MMA’s Great Debate Podcast: Weidman vs. Silva II Talk Plus Marloes Coenen and Lauren Taylor

July 11, 2013
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Marloes Coenen-Strikeforce-Ohio-7699-478x270MMA‘s Great Debate Radio is back with Thursday’s edition of the show with all new topics about Weidman vs. Silva II plus interviews with Invicta FC fighters Marloes Coenen and Lauren Taylor.

Today’s topics include:

—Do you believe Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva II will be the biggest fight in UFC history?

—Weidman vs. Silva II in Cowboys Stadium—buying or not buying it?

—Marloes Coenen says Cris Cyborg is still the best women’s fighter and more dangerous that Ronda Rousey. Is she right?

—Fight Pick: Marloes Coenen vs. Cris Cyborg?

—Brian Stann retires from MMA—best memory of Brian Stann’s career?

This is MMA’s Great Debate Radio for Thursday, July 11, 2013

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  • tyrone

    Right now at this very minute, chris “the exterminator “weidman is the most famous man in the world!!!!! Lets hear it haters?

  • tyrone

    Theres a youtube video of anderson crying in hotel after fight, for you conspiracy theorists, lol.

  • silvas daddy

    I know some of you silva fans are butt hurt cause your hero got ktfo, but this isn’t weidmans fault. Weidman was suppose to fight regardless of what silva did. Silva wanted to dance and try to discourage weidman the exterminator, but the dance is all glitter and no substance. Chris weidman is the man

    • Chicago

      I think you should distinguish between Silva fans and silva’s nut huggers.

      • silvas daddy

        Ok, nuthuggers are the conspiracy theorists who are proclaiming silva took a dive, and marcus miles

    • marcus miles

      I think you and Tyrone are the only ones still Hell bent about the Silva fight, seeing as you two are the first people on this article still waving a victory flag…. along with every other article on here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the fight, IF and when Weidman loses(which i hope isn’t for a while, he will make a good champ) you two will be considered the two biggest nut huggers of all. It goes both ways. Silva fans are not nut huggers, just people with opinions.

      • silvas daddy

        Your mother is cleaning dogpoop out of my yard for a 40 oz of colt 45, i see the stock you come from, so your opinion is devalued. Also, i am still hyped over the biggest fight ever in ufc. I know you want to sweep it under rug cause i do recall you saying silva would triumph and weidman didn’t deserve shot cause as you had said, “who has weidman fought to get shot, munoz only “. Your opinion is always wrong. Your mother is doing a great job in yard, i think i will pay her by the pound.she says, she doesn’t mind cleaning up crap cause shes used to it, something about you shitting to bed til 18 years old, that you didn’t have any grippers left and couldn’t hold your mud.i wonder what wore out your grippers?
        Right now at this very minute, chris the exterminator is by far the most famous man in the world!!!

        • Marcus Miles

          A Mamma Dis lol what a D-Bag.GOOOOOD Onnnnee bro!

  • Marc Livingood

    No ones beating Cyborg! Ronda used to fight at 145 no need to be stubborn it is just 10 pounds she wont be able to grab cyborg and flip her around unless see rocks her first.

  • silvas daddy

    I think the gnp at end of fight was because, silva putting his nasty ass lips on weidmans during weighin