Nate Diaz Calls Jon Jones Entering Rehab a ‘Publicity Stunt’

January 7, 2015
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After the news was made public on Tuesday that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine during an out of competition drug test on Dec. 4 and entered a drug treatment facility, fighters reacted with comments varying from support for the 27-year-old titleholder to blasting the champion.

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In the early hours of Wednesday morning, outspoken UFC lightweight Nate Diaz tweeted that he “ain’t buying it.” He included the hastag “#publicitystunt.”

Nate Diaz Jon Jones Tweet

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  • Seth

    No sh*%, Sherlock…

    BREAKING NEWS NEXT WEEK! NATE DIAZ DISCOVERS THAT GLOBE ISN’T CUBE! Stay tune for update, straight from Weedkton, California,

  • Piotr

    Hey, at least for once he’s right about something.

  • BHaley

    Only time I’ll ever agree with a Diaz brother, lol

  • Darin


    You have found the perfect story to attract comments! Another Jones/cocaine story combined with a Diaz brother!! If we could tie Rousey into this we’ll hit the trifecta. 1000 comments+!

    But seriously, keep the Jones-is-a-s#itpile-and-so-is-Dana-for-supporting-him stories coming. I love it. ALL mma fans should be up in arms over this. Remember what weakening the stand against drugs did to the mafia? It destroyed it. It will do the same to mma. And UFC makes the most money so it is only natural that other organizations will follow the lead.

    We the fans have to put an end to this utter hypocrisy. Jon Jones doesn’t belong in rehab, he belongs on unemployment.

  • Denny Swain

    Jones smokes crack and Dana drinks testerone

  • Pat Garret

    Check out Nate, being all judgemental he’s probably at home smoking dope himself!

    • TheCerealKiller

      Exactly! Random out of competition drug tests are supposed to be for PEDs. Nick and Nate would never fight again if this happened to them.

  • TheCerealKiller

    What’s BS is showing up to a fight over weight, testing positive on fight day for drugs and not honoring your contract.

  • John Youwer

    UFC had one of the worst years in 2014, glad to see they are starting 2015 on a high note with a drug addict for a champion. The UFC is becoming a joke these days. Time to get rid of Dana White and all his BS that spews out of his big mouth.

    • TheCerealKiller

      One time drug pop is not a drug addict. Smoking weed every day is a drug addict. WADA wasn’t even supposed to test for that. Smoking weed or any other recreational drug on your own time is not a big deal. Testing positive on fight night is a joke.

      • dc 187

        U don’t go to rehab for one ” drug pop” Einstein smh lol he has been doing this a while obviously. Nate and nick smoke weed which is dam near almost legal these days so get your facts straight troll bag smh.

        • Tom McElroy

          troll bag?….have to add that one to the arsenal

          • TheCerealKiller

            Just Google “keyboard cowboy”, you’ll find all those snappy terms.

          • dc 187

            Lol have it I made it up a while ago

          • dc 187

            At it *

        • TheCerealKiller

          Welcome to the world of PR. The #1 P4P fighter does go to rehab to protect his brand. “Damn near” is still not legal and will never be allowed in the cage. It will be in the same category as alcohol, which you can’t test positive for that either.

          • dc 187

            Fair enough

      • taylor2008

        WHAT?! You think Jones just did this one time? I knew people who did coke every day and knew people that did pot every day. Doing drugs is an idiotic thing!
        How is it Dana shitcans fighters for smoking pot and doesnt do it for a more harsh drug like coke?

        • TheCerealKiller

          Again, because they popped on fight day!

          • taylor2008

            It doesnt matter! They shouldnt be doing drugs in the first place!

          • TheCerealKiller

            It does matter. Diaz can smoke all the weed he wants on his time, but he can’t test positive on fight day. I think your moral compass is in your way.

          • taylor2008

            You have to be a complete moron to do any drugs. Seems like you support these fools taking them.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I don’t judge people for what they do in their off time. If any of them want to go get high/drunk/whatever, that’s their business. Being clean on fight day and not using PEDs is our business.

          • taylor2008

            I do. YEs its their “right” to do what they do in their free time, but the reason being, many many little kids and teens look up to these fighters as stars and heros. All of a sudden they are caught with drugs they get in their mind that its ok to do them too. If its ok for Jon Jones its ok for me.

      • hjd2023 Jones was using roids too!! Things about to get interesting!!’

