opponent is making him out to be.

“Nothing, he made it up, trying to make me a bully,” Diaz said on Tuesday. “I walk the other way when I see him, he’s in the same division as me. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do, so that’s how it went down.”

For all that and more, check out Nate Diaz from the UFC 141 open workout interview:

  • anthonyde

    Are both the Diaz brothers complete lying dirt bags? I just watched an interview a couple days ago where Nate SAID he slapped his hand out of the way, they are in the same division and have a fight coming up and wtf does he think he is doing coming to shake my hand, we arent friends and blah blah blah.

    Good thing they can fight, not a whole hell of a lot going for them otherwise.

    • RonnieV

      Well, Anthony they are both better off than you, so keep hating. I saw the same interview dude, and it was Cerrone that said Diaz slapped his hand away. Diaz just said he avoided him, and it was a bad idea for him to try to shake his hand. You can watch the video again on

    • Obarmarama

      Haha, Anthony, I don’t blame you for believing it, but that was some UFC editing/ trying to build up a fight BS. I’m pretty sure that it is the UFC now that encourages these fake “beefs” to try and get fans excited. It really grinds my gears, as well as making important people out of the gormless ugly plastic ring girls. If you watch an interview with Manny Gamburian, where he says he has beef with his opponent Diego Nunes because when he asked him to sign a poster, Nunes signed his face as a mark of disrespect. Hahaha are the UFC really trying to be serious? Then you watch the fake beef between Uriah Faber and Cruz, which they admitted was just to hype the fight after Cruz beat him. Suddenly the beef is actually real, and they are going to coach the ultimate fighter to sort it out. Jeez, give the fans some credit. I haven’t seen this much fake beef then when I went to that vegan restaurant. They are targeting dumb WWE fans and new fans, but it really is cringeworthy to watch. Nate Diaz is not that much of a punk, he is a very respectful guy, check out his post fight interview after fighting Gomi. They just used his brother’s bad press here to make him out to be a bad guy, so that fans would care about the fight and watch it. Pathetic. It is going to be a great fight without the bs. I wish the UFC would stop being so retarded, but with the FOX deal, things are just going to get worse for any long time fan with more than one brain cell.

    • KBEsq

      Anthony, totally agree with you. The Diaz brothers are to two biggest douche bags in the sport. If we ever need the UFC to take steps backwards, all we need to do is put the Diaz brothers in front of the camera so they can spew out their cursing and sentence fragments.

      By the way, RonnieV, saying it was a bad idea to try to shake his hand in one story clearly shows Diaz was lying and inconsistent because in this interview, Diaz denies that that ANY altercation took place, and he just tried to avoid him all together.

      Other than Chael Sonnen, the Diaz brothers are pretty much the only fighters in MMA that I find indefensible. Cerrone is going to wipe the floor with Diaz.

      • RonnieV

        Arguing with you is pointless, you’ll NEVER see a video where Nate says he slapped his hand away. So for you to say he is lying, well that is just plain ignorance. Read the dudes post before yours, and then go watch the actual video.

        No problem with you not liking Sonnen or the Diaz Brothers. They are a little brash, and like to talk smack. Some of us enjoy it, some of us don’t. The good thing is they back it up.

  • adice89

    I sure hope donald caves his face in. Nate and Nick are such disrespectful ********. It was great when I saw rory mcdonald slam nate on his head the entire fight and made Nate drop back down to 155.

  • RonnieV

    The video is also on UFC’s website, only Cerrone says Diaz slapped his hand.

  • trevor

    Nate has spent far to much time idolizing his idiot brother. They are both wanta be thug morons and soon will be working demolition or some other crap job due to a lack of education. Nice of Ronnie to get a little cranky and say “they are both better than you” haha . Life is a long road and a few hundred grand these days before you end up washing dishes and living in a trailer for your last 60 years sucks.

    • RonnieV

      Not cranky, just a fan. I hung out with Nick & Nate before they were big names in MMA. So I’m excited to their growing success over the past five years. They were very humble, and extremely respectful to my lady & I. I’ve met quite a few of the UFC guys, they are all pretty cool. But the Diaz brothers were my favorite.

      • shereko

        I can respect that Ronnie, and its cool to hear, I’ve met a few also but not the Diaz’s but they do come across cocky. Nick just didn’t seem respectful through missing press conferences and back when he fought Riggs in the hospital. I just think it will be a good fight. I’d like to see Cerrone win because going 6-0 in the year is pretty impressive.

  • RonnieV

    It will be a great fight, not making any predictions…. except Fight of the Night.