Nate Diaz Declares Dana White is ‘Making (Expletive) Up’ About Him

UFC president Dana White has said the Nate Diaz and his brother, Nick, keep turning down UFC fight offers. Nate Diaz isn’t too happy about it.

“We just offered Nate Diaz a fight, and we’re waiting to hear back from him. So we’ll see,” White told USA Today ahead of the Super Bowl in Houston in early February.

“(The Diaz brothers) say they want a fight. I offered Nick Diaz two fights. He turned down two fights. I offered him Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler accepted the fight. Then I just offered him Demian Maia. Nick Diaz turned down two fights. And then we just offered Nate a fight and we’re waiting to hear back from him.”

The fight that White supposedly offered Nate at that point was against Eddie Alvarez, to which Diaz responded with a tweet saying, “Lol at your fight.”

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After White recently spoke to TMZ, telling them that the Diaz brothers were continuing to turn down fights, Nate again took to Twitter to rebuke the UFC’s head honcho.

“This (expletive) can’t stop making (expletive) up about me,” he wrote. “And I haven’t been offered any fights except the one laughed at.”

So when will either of the Diaz brothers fight again in the Octagon? It certainly doesn’t appear to be any time soon.

  • Zang Li

    “This (expletive) can’t stop making (expletive) up about me,” he wrote. “And I haven’t been offered any fights except the one laughed at.”… so Diaz was in fact offered a fight, and he turned it down… and they say weed does not affect your reasoning… :-)… in addition, he most likely laughed at the offer because he thought he should get another $2M like when he fought McGregor… the problem is without McGregor, nobody would pay to watch Diaz fight, except a few hardcore fans of his… so the UFC is supposed to take a loss to make a fight for him… and they say weed does not make a person delusional… 🙂

    • Mr_Meyers

      I don’t think you realize the following the Diaz bothers have. Long before Conor they were both selling PPV. And conor’s biggest payday and the UFC’s biggest PPV came with Nate on the other side of the octogon.

      • Trevor

        Uhhh NO. Conor’s PPV pay day was huge because he markets himself well and wins fights. The Diaz brothers are morons and it has nothing to do with weed, it is because they are arrogant and ignorant. These two clowns are wasting the best earning years of their lives by acting like idiots. Nick blows and hasn’t been a threat to any top tier fighters in years and Nate should give Conor a handy for the fightsthey had because he will never get that kind of pay day again.

        • Mr_Meyers

          That’s funny cause when he beat Eddie Alvarez His PPV number weren’t even close

          • Bully4me17

            What are you talking about? there was a difference of 17 000, and those are projected numbers. Nobody truly knows the UFC”s real numbers. COmparing the first fight with Nate vs Conner, yes the second did better but that was because it was a rematch. Compare apples to apples here comparing both first fights against the same guy. Diaz Brothers are a draw for sure BUT neither have EVER pulled huge numbers unless the other fighter they were facing was a huge star. The ONLY times a DIaz has reached near or over a Million PPV’s was facing either GSP or MacGregor, the UFC’s two biggest draws. Other than that the biggest PPV was Nick vs Anderson which pulled in only 600K and Nick VS Condit only pulled in 400K.

            The Diaz Brothers play a roll, they can’t sell a fight without a “Hero” as they play the “AntiHero”. That’s not a bad thing at all. It generates Bigger numbers against the biggest stars. It’s great for everyone. Problem is, by themselves without a huge name people aren’t that interested that are main stream. Sounds dumb but it’s a fact.

            They will always draw die hard fans of the sport but to the mainstream, unless they play the “Bad Guy” to their Hero, forget about it.

          • joe li

            TBH it’s hard to say how popular he is now since he hasn’t fought anyone else post Mcgregor. He could very well be a big draw at this point. Consider that prior to Mcgregor he had a few 100k followers. Post Mcgregor he is now one of the most followed UFC fighters with 1.5M. He’s more popular than Nick at this point in terms of following. He should be getting probably 500k-1M a fight even without Conor.

          • Bully4me17

            Agree, as long as Nate keeps winning. If Nate can build momentum and put some sort of winning streak toghether NOW while he’s popular with casuals he could be a huge draw and even get the third fight against MacGregor. If he Loses a couple in a row the casuals will go…. they’re a very fickle bunch.

          • TheCerealKiller

            The UFC screwed up by overpaying these two idiots. Let Twitter paint a picture for these morons. GSP 1.6 million followers. Jon Jones 1.71 million followers. Conor 3.74 million followers. Nick Diaz…. 460k followers. I don’t even have a Twitter account, but these numbers really say something.

          • joe li

            Twitter is a dying platform. Instagram is where it’s at these days. Also we’re talking about Nate, who has more followers than GSP and almost up there with Jones

          • TheCerealKiller

            Nate has 831k, that’s half of GSP. I didn’t look at Nate after I looked up Nick because I thought Nick was more popular.

