MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition: Pat Barry and Bloodstain Lane

January 15, 2012
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MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition returns with special guest UFC on FX fighter Pat Barry, controversial fan and personality Bloodstain Lane and much more.

The show returns with the guys recapping UFC 142. Were the stand ups in the Rumble vs Vitor fight justified? Did they have an impact on the outcome? Did Barbosa earn the KO of the night or should Aldo have gotten it? The guys also preview Guillard vs Miller and what that means for the 155lb class.

Bloodstain Lane is one of the most controversial personalities in MMA. You can love him or hate him, as long as you talk about him Lane doesn’t care. BSL shares his rise in popularity and tells us stories about his run ins with Dana White, Ariel Helwani, Alistar Overeem, Jon Jones and much more. Lane also gives us his views on what he calls the greatest fight in MMA history, Henderson vs Shogun.

Pat Barry is as entertaining as ever. This time he tells us about trolling the internet trolls, reminscing on his life changing UFC 104 win, not talking to relatives, and tells us what his most favorite and most hated thing about being an MMA fighter (hint, it’s the same thing).

Finally, MMAWeekly’s Erik Fontanez joins the show as well. Erik discusses his time at the Reign Training Center this week with UFC on Fox 2’s Mark Munoz and more.

Check out MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition for Sunday, Jan 15.

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  • Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m retarded but I am completely clueless on navigating the audio interface. I wanna rewind to hear something I missed and I end up back at the intro.
    Anyway I’ve been a BSL fan since I saw his interview with the Fight Nerd and he ended it with “Get the f*** away from me.” I was in tears laughing. Then I started watching his vlogs and I found that he was much more than an overzealous fight fan with an Andrew dice Clay fixation, he knew the sport and raised many valid points.
    Just like BSL, the thing that attracted me to “The Ultimate Fighting Challenge” VHS tape at my local video rental outlet was the age-old question that my friends and I discussed in the school yard at recess. Who would win between a boxer and a wrestler? A Kung Fu guys versus a judo guy? etc. etc. etc.
    Nobody gave a **** about records. It was styles and which martial art was the deadliest.
    Some of that mystique carried onto Pride and early UFC’s, but as fighters learned what techniques worked in real combat situations and what was bullshit, individual styles morphed into modern MMA and a lot of the mystery disappeared.
    Guys who only got into MMA and the UFC after The Ultimate Fighter will never understand that, and it pisses me off. To them, Dana White invented the sport as well as the physical shape of the octagon.
    Then White, who’s put so much effort and work into growing the sport starts talking shit about legends, all the while hyping up a roid monkey with a cock on his chest as the greatest fighter who ever lived.
    What pisses guys like me and BSL off is that a guy like Dana White, who has been close to the sport for at least as long as or arguably longer than we have can say **** that he KNOWS (or ought to know) is complete spin with a straight face.
    I mean come on, did anyone who witnessed Lesnars humiliation at the hands of Valasquez actually believe that the Lesnar/Reem fight was going to end any other way?
    Lesnar wasn’t just beaten by Cain, he was completely outclassed. He looked like he had no business in that cage at all.
    It disgusts me that White is so blinded by his own ego that he might actually believe the shit he spews, telling reporters he was “shocked” that Brock lost.
    The man truly is a bald bozo ****, and it’s important that we have guys like BSL around to correct White’s revisionist MMA history on large media outlets like this one and Youtube.
    God Bless Bloodstain Lane.

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    I’m disgusted at MMAWeekly for putting a clown like BSL on their show.
    He’s just a loud mouth try hard with an opinion, and nothing more. I wouldn’t call his opinion any more expert than any random idiot from Sherdog.
    He’s not a good contrast to Dana White, because he is so ANTI-UFC that his bias colors any hope of an objective opinion.
    Previous comment is so disgusted by Dana’s ego? How is an arrogant moron like BSL any different? This guy is embarrassing to MMA.

    • first of all u may not like his personality, but he has a great knowledge of the MMA world hes pinpoint accurasy of detailing fighters and great insight plus add the bravado tuggish mentality quite frankly makes it entertaining, how can u be so disgusted? lool u need to take a chill pill bro and stop hating.