MMA Top 10 Rankings: Roy Nelson and Hector Lombard Blast Back Into the Rankings

December 19, 2012
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The updated World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, Dec. 19. This system ranks the Top 10 MMA fighters from across the world in each of the seven most widely accepted men’s weight classes and the Top 10 pound-for-pound women fighters.

Taken into consideration are a fighter’s performance in addition to win-loss record, head-to-head and common opponents, difficulty of opponents, and numerous other factors in what is the most comprehensive rankings system in the sport.

Fighters who are currently serving drug-related suspensions are not eligible for Top 10 consideration until they have fought one time after the completion of their suspension.

Fighters must also have competed within the past 12 months in order to be eligible for Top 10 consideration unless they have a bout scheduled within a reasonable time frame.

Notes: Dan Henderson, Brian Bowles, and Dominick Cruz are ineligible for consideration because they haven’t fought in more than a year. Frankie Edgar has been removed from the lightweight rankings due to his scheduled fight at featherweight, while Diego Sanchez has been removed from welterweight consideration due to his scheduled fight at lightweight.

(Fighter’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.)

Below are the current World MMA Rankings:

WOMEN’S POUND-FOR-POUND (all weight classes)
1. Ronda Rousey (1)
2. Miesha Tate (2)
3. Jessica Aguilar (3)
4. Sarah Kaufman (4)
5. Megumi Fujii (5)
6. Marloes Coenen (6)
7. Jessica Penne (7)
8. Rosi Sexton (8)
9. Alexis Davis (9)
10. Sara McMann (10)

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds)
1. Junior dos Santos (1)
2. Cain Velasquez (2)
3. Daniel Cormier (3)
4. Fabricio Werdum (4)
5. Frank Mir (5)
6. Josh Barnett (6)
7. Stefan Struve (7)
8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (8)
9. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (9)
10. Roy Nelson (n/a)

1. Jon Jones (1)
2. Rashad Evans (2)
3. Lyoto Machida (3)
4. Phil Davis (4)
5. Alexander Gustafsson (5)
6. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (6)
7. Gegard Mousasi (7)
8. James Te Huna (8)
9. Ryan Bader (9)
10. Glover Teixeira (10)

1. Anderson Silva (1)
2. Michael Bisping (2)
3. Vitor Belfort (3)
4. Chris Weidman (4)
5. Tim Boetsch (5)
6. Mark Munoz (6)
7. Alan Belcher (7)
8. Brian Stann (8)
9. Yushin Okami (9)
10. Hector Lombard (n/a)

1. Georges St-Pierre (1)
2. Johny Hendricks (2)
3. Carlos Condit (3)
4. Martin Kampmann (4)
5. Jake Ellenberger (5)
6. Rory MacDonald (6)
7. Josh Koscheck (7)
8. Jon Fitch (8)
9. Ben Askren (10)
10. Mike Pierce (n/a)

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (155-pound limit)
1. Benson Henderson (1)
2. Gilbert Melendez (2)
3. Gray Maynard (3)
4. Anthony Pettis (4)
5. Nate Diaz (5)
6. Michael Chandler (6)
7. Eddie Alvarez (7)
8. Clay Guida (8)
9. Donald Cerrone (9)
10. Shinya Aoki (10)

1. Jose Aldo (1)
2. Chad Mendes (2)
3. Erik Koch (3)
4. Chan Sung Jung (4)
5. Ricardo Lamas (5)
6. Hatsu Hioki (6)
7. Dustin Poirier (7)
8. Pat Curran (8)
9. Cub Swanson (9)
10. Daniel Straus (10)

BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION (135 pounds or less)
1. Renan Barão (1)
2. Michael McDonald (2)
3. Urijah Faber (3)
4. Brad Pickett (4)
5. Bibiano Fernandes (5)
6. Masakatsu Ueda (6)
7. Raphael Assuncao (7)
8. Eddie Wineland (8)
9. Mike Easton (9)
10. Marcos Galvao (10)

FLYWEIGHT DIVISION (125 pounds or less)
1. Demetrious Johnson (1)
2. Joseph Benavidez (2)
3. John Dodson (3)
4. Ian McCall (4)
5. Jussier da Silva (5)
6. Shinichi “BJ” Kojima (6)
7. Darrell Montague (7)
8. Mamoru Yamaguchi (8)
9. John Moraga (9)
10. Chris Cariaso (10)

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    • wtf you serious? or just butthurt

      • Sheikh

        Someone cant question why a strikeforce fighter is in the top 10 over UFC fighters without being called butthurt?

