MMA Top 10 Rankings: Johny Hendricks Crashes the Party!

January 4, 2012
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The updated World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, Jan. 4 This system ranks the Top 10 MMA fighters from across the world in each of the seven most widely accepted men’s weight classes and the Top 10 pound-for-pound women fighters.

Taken into consideration are a fighter’s performance in addition to win-loss record, head-to-head and common opponents, difficulty of opponents, and numerous other factors in what is the most comprehensive rankings system in the sport.

Fighters who are currently serving drug-related suspensions are not eligible for Top 10 consideration until they have fought one time after the completion of their suspension.

Fighters must also have competed within the past 12 months in order to be eligible for Top 10 consideration unless they have a bout scheduled within a reasonable time frame.

(Fighter’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.)

Below are the current World MMA Rankings:

WOMEN’S POUND-FOR-POUND (all weight classes)
1. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (1)
2. Megumi Fujii (2)
3. Sarah Kaufman (3)
4. Miesha Tate (4)
5. Marloes Coenen (5)
6. Zoila Gurgel (6)
7. Tara LaRosa (7)
8. Rosi Sexton (8)
9. Alexis Davis (9)
10. Ronda Rousey (n/a)

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds)
1. Junior Dos Santos (1)
2. Alistair Overeem (2)
3. Cain Velasquez (3)
4. Josh Barnett (4)
5. Frank Mir (6)
6. Fabricio Werdum (7)
7. Shane Carwin (8)
8. Daniel Cormier (9)
9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (10)
10. Travis Browne (n/a)

1. Jon Jones (1)
2. Rashad Evans (2)
3. Dan Henderson (3)
4. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (4)
5. Quinton Jackson (5)
6. Lyoto Machida (6)
7. Phil Davis (7)
8. Gegard Mousasi (8)
9. Alexander Gustafsson (9)
10. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (10)

1. Anderson Silva (1)
2. Chael Sonnen (2)
3. Yushin Okami (3)
4. Nathan Marquardt (4)
5. Michael Bisping (5)
6. Mark Munoz (6)
7. Demian Maia (7)
8. Vitor Belfort (8)
9. Brian Stann (9)
10. Alan Belcher (10)

1. Georges St-Pierre (1)
2. Nick Diaz (3)
3. Carlos Condit (4)
4. Jake Ellenberger (5)
5. Josh Koscheck (6)
6. Johny Hendricks (n/a)
7. Jon Fitch (2)
8. Jake Shields (7)
9. Thiago Alves (8)
10. Diego Sanchez (9)

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (155-pound limit)
1. Frankie Edgar (1)
2. Gilbert Melendez (2)
3. Benson Henderson (3)
4. Gray Maynard (4)
5. Shinya Aoki (5)
6. Clay Guida (6)
7. Jim Miller (7)
8. Anthony Pettis (8)
9. Michael Chandler (10)
10. Nate Diaz (n/a)

1. Jose Aldo (1)
2. Chad Mendes (2)
3. Hatsu Hioki (3)
4. Dustin Poirier (4)
5. Erik Koch (5)
6. Kenny Florian (6)
7. Pat Curran (7)
8. Diego Nunes (8)
9. Marlon Sandro (9)
10. Chan Sung Jung (10)

BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION (135 pounds or less)
1. Dominick Cruz (1)
2. Urijah Faber (2)
3. Joseph Benavidez (3)
4. Brian Bowles (4)
5. Scott Jorgensen (5)
6. Renan Barao (6)
7. Michael McDonald (7)
8. Demetrious Johnson (8)
9. Bibiano Fernandes (n/a)
10. Brad Pickett (9)

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  • Wow… 1 loss on a shot that could have put anyone down and Fitch falls to #7? I can see him dropping to #4 on this list bu I still don’t know that I’d put him below Kos, Ellenberger, or Hendricks despite the recent loss to him. That seems to be MMAth at its finest. Personally I thin Fitch likely grinds out a win over all of the top 10 guys NOT named GSP 9/10 times each. But this definitely gives Dana his wish. Keep giving him up and comers until SOMEONE beats him so Dana can justify the backpedaling on Fitch’s title rematch. I’m sure the likeness rights grudge has nothing to do with it.