          • Troy

            Casuals? I am an old guy who remembers watching the first UFC events at the stripes and renting them on VHS. “Hardcore fans” does this mean keyboard kids who dont have money to buy? The Diaz brothers without a big name means very little a far a draw goes. The problem is these two clowns cant put together enough wins to get to the number position (in Nick’s case he cant even break Top 10). Dana is no idiot and that is why he is where he is and love him or hate him he is the ONLY reason UFC is where it is today. Diaz boys should get behind their mouths and fight! I am sure they have been offered fights but they will let those crumble as they age and become even less relevant and the real $$ slip away. Their pumped up egos will be what puts them on a reality TV show in 15 years for peanuts on the dollar.

          • Bully4me17

            If you read my previous post, I pretty much said the Diaz Brothers aren’t a big draw on their own. The only time they’ve had a big following is by fighting an already HUGE NAME. You missed the sarcasm when I said “as long as Nate can keep WINNING”. After the MacGregot fight “Casual ” fans who ONLY watch the BIG cards may purchase a Nate fight because of his last two bouts. No matter how anyone feels about him he did gain some notoriaty from the Conner fights. If he wants to build on that he would have to keep winning. Personally I don’t see it happening. Nick and Nate have always had issues with Wrestlers and smart technical fighters ( GSP, Condit, Silva for Nick and RDA, Rory, and Ben Henderson for Nate). Always believed that “IF” the brothers would quit making excuses for their losses and trained hard at wrestling they would be so much more well rounded and could be so much better. But It’s easier to blame the judges and other fighters for the losses.

            Regardless, casual fans will not keep paying to watch Nate IF he loses. They may purchase because the COnner fights were exciting and now they recognize the name. As I said if Nate wins they will keep buying but if he starts to lose the casual fans are gone….

            I pretty much agree with everything you wrote and don’t exactly get what you’rs saying in the beginning of your post. Think you misunderstood what I wrote.

    • Trevor

      Weed doesn’t make people delusional! Being delusional makes people delusional and the Diaz brothers are…as are you if you think t has to do with smoking a blunt.

  • davemz999

    Nate Diaz has been fighting big fights since forever. He brings character, he can and has beat some of the best there are, he has a fairly vast base of hardcore followers and he is likely in his prime years as a fighter. UFC should step up, and Dana White ought not simply blurt whatever at Nate because Nate rightfully has too much self respect for that sh*t.

  • Miguel

    When White’s lips are moving 99% of the time he’s lying….Good on Nate for calling BS on White…..

    • soulsrf12

      what BS? He admits to turning down the fight.

  • Mr. Gourmet

    Nick diaz was awesome and a beast! Nate is good also. But nick was the real beast.
    /Remembers his fight with gomi <3 awesome!

    • TheCerealKiller

      That was ten years ago and in a fake organization.

  • danksy

    referring to the boss as “this fucker”,,,not the smartest.

    • himmler adams

      Nate has no brain. Nick has no brain. There is a prison cell in these morons future??

  • angela.malone

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  • Toteaelano

    Nice way to refer to your boss, thug.

  • macarrech

    It seems that White has lost control and respect from the fighters. I think its time he stepped down.

    • Trevor

      You cant control idiots and the Diaz bros fit that title. They have been offered fights and the reality is wont take them because they think they are worth more money. BUT ALAS they are not! They can pull big numbers against heavy hitters but then again Conor vs. anyone would do that. I am sure Dana has no trouble sleeping at night while these thugs play video games ad blow the loot they still have.

    • Joe Albrecht

      Being serious? Dana is one of the couple of key guys that made the UFC into a billion dollar business. I agree hes an a*hole and probably a ton of fighters don’t respect him but he makes the UFC money like it or not. The one thing I do think is that the UFC may potentially lose some fan base and interest if they continue making these undeserved title, interim, superfights instead of holding the ranking system. Guess we’ll see in a couple of years.

  • soulsrf12

    haha…so he admits that he turned down the fight then….okay…these guys are morons…they dont want to fight top 5 ranked opponents?

    • himmler adams

      both diaz brothers are dumb and very ignorant

  • Triggerman99

    I don’t know why this needs clarification, because it’s literally written in black and white right here on this very article, but Nate is not contradicting himself, as some people seem to think.
    He admitted he turned down the Alvarez fight, but “the (expletive)” that he says Dana is making up about him is in reference to this;

    “After White recently spoke to TMZ, telling them that the Diaz brothers were continuing to turn down fights, Nate again took to Twitter to rebuke the UFC’s head honcho.”

    It’s really not that complicated.

  • himmler adams

    Nate ain’t great Diaz is an average mma FIGHTER who is a foul mouth dumb and ignorant and not a top draw. Nate was picked to fight Conor because Nate was average. The UFC should cut Nate and cut Nick also.

  • mmalivesz

    Nate is 100% correct. Dana is a HYPOCRITE. All Uncle Dana cares about is HIMSELF and money. He makes a TON of money off blood, sweat, tears of fighters. He can CARELESS about fighter’s well being. Pay PEANUTS to fighters risking their health while lining his pockets of COLD HARD CASH!!!

    Uncle Dana allows his puppets aka Mcnugget to run the show. Jump line for title shots, superfights in different divisions. Not defend titles, making interm titles, etc…. The ranking system is A JOKE!!! No merit for guys like Meia, Romero, Fergy, Nurm, and the list goes one.

    UFC loves to screw fighters that are not A S S kissers with low balling pay.

    War on weed smoking Stocton 209 sons!!!