  • samcro

    why is clay guida ranked in the lightweight division? isnt he droping to featherweight? these rankings are ****

  • Louisiana Rodrigue

    I’m not 100% sure those guys could beat Melendez. However he’s definitely not a #2 ranked lightweight.

  • Joey

    why would he have to be butthurt to bring up a very valid point? Melendez most definitely doesnt deserve a number 2 ranking with all the talent at lightweight. Especially considering his last fight he almost lost to Josh frigging Thompson (who MIGHT be in the top 25).

    While I do think he is a top 10 talent, he really hasnt beaten anyone lately that makes him deserving of this ranking. I would take Cerrone, Pettis, Maynard or even Alvarez over him.

    I believe he should fight and convincingly beat a top 10 LHW before we rank him the number 2 guy and give him the immediate title shot he thinks he deserves.

  • Louie

    This is a joke right? The light heavyweight division has JAMES TE HUNA and gegard mousasi but not rampage jackson?? And belfort fought at light heavyweight in his last appearance but is ahead of chris weidman? And hector lombard is ahead of cung le, rich franklin and jake shields? And clay guida and eddie alvarez are ahead of donald cerrone??

    • Joey

      No way should Rampage be ranked over either those two fighters. He is 2-3 over the last 3 years. His two wins are over Matt Hamill and a fight i had him losing against Machida.

      Also Belfort took that fight on short notice against Jones. He went up a weight class and almost submitted the champion and fared better than most of the 205’ers he fought….I would say that speaks volumes. Although I do love Weidman, the 2-5 spots at middleweight are pretty interchangeable.

  • Louie

    This is a joke right? The light heavyweight division has JAMES TE HUNA and gegard mousasi but not rampage jackson?? And belfort fought at light heavyweight in his last appearance but is ahead of chris weidman? And hector lombard is ahead of cung le, rich franklin and jake shields? And clay guida and eddie alvarez are ahead of donald cerrone??

    • Brooklins Finest

      LOSSRyan BaderUFC 144 – Edgar vs. Henderson
      Feb / 26 / 2012Decision (Unanimous)
      Leon Roberts35:00LOSSJon JonesUFC 135 – Jones vs. Rampage
      Sep / 24 / 2011Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Josh Rosenthal41:14

  • Milos Rackovic

    This is some of the worst rankings ive read over any portal srsly

  • Mighty_Bluff

    I still don’t understand how Struve is ranked higher than Roy Nelson? The only people Roy has lost to in his career so far in the UFC are JDS #1, Werdum #4, and Mir #5…. All top 5. Struve has not beaten anyone on the list, and got KO’d by Roy Nelson not that long ago. The only borderline top 10 heavyweight Struve has beaten was Miocic, who himself had never really been tested by the top of the heap… My 2 cents….

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    So Hector Lombard beats a one dimensional Jiu-Jitsu specialist and he’s now in the Top 10? Give me a break, we saw what he’s capable of when he actually fights someone who also has KO power in Tim Boetsch. I guess the UFC isn’t the only one on his nuts.

  • james te huna?

  • Roy Nelson is the only man to go all rounds with Dos Santos, He deserves to be put up higher.. To put frank mir at 5 is a ******* Joke!

  • MMA

    Why is Eric Koch rated as #3? He hasn’t fought for over a year and his biggest win is against Jonathan Brookins… he never deserved that title shot in the first place.