  • Mario

    It’s about DAMN time Fitch moves down in ranking. He had the #2 spot for such a long time, it’s nice to see a new name get in there. Diaz rightfully deserves it, even before he lost in my opinion. But I understand why Fitch was untouched prior to the Hendricks knockout.

    It’s also nice to see Brock removed 🙂

    Alexander Gustafsson however, should be above Mousasi. He’s been looking damn good as of late. While Mousasi has been winning as well, he always seems gassed and sick afterwards.

  • I’m still not sold on Diaz’s place at #2. Sure he was Strikeforce champ, but really we all kinda know that doesn’t have much weight when pretty much all the top 10 guys are in the UFC. And this isn’t necessarily Diaz’s fault, but Daley is really the only win in Diaz’s current 11 win streak that COULD fall under “top 10 win.” BJ, sorry to say, was only 1-3-1 at WW going into the Diaz fight and was coming off of 2 losses at LW, a win over an aging Hughes, and a draw against Fitch. I guess due to Fitch’s recent loss, sure, stick him in the spot. But really, #2 is up for grabs at the moment.

    • and you were sold on Jon Fitch at #2 prior to the Hendricks loss?

      Who has Fitch fought exactly?

      WWs Fitch hasn’t beaten:


    • BJ Penn outwrestled Jon Fitch in the first two rounds.

      On the other hand, BJ Penn struggled to takedown Nick Diaz. And even with 1 takedown Penn secured, he couldn’t do much with it as Diaz scrambled back up with relative ease.

      Diaz has the best offensive guard at WW. And he is adept at generating scrambles off of sub/sweep attempts and latch onto submissions from those scrambles. Or even get TKOs from dominant grappling positions.

      Diaz is the real deal.

      • phrankthetank

        Diaz maybe has the best offensive guard at ww in strike force. Let’s see the guy put on his ass in the UFC (again) before you start proclaiming that. Aside from penn, who HAS Diaz beaten? Not to mention the shorter, older penn, with less reach outboxed and dummied Diaz for the 1st rd till he wore himself out.

        • BJ Penn is actually a very good wrestler with one of the best takedown percetange on top of legendary TDD. Yet Nick Diaz handed Penn’s offensive wrestling just fine – far better than Jon Fitch.

          NCAA Penn was successful on 2 out of 3 takedown attempts against JON FITCH.
          NCAA Penn was successful on 1 out of 4 takedown attempts against NICK DIAZ.

          Not only does Diaz have a FAR more technical and active BJJ guard than Fitch, but he also has better TDD to top it all off; Diaz defends takedowns better AND also works off his back better than Fitch.

          It’s JON FITCH, whos’ vulnerable to wrestlers, NOT Nick Diaz…as their respective performances against BJ Penn demonstrated

        • RonnieV

          “older penn, with less reach outboxed and dummied Diaz for the 1st rd till he wore himself out” – Dumbest thing I have ever read. He landed 10 more punches than Diaz in the first round, then Diaz landed 100 more punches in the second and third round. Those 10 punches really “dummied” him up. Sick of people saying “so-so” schooled him in the first round before he lost. The reason Penn was worn out, was because he got punched in the face 200 times. Cerrone know’s exactly how Penn felt. Only one other person has ever dominated Penn like that…..GSP.

          • Well Said.

            That dude is clueless.