        • TheCerealKiller

          Except for this at the top of the article;

          Disclaimer: I do not claim any content in this article to be factual. I’ve written this article for entertainment purposes, based on my findings online, but I take no responsibility for the reliability of the information within this article. I’m not a medical professional.

          • hjd2023

            Those test results are public property and 100% real, dude was using PEDs and was a huge mouthpiece against those who use them! Personally I think all athletes should be allowed to take whatever they want, I don’t like it when you try to lynch those who do, then it turns out the person condemning other’s also uses PEDs!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!

          • hjd2023

            Nothing fake about those papers!!! Quit being a Jones dickrider!

      • Urdad

        Who cares if wada was supposed to test him, he’s still guilty. #TheCerealKillerisatool

    • hjd2023
  • taylor2008

    Nate you need to head to rehab. You and your brother are addicted to pot. No wonder why he nor Nick can barely talk.

    • JJDNB

      A plant does not make you stupid. Stupidity makes you stupid

      • taylor2008

        Really? I knew several guys in high school that were straight A students and close to it, then hung out with the wrong people and became what they call “burn-outs”. From straight A students to missing lots of school and failing some classes. THey were fine before all the pot, coke and other things they did.

        • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

          That actually true. I once had a friend that spoke proper english.. now he sounds like Cleveland brown and talks very slowly.

          • taylor2008

            Exactly! The guys that I knew spoke very well and had great grades in school. Once they started to hang out with the wrong crowd and did drugs their grades went way down and they almost sounded like beavis and butthead. Drugs dont do anything? Riiiiiight.


            It an IDIOT!

  • Jesoos

    Even Nate Diaz is smarter then Dana White!

    • tom

      you need to learn the difference between then and than

    • JJDNB

      Lol so true. Nate wants to get fired badly. The mistake you made was he let Dana know that. All he have to do is pretend like he wants to be in the UFC and be worried about getting fired then I’m sure Dana would fire him

  • Teddy B

    first off, I am not a diaz brothers fan,
    but I agree, they test positive for cannabis and get crucified in the media, and dana white says its an embarrassment to the sport, regardless its still and illegal substance and you should be held accountable.
    but when jon jones tests positive on dec 4th he was still allowed to compete.
    and just so happens that ufc just started using wada testing, hummm no real problems in the ufc huh dana,
    gsp was just blowing it out of proportion.
    any other fighter would have been suspended and stripped of the title, but jon jones was commended for his bravery, its all bs, that’s the right message to send to the youth that hold these guys in high regard.
    don’t do cannabis its considered a performance enhance by ufc, do cocaine in stead and you can be champion.
    do the right thing strip him of the belt and make and example of him. he should start from the bottom both financially and competitively. the only reason he is going to rehab is because he got caught.
    also people knew he tested positive for cocaine when he crashed his Bentley, but people fought to keep the results of the test private.
    and this is the future of the sport, I see just another drugged up over privileged drama queen that is making it harder for the hard working honest and clean fighters out there, trying to make it in the sport, and set a good example for the youth that look up to them.
    honesty does not sell pay per views.

  • taylor2008

    Never thought you had any respect for me nor do I care if you did. Are you serious?! ALL athletes seem to be role models for kids. Maybe not to you and I but most kids look up to athletes like them. Whether its MMA, baseball, football basketball, etc. I dont have my daughter watch it but there are a LOT of parents that do that. You must not be a parent because you obviously dont get what other parents do. Havent you seen at these MMA events kids coming up to them for autopraghs.
    Yes walk away…..

  • I call IDIOT.

    Nate is continuing to make himself look like an immature, petulant fool. At least he still will keep a lot of fans due to his fearless and exciting fighting style. I like him as a fighter and person, but he desperately needs someone to reel him in from this childish acting out because he doesn’t like the terms of the contract he put his name to.

  • RoBEERtoe

    Who’s Nate Diaz again?

  • JoneDopeBones

    I don’t like nate but i thought the same thing when Jones said he was going to rehab. Guess what, he only spent one night there. Moron! so much for taking this seriously.

  • Tad Friedman

    Nate is wise beyond his years. Don’t let the “thug” persona that he and his brother have cultivated over the years fool anyone. Both have street smarts combined with tough that can’t be taught. Hats off to Nate. He nailed this one. You may not like the Diaz brothers…But both are still in the game and calling shots. How many of us can say that about ourselves?