MMAWeekly Radio Thur: Keith Kizer, Alistair Overeem Debate and Rising Star Radio

April 5, 2012
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MMAWeekly Radio returns for Thursday’s show featuring an exclusive interview with Keith Kizer about Alistair Overeem’s positive drug test in Nevada as well as plenty of debate about Overeem’s future.

Also on today’s show, we feature our first installment of ‘Rising Star radio’ with three up and comers looking to make waves in MMA. Jason Butcher, a student of Jorge Gurgel, joins the show as well as flyweight Danny Martinez and former Team Quest fighter Tyson Nam.

The debate on today’s show all swirls around the Alistair Overeem situation with the following topics:

– Alistair Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. Initial reaction?
– There is still a ‘B’ sample that can be tested, but should the UFC remove him from the fight regardless?
– If Overeem’s test are proven true, should the UFC consider releasing him from the promotion?
– Assuming Overeem is out, who replaces him?
– Should the UFC invest in their own out of competition testing and include penalties in contracts for their athletes?

This is MMAWeekly Radio for Thursday, April 5

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  • I have a couple questions for Mr. Kizer:

    – How can the commission compel someone to take an “out of competition” test when they are not currently licensed in that state?

    – What would happen if a fighter who is not currently licensed and had not yet submitted a request for a license, refused to take the test?

    I don’t see any “legal” way they could hold that against a fighter. Perhaps MMA Weekly could pose these questions to Mr. Kizer as I’m sure many fans and fighters would like to know the answers.

    • These questions have nothing to do with Alistair Overeem and I would like (if at all possible) for Mr. Kizer to address them in general terms as it would apply to any fighters.

  • ultimatebrosky

    Mr. Kizer replied on Twitter, :”So Short Bus, you’re a smart ass, eh?” hahaha I’m jk… yeah they are good questions and I would like to know the answer to them as well.

  • Look Im disappointed, but who didnt know reem was juicing? what I will say is he isnt even close to the only one, and I could list quite a few Ive had my suspicions about. If Dana release Reem, he should also release, Thiago Silva, Stephan Bonnar, Chris Leben, And maybe fighters who shouldnt have been let in, Vitor Belfort, Antonio Silva. and also when Chael was caught his ration was higher than reems. Reem will get a lot more hate than these guys, in fact Chael came right back, and basically suffered no setbacks as far as rankings go. Dana White probably doesnt think about shit like this, he just reacts with anger like a bitch. Wouldnt surprise me if he releases reem, but would it be unfair do to the things I just listed? Yes… And He should also let Marquardt back in. Why can all those other guys stay??

    • Marquardt left them hanging 24 hours before the fight.