          • phrankthetank

            If you go by just numbers you’re right, however. Diaz throws peppering punches, penn throws bombs. Even if penn landed LESS punches in the 1st rd he did way more damage. But he landed more punches than Diaz, and every one had more sting on it. I’d call that dummying someone. Maybe you need to get out of your armchair and take a punch or two to understand that. Also, in addition to the fact that fitch is a better wrestler than penn, when penn was trying to take Diaz down, he was already exhausted. Makes it much easier to stuff a takedown. If you want to look at diaz’s guard, watch his last stint in the UFC. Granted he has improved since then, but a top level wrestler ( like Fitch for example) would completely neutralize Diaz and grind him out

          • MrAdidas

            BJ Penn did outbox Diaz in the 1st round – sure he ony landed 10 more punches than Diaz, but isnt Diaz the “best boxer in MMA?” – self proclaimed – Getting outboxed by a guy who has a 6 inch reach DISADVANTAGE is pretty impressive. BJ got tired from taking many punches in the 2nd & 3rd Rounds, but BJ was gassed out after the 1st Round & it had NOTHING to do with Diaz, or his striking in the 1st Round. BJ got tired, b/c thats what BJ does… he has NO cardio. If he had half the Cardio of GSP or even Diaz, BJ probably would have won that fight, he definately won the 1st Round with BJ cardio. Unfortunately for BJ, BJ cardio just wont do anymore.

            Like you said RonnieV – BJ got punched in the face 200 times, he was basically a walking punching bag, yet Diaz still couldnt finish a dead tired out of gas Bj Penn. Which proves “PHRANK’s” point about Diaz throwing many punches, but none are devastating power shots. You both have valid points.

          • KBEsq

            Dumbest thing you have ever read?! Every bit of it is 100% true! There is no argument about it, Penn beat up Diaz in the first round and out did him on the ground. Who cares about the numbers. Diaz punches are not as powerful, and much more need to land to do damage. That is not trying to insult them, it’s just true. There is plenty of benefit to that technique, but it belies the numbers.

            Diaz won that fight fair and square, but anyone who thinks Diaz didn’t get pretty much owned in the first round is just delusional. It’s funny how you accuse others of sticking up for “their” fighters illogically. You’re the worst offender of that.

          • fitefan

            Penn looked real good at the opening of the round to about the half way point. I’m not sure what stopped him from continuing with the pressure.
            I suspect it was the fact that Diaz was effectively punching back during that time too. And BJ couldn’t endure it as well as Diaz. Diaz never backed off or seemed to be in any trouble. And from about halfway through round 1 to the rest of the fight, impossed his striking on BJ.
            BJ should have changed his approach in round two.
            BJ lost round 1. Diaz was not dummied by strikes because BJ failed to continue with striking aggresion passed the halfway point of the round. He became slightly more defensive and cautious, which lost him any chance of ‘dummieing’ Diaz.

          • fitefan

            I too hate to see a guy beat another dude for 2 or three rounds into a pulp. It displays an inability to finish a guy who is clearly hurt, and outmatched. Reflects poorly on the victor in my opinion.
            But BJ has one of the round heads that can take quite a beating that Rogan talks about from time to time.
            Like how did Silva survive Chael pounding on that head for 23 minutes. I’d like to say Chael has no power, but he was also the only one to stagger Silva with a punch from the standing position. And Silva has one of those round heads….

          • RonnieV

            It’s a winless debate, Diaz beat the piss out of Penn, but the Diaz haters continue to make excuses of why Penn lost, instead of why Nick won (there are lots of excuses). You guys are just lucky it wasn’t a 5 round fight. After the Condit fight, I’m sure we’ll read the same crap on these pages.

  • Oh yeah… And I think Munoz and Bisping should probably be flip-flopped on this list. Neither has done a lot against current top 10 guys but Munoz has a win over Maia AND has a TKO over Leben which is a tough accomplishment that only Brian Stann and Anderson Silva (KO) has been able to do. Just an opinion, though and another debate that will be settled soon since they’re both fighting on the same card.

    • therealmo

      and me i knocked chris leben out when we were kids, hes knocked me out once too im not gonna lie

  • DrkDisciple

    One lucky punch and Johny Hendricks is number 6? That is a joke!! Fitch would beat him 9 out of 10 teams andeRory Mandonanld who is not even top 10 accourding to these rankings would beat him 10 out of 10 times.

