May 14, 2006
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by Ron Kruck of HD Net; pictures by April Pishna of ACF
HD Net’s Ron Kruck gives MMAWeekly TV the exclusive video of what actually happened when Wes Sims and Mark Kerr met face-to-face in the ACF.

It wasn’t the prettiest confrontation in MMA, as Wes Sims was all over Mark Kerr verbally, and it was pretty amazing to see what Sims had to say face-to-face with Mark Kerr.

HDNet had their cameras rolling, and for the first time you can actually watch the video of what transpired. It’s available exclusively on MMAWeekly TV, thanks to Ron Kruck and HDNet.

Kerr pulled out of his scheduled fight with Sims due a hand injury literally after the ACF event had already started, whcih did not sit well with Sims or his cornerman, Mark Coleman. Check out the video right now on MMAWeekly TV.

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