  • jay

    Nelson should be 7, and nog, struve, and big foot should be 8, 9, 10 … Nelson already beat struve, and would KO big nog and that ugly retard in the 1st rd. Kongo should be #10 over big foot too … he sucks … he got lucky in a fight against fedor that the refs called too early (idk what the 3rd ref had it, but I know 2 refs had that fight 19-19 going into the 3rd, and fedor would have easily out pointed big foot with jabs and leg kicks for the last 5 min and this is when Fedor had long begun to suck; at the start of the 3rd fedor was ready to fight and big foot was on the stool breathing so hard CO2 was coming out his EARS!) he lost to werdum, almost got KO’d by that LHW Mike kyle guy, got KTFO against DC, and got raped against Cain. Its not important cause after Overeem kills him he wont ever be ranked again, but it will still put overeem at 2 or 3 and will keep Nelson at 10. I want to see big nog and nelson cause a dominate victory will cement big country as a contender and not a gate keeper. 5/6 should be barnett/mir and this fight should be made the second barnett submits that scrub in january, (im preying it is 5 rounds and not 3) 7/8 should be decided by having nelson/big nog. Thought he will most definitely stand and bang from the get go, nelson can prolly do to big nog exactly what mir did to nelson for the first 2 rounds, hold him down and win on points. Up 2 rounds to 0 with a lead fist, iron chin, and an old, beat up, dispirited opponent in front of him; Roy can show Dana his cardio is now on point by KO/TKO’ing Big Nog in the third and if it doesnt happen within the first 3-3:30min, he should just take him down again and stall with some safe G&P, to assure no idiot judge pulls a 10-8 out of his back pocket. Though it may seem “boring,” Nelson spending 3 rounds on the ground with Big Nog, and securing a victory whether submission or decision, does more for his stock than another 1st RD KO or the one trick pony BS won’t stop. Struve is easily #8 or #9, depending on how good/bad big nog looks, and with a record of 7-3-1, with the draw as a result of a BS holding the shorts reduction, and the losses coming by way of submission to Mir (best hw grappler in the game pending barnett fight), KO by Mark Hunt (the best kickboxer in the game pending a fight with Reem) and a decision loss to Cain, a fight he took on 3 weeks notice in which he dropped Cain twice and is the only fighter to take him to decision; Cheick Kongo deserves that #10 spot. And everyone needs to stop knocking Lombard. I am not a fan because he is one of those overly musclebound guys that gasses too quick, but he destroyed Palhaurus, and should have won a 29-28 decision against beotsch. At no point was the fight close to a finish, but Lombard was the clear aggressor, did a tiny bit more damage, went 4/4 on takedowns as opposed to 0/11. Other than TB’s leg kicks, the striking was pretty much identical so IMO, the best way to score the fight = Q) who was the aggressor, going hardest for the finish A)Lombard, he was throwing bombs while TB was backing off throwing leg kicks and Q) Who was the better grappler, and controlled the cage and where the fight took place A) Lombard, he 4/4 vs 0/11 though I will admit, the takedowns were meant to score points, not take the fight elsewhere, and lastly Q) who did the most damage A) Neither man did any … If judging wasnt based on MMA criteria I would call this fight a draw, but since one fighter has to get 2 rds and the other deserves 1, I just cant rationalize giving TB the fight because he landed a few soft leg kicks and avoided getting Hendo’d. I would also like to state, if TB was throwing Aldo leg kicks, with intent to injure, I would give him the fight, but he was simply moving away from a punch and slapping Lombard with his shin every now and than. The whole 15min was a complete squash other than Lombards Judo, so IMO he deserved the narrowest win. Though I know he doesn’t train with him, if set up with a Greg Jackson gameplan, I think Lombard could beat 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in the rankings with only Okami possibly giving him trouble because of his size and jab. I dont even like Lombard, but I would love to see a Lombard/Boetsch rematch b/c Tim Boetch is prolly the most overrated fighter in the UFC at the moment. Ranked #5 after getting schoolyard kimura’d by Davis, being unable to finish 2 cans and winning strictly by properly utilizing his size advantage (not hating, he gets paid more to win, so y risk getting KO’d if he can just lay on top of a guy he is much heavier than for 15min, but it shouldnt blast u up the rankings) getting beat up for 2 rounds before scoring the luckiest of lucky punches against Okami who was one takedown/judo toss/trip away from 5min of Jon Fitch and an easy win, and finally winning a SD against Lombard that 4/5 say should have went to Lombard. What happened to lombard was the opposite of what happened to shields/kampman. after the bell lombard, TB, and the whole arena thought LB pulled off a boring UD win.

    • GoNoles

      you have no life

  • beighz

    my two cents…. Frankie Edgar doesnt belong in the top 10? i dont understand why someone thats not in the top 10 gets a title fight with Aldo. it cant be because a fighter is fighting at a different weight class means he goes unranked or Clay Guida wouldnt be ranked….. so how does Frankie Edgar fall from top 10 so fast?

    • MuayThaiFood

      You missed that note just above the rankings. “Frankie Edgar has been removed from the lightweight rankings due to his scheduled fight at featherweight”

  • ???

    can’t see how Mir is number 5 he looked terrible at his last couple of fights.. he’s both slow and fat

  • drkdisciple

    Bader and The Tuna have no business being ranked ahead of Teixeira.

  • mundoramos

    whoever put this list together must have been in a rush or very high

  • Dave Stiles

    you guys are getting better with the fighters ranks.