Myles Jury Breaks Down UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit (Video)

November 14, 2012
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Former Ultimate Fighter competitor Myles Jury is back to break down UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit, giving his picks and predictions along the way.

Jury gives his analysis of each fight and picks a winner for the bouts coming up Saturday night in Montreal.

Check out Myles Jury’s picks, predictions and analysis for UFC 154: ST-Pierre vs. Condit

  • June

    I think that GSP has had more than enough time for his knee to recover, so I don’t think that it’s going to be a major factor going into this fight. One of the guys I work with at DISH thinks that the only person it could hurt is Condit if he allows himself to think that GSP is weaker for it. Because this is such a highly anticipated fight, I’ve decided to order it on my DISH Hopper so that I can keep it saved on the 2-terabyte hard drive. With this amount of memory I’ll be able to keep it archived for much longer than if I had less recording space. I’m also looking forward to Carmont’s fight results because I think not enough people realize that he’s a skillful fighter.