MMA World Says Goodbye to Tyrone Mims

August 17, 2012
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Tyrone Mims Memorial FundTyrone “Teestea” Mims departed this world tragically last Friday after making his amateur mixed martial arts debut in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. at Conflict MMA’s “Fight Night at the Point 6.”

Mims collapsed following his bout and was taken to the hospital before being pronounced dead.

The 30-year-old aspiring mixed martial artist left behind his mother, Barbara, and his father, Thomas, along with five children.

Mims was a born fighter with a troubled past, but he began to turn his life around for the better when he found MMA. Trainer Chris Hauser knew that he had something special once Mims entered the building at the Augusta Fight Club down in Georgia and helped to cultivate his skills.

Those that knew Mims describe him as a passionate and fearless man who had finally found what he wanted to do in life.  While his life ended tragically, he died a happy man who had found his calling.

Conflict MMA Promotions is planning a special memorial for Mims at its next event in December “with permission and participation of his family.” The promotion is setting up a memorial trust fund for Mims’ children and will dedicate a title belt to his name.

If you’d like to donate to the Tyrone Mims memorial fund to help the family with funeral expenses and other expenses, please click here.


  • All you have to do is die and everyone loves, unless your name is Hitler.

    • smill0313

      Its called not being an ass, try it.

  • insane187288

    Im not trying to be an ass or anything but did he at least win his fight?

    • Mario

      Dude, shut up!

      Tyrone, may you rest in peace. What a sad story 🙁

  • mikemma123

    RIP bro….

  • Much respect to Tyrone. I hope his friends and family get more answers. Whether you know this guy or not it doesn’t matter; he’s a fighter, a human being, a friend and family man. R.I.P.

  • 108 people die every minute? now is that sad?
    if not, why not? is it because a story wasn’t written about them or they weren’t shown on tv?