Myles Jury Talks About Jeremy Stephens’ Arrest, Breaks Down UFC 153 (Video)

October 12, 2012
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Last Friday was a very dramatic and traumatic day for UFC lightweight Jeremy Stephens, and his teammate Myles Jury was there when the whole situation unfolded.

In his latest video blog, Jury talks about the morning of UFC on FX 5 when Stephens and his team were awoken from a nap by sheriff’s deputies there to arrest Stephens and take him to jail for an assault charge pending from the state of Iowa.

Jury also discusses UFC 153 in his latest video blog, breaking down and making predictions for the upcoming fights in Brazil this weekend.

Check out the video below:

  • rook

    is Jury not competing anymore?


    he is waiting on a damn fight…… Cmonnnnnn people the kid is hungryyyy he needs food…..


  • Chainsaw.

    Jury is really bad. Maia subbed Kim? Rampage didn’t want to fight Texiera? Texiera’s 1st UFC fight? Do some research or pay more attention. He skips Nog vs. Herman completely. Bad. Really bad.