    • MrAdidas

      I agree, I’m not sure why Rory McDonald is not on the list? Maybe b/c he has’nt fought in quite some time, due to an injury. The only explanation I can think of. As for Fitch falling after losing ONLY his 2nd fight in 8 or 9 yrs (he’s only other loss was to GSP). Lets not forget that Fitch has been out for over a year, if I’m not mistaken. Ring Rust is no joke and it affects 90% of fighters, especially if you’re out for a long time. Being out 6 months is a lifetime in MMA, let alone 12-14 months. Hendricks deserves to be ranked, but above Fitch?!? The guy loses 2 fights in 9 yrs (one to the Champ) & he drops from #2 – which he was ranked @ #2 forever – to #7?!? WOW, who coems up with these decisions/standings? B/C you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. The only excuse I’ll accept for these moronic standings, is if…. he’s actually a monkey. Other than that, you are an idiot!

      BTW: Overeem beats a 1 dimensional wrestler/fighter, who hasnt fought in over a year & a guy who cant seem to take a punch. So that not only knocks Brock out of the top 10, but it gives Overeem the #2 spot?!? Who has Overeem fought who’s in the top 10 now? (Brock not included, b/c he’s no longer on the 10 HW list). Wait until Overeem fights a striker & a guy who isnt a “NOOB”/tomato can/1 dimensional.

      Funny how Brock loses, now he’s no longer in the top 10, but Overeem beating Brock was so “great” that it catapolts him to the #2 spot?!? Who has Overeem fought to give him the clear cut #2 spot?!?h

      • fitefan

        I agree that Fitch shouldn’t have dropped to 7. He certaintly shouldn’t keep 2 after a loss, but nothing below 5 would be more acceptable.

        I guess Overeem gets #2 because his next fight is a title fight.
        Same reason Diaz and Condit get #2 and #3. Though, whomever loses that fight is gonna drop below 5 I bet. Which only makes me think one of those two is improperly ranked atm.

  • RonnieV

    I agree about Rory, I also think Dong Hyun Kim should be mentioned or is on the verge of making the list. But then again the welterweight division (in my opinion) is the most stacked division. As far as Hendricks, he might deserve the 10th spot on the list, because prior to this fight, Charlie Brenneman was his most impressive win. It’s tough to grade a guy that delivers a TKO punch in the first 20 seconds. That has happened quite a bit with lesser fighters (James Irvin, Houston Alexander, Duane Ludwig, Kimbo Slice).

  • mikemma123

    Dam, Jon Fitch. I saw this coming a mile away. Number 2 for so long and lost to a nobody (well, somebody now). The only thing he could ask for is a rematch and make it seem its was just a fluke.

  • stiff jab

    Besides all the Fitch comments, I still hate to see Bisping in the top 10. He loses to everyone else in that list. Just hope Maia shows up when they fight. BTW, Fitch will be back, I just hope he gets a fair shake with respect to fights.

  • fsunoles09

    bro im tired of seeing these comments talkin bout he was winning UNTIL so and so stfu i like penn but he lost i like sonnen but he lost and diaz is a beast whoever said he hasnt fought anybody go look at his record he fought sherk,lawler, parisyan, riggs, sanchez, gomi, noons, daley, zaromiskis, and penn and a few more decent fighters brotha so wtf u talkin bout

    • phrankthetank

      He also lost to Riggs, Sherk, Sanchez and parisyan. I could fight Jon jones and get my ass whooped, doesn’t make me a contender. All I was trying to say is that penn’s ****** cardio beat him that fight. Props to Diaz for having a great gas tank, but he didn’t beat penn because he was the better fighter, he beat penn because he was the more conditioned fighter.

