MRI Reveals Severe Damage to Conor McGregor’s Knee; UFC’s Irishman Out for 9-10 Months

August 24, 2013
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Conor McGregor FS1 Workout 2-478x270Irish phenom Conor McGregor was hoping to rest his sprained knee and return to the Octagon by the end of the year, targeting Diego Brandao at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

The only problem with that scenario, however, is he doesn’t have a sprained knee.

The UFC sent McGregor to Los Angeles to have an MRI done on his knee, and the results were not what anyone had hoped for.

According to a report on Fox Sports Live on Thursday, McGregor’s MRI results showed a complete anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, a medial collateral ligament (MCL) strain, and a posterior horn meniscal tear. All that damage equates to McGregor being out of action for about nine to ten months.

McGregor (14-2) arrived in the Octagon on an eight-fight winning streak. He was utterly impressive in his promotional debut, scoring the Knockout of the Night bonus for his TKO stoppage of Marcus Brimage at UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Sweden in April. He followed that up with a dominant decision victory over Max Holloway on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston.

The Holloway bout is when he injured the knee.

Fighting to a decision for the first time in his career, McGregor was extremely disappointed in his performance, but didn’t use the injury as an excuse.

“I injured my knee halfway through the second.  I just can’t get it out of my head, but looking back I should have just pulled my knee from my leg and hit him with it,” he recounted.

“I heard a big pop and I let out a scream mid-round, but I passed into side control with it.  When we stood back up I was unsteady on it.”

The unsteadiness turned out to be caused by much more extensive damage than the minor sprain that he was first diagnosed with.

The Irishman will now take an extended break and hopefully be ready for the UFC’s return to Ireland, which UFC president Dana White recently confirmed should happen in the third quarter of 2014.

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  • Brent

    That sucks. Impressive young fighter.

  • LOL

    Bullcrap. The douche ask for a match against diego brandao, He accepted all of a sudden “Tear acl” What the f… Hope this ufc hype guy finally loses. His match with halloway wasn’t impressive at all..Hurt or not i hate showoffs… Mark my words everyone as soon as this guy loses everyone will hate him.

    • Warren Tierney

      Stop being a hater, Conor won the fight the way he did with his knee in pieces, no but your jealousy blinds you from the truth, that Conor is a good fighter that believes he can be the best, and what is wrong with that?

      • LOL

        Sure yea i am a hater atleast i’m not on his **** like you are. I’m just telling like how it is because fans are fickle.. This guy conor hype himself to much and sheesh can’t fighters nowadays be humble?

        I think it to soon to call him “The best” Give that guy some competition first. The UFC is hyping this guy way to much.. the fans are eating it.. I’m not buying it. Would love to see him against some legit strikers. I could atleast say he has some pretty “Creative” striking.. Let see it with someone that can actually fight back. Brandao is a start because of his aggressive style fight.. only think hes lacking is cardio.

        • Warren Tierney

          Okay consider this lesson free: You are incorrectly using the word to, instead of what I assume you want to use which is in fact- too (e.g. I went to the shop; it is too soon to). Secondly, “at least” is two words not one as you write it. Thirdly, if Conor insulted his opponents then he would be arrogant, instead what Conor has immense self belief, there is a big difference. Still, you are entitled to your opinion, I just hope you learn to articulate it in such a manner that does not strip your point of view of all legitimacy!

    • Chaosed

      Sorry but that’s just dumb… Why on Earth would the UFC side-line one of their newest stars? Why would Connor not want to fight or train for 9-10 months?

  • MuayThaiFood

    Makes his win against Holloway even more impressive to have fought through what I’m sure was significant pain. Other than changing his strategy midway I don’t think too many people would have guessed he was injured. Hopefully he’s the same fighter with the repaired knee.

  • Mark McDowall

    It’s unfortunate that he got hurt. I think he would have been put in some big fights coming up. He seems legit so far…but 2 fights against marginal opponents does not a champion make. He needs to fight some big names before he deserves the hype he is getting

    His “critique” of the top 10 145ers was a little bit out of place considering he hasn’t fought anyone anywhere close to the top 10 yet.

  • Heyyo

    I like reading the comments it amuses me the creative way people insult each other 🙂

  • Alex Anderson

    Ouuuuuuch that totally blows. I recommend GSP’s knee surgeon, if he can afford it :S

  • BobGyro

    good luck finding
    a doctor in Ireland