      • bigdog333187

        completely agree with phrank

      • RonnieV

        As a Diaz fan, not sure why that guy brought up Riggs, Sherk, Sanchez, & Karo fights (we try to forget those). Although they were all lost decisions (two split), they were six/seven years ago when Nick was 20-21 years old. He’s a much different fighter now. Phrankthetank, yeah the cardio was huge, but eating all those punches didn’t help either. Not too many fighters can land a couple hundred jabs to their opponents face & kidneys in the later rounds. After watching the last two Diaz brothers fights, I’m guessing Condit has no choice but to take their fight to the ground. If he stands he has no chance of lasting five rounds with Nick’s constant barrage of punches. Damn, I can’t wait for that fight!

        • phrankthetank

          Should be a great fight, I think you’re underestimating condit’s stand up though. He’s been knocking everyone out lately and has great cardio. If Diaz fights him the same way as penn, I can see condit winning by KO. Maybe I’m wrong though, my picks haven’t been perfect lately.

          • RonnieV

            Diaz has an incredible chin, hence he hasn’t been TKO’d since 2002. He’s been clipped & knocked down a few times (Daley/Gomi) but he seems to feed off that and come back stronger. It will be a great fight. According to, Condit & Diaz have the three exact same strength’s (Striking/BJJ/Endurance), should be a war.

      • MrAdidas

        LOL – took the words right out of my mouth. As soon as Diaz fought a legitimate top 10-15 he lost. Which is why I’m not sold on Diaz being #2…. yet. Beating an out of shape BJ Penn @ WW, doesnt mean ****, Penns WW record is 3-3-1, which means beating BJ @ WW, is NOT even close, compared to beating him @ LW. TWO diff fighters. BJ @ LW = killer – BJ @ WW = out of shape.

        Here’s a fun fact many people may not know about BJ Penn…… IF BJ loses a single round in any fight @ LW or WW, he has ALWAYS lost the fight. When was the last time BJ lost a round, but he ended up winning the fight?!? I know for a fact that BJ has not won a fight where he has lost a round (after 2004). I know after the Lyoto fight BJ never won a fight where he lost a Round, unless he did before 2005. I’m not sure if BJ lost any rounds in a fight that he won from 2001-2004. After 2004 if BJ lost a round he did NOT win any fights. Thats **** up, basically saying if you win a round from BJ, you should win the fight.

        • fitefan

          I know, wtf. BJ clearly has a effective crisp jab, phenomenal skill in getting back to his feet, outragous flexibility, and great jujitsu.
          and NO FREAKING CARDIO ever. Plus, if he doesn’t have a winning game plan, he never changes it, just keeps on with the losing strategy he is using until he is an exhausted puddle of sweat on the mat.
          Aggravating to see that guy lose.

      • fitefan

        I disagree. It looked to me that Diaz had the better striking skill. It seemed to me to be what put BJ back a bit.
        I hate to say BJ was gassed in teh first. It’s an insult to BJ, and takes credit away from Diaz.
        But the guy just has no cardio. And he can’t seem to ever have any. His lack of cardio beats him in every fight it seems. And if you factor in that cardio is one of the small parts that make up the whole. Then Diaz is better.
        It’s almost like saying Diego Sanchez would be better if he was stronger. Try as he might dropping weight classes to be the bigger stronger guy, it just aint gonna happen.

    • bigdog333187

      you do realise most of those fights were a while ago, and he lost a good amount of them, right?

  • azrealmuzik

    “bro im tired of seeing these comments talkin bout he was winning UNTIL so and so stfu i like penn but he lost i like sonnen but he lost and diaz is a beast whoever said he hasnt fought anybody go look at his record he fought sherk,lawler, parisyan, riggs, sanchez, gomi, noons, daley, zaromiskis, and penn and a few more decent fighters brotha so wtf u talkin bout”

    No disrespect, but he lost to Parisyan, Sanchez, Riggs, Sherk, and Noons. Fighting them doesn’t mean beating them. Keith Jardine has fought most of the best guys at 205, and we all know he is just a jobber to the stars.

    Now I’m not knocking Nick. I think he’s good. Not great, but good. I don’t know If I agree with him being number 2, or Fitch getting so far removed from his spot because a no-namer landed a lucky punch.

  • pooby

    Hendricks Vs. Koscheck

    It makes perfect sense. Give Hendricks another top WW, give Kos a chance for revenge on behalf of his bff Fitch.

    • fitefan

      ….. bff Fitch” heh, too funny.

      I agree. Hendricks vs Koscheck is a great match up.

      Sonnen may say some crazy crap. But when he says ” How can you prove you are the best in the world, when you won’t even find out if you are the best in the gym” He’s dead on target with that statement.

      Machida can make 185, but that will never happen either until Silva retires.

  • phrankthetank

    Oh yea, in all the Diaz talk I forgot. Fitch did not deserve a drop like that, and Hendricks didn’t deserve a jump like that. The dude landed one punch! Flash KOs happen. No disrespect to Hendricks, but he needs another fight against a top 10 guy before he deserves that spot

  • MikeMc1983

    I could be wrong, but I believe Brock not being on the list has to do with him retireing. Not the fact that he lost the fight.
    I wouldn’t mind MMAWeekly staff commenting on if that’s the case.
    That will be my assumption until they state otherwise.
    Whether he deserves it or not, I don’t think they’d have put Travis ahead of Brock.
    MMAWEEKLY staff, was Brock considered for rankings with this list? (even if he was considered, but didn’t make the cut I’d be interested to know?)

  • RubeKegal





    • RonnieV

      Quit yelling

  • RubeKegal

    I am disgusted with MMAWeekly for having Diaz at #2. It’s just a stupid hype machine, and he WILL have a horrid run in the near future. Mark my words, Diaz will lose 3 of his next 5 fights in the UFC!!

    Mario you will be eating your words
    James Jae you will be eating your words
    Ronnie V you will be eating your words

    Rory Macdonald not top 10 = TRAVESTY!!! CHANGE IT MMAWEEKLY!!!! HE DESTROYED NATE AND NATE IS #10?!?!?!? YAMBAGS!

    • RonnieV

      Well Smart guy, that was at Welterweight, Nate is back at lightweight where he has fought much better. He is easily Top #10 at Lightweight, maybe you just need to watch his last two fights again. Cerrone was ranked #7 or 8 last week, prior to the Diaz fight. No complaints about MacDonald, you saw my post, I think he should be in there. Then again Welterweight is extremely stacked, unlike middleweight. Go the UFC’s website, look at all their welterweights, and try to rank them….. it’s impossible.

      As far as Nick, he wasn’t fighting the highest ranked guys in Strikeforce, but he wasn’t just beating people the last three years, he was destroying people including Penn (who looked very impressive his prior two fights against Fitch & Hughes).

      Hate all you want, but it seems like all the MMA journalists not only have Nick at #2, but some websites have him in Top 10 Pound for Pound. I’ll guess we’ll see after Condit.

      I’ll be happy to eat crow if Condit whoops Nick, but I would put a “Romney bet” on your prediction that he’ll lose 3 of next 5.

  • Some of you guys are ridiculous. Being a fighter involves training everything including your cardio. It’s stupid to say that Bj was beaten by his cardio. He was beaten by Nick and you guys should’ve accepted that by now.

  • fsunoles09

    i said fought didnt say anythin about winning, im sayin he fought tough fighters and paid his dues in the sport so for anybody to still think of him as a chump is stupid and he was still a young buck in the game at the time of those fights he would eat them dudes up now a days.but the point of me even leavin a comment was the “oooo blank beat blanks ass the 1st round” but dude lost anyway, which i just think is dumb.and i cant see anybody bein over diaz in the rankings except gsp which hopefully that will change when he gets his shot at him.condit diaz gonna be tight though

  • Anthony Johnson could be up there.

  • fsunoles09

    johnson belfort should be pretty f’in sweet