MMA Top 10 Rankings: Cris Cyborg Reclaims Top Spot From Ronda Rousey

July 15, 2013
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Cris Cyborg JustinoThe updated World MMA Rankings were released on Monday, July 15. This system ranks the Top 10 MMA fighters from across the world in each of the seven most widely accepted men’s weight classes and the Top 10 pound-for-pound women fighters.

Taken into consideration are a fighter’s performance in addition to win-loss record, head-to-head and common opponents, difficulty of opponents, and numerous other factors in what is the most comprehensive rankings system in the sport.

Fighters who are currently serving drug-related suspensions are not eligible for Top 10 consideration until they have fought one time after the completion of their suspension.

Fighters must also have competed within the past 12 months in order to be eligible for Top 10 consideration unless they have a bout scheduled within a reasonable time frame.

Notes: Dominick Cruz is ineligible for consideration because he hasn’t fought in more than a year. Pat Healy is ineligible for consideration because he is currently serving a drug-related suspension.

(Fighter’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.)

Below are the current World MMA Rankings:

WOMEN’S POUND-FOR-POUND (all weight classes)
1. Cris Cyborg Justino (2)
2. Ronda Rousey (1)
3. Cat Zingano (3)
4. Sarah Kaufman (4)
5. Miesha Tate (5)
6. Jessica Aguilar (6)
7. Megumi Fujii (7)
8. Sara McMann (9)
9. Alexis Davis (10)
10. Carla Esparza (n/a)

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds)
1. Cain Velasquez (1)
2. Junior dos Santos (2)
3. Daniel Cormier (3)
4. Fabricio Werdum (4)
5. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (5)
6. Alistair Overeem (6)
7. Frank Mir (7)
8. Josh Barnett (8)
9. Mark Hunt (9)
10. Stipe Miocic (10)

1. Jon Jones (1)
2. Lyoto Machida (2)
3. Alexander Gustafsson (3)
4. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (4)
5. Glover Teixeira (5)
6. Rashad Evans (6)
7. Dan Henderson (7)
8. Phil Davis (8)
9. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (9)
10. Ryan Bader (10)

1. Chris Weidman (1)
2. Anderson Silva (2)
3. Vitor Belfort (3)
4. Michael Bisping (4)
5. Mark Munoz (5)
6. Costa Philippou (6)
7. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (7)
8. Yushin Okami (8)
9. Luke Rockhold (9)
10. Tim Kennedy (10)

1. Georges St-Pierre (1)
2. Johny Hendricks (2)
3. Carlos Condit (3)
4. Martin Kampmann (4)
5. Jake Ellenberger (5)
6. Rory MacDonald (6)
7. Demian Maia (7)
8. Robbie Lawler (8)
9. Nick Diaz (9)
10. Erick Silva (10)

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (155-pound limit)
1. Benson Henderson (1)
2. Gilbert Melendez (2)
3. Anthony Pettis (3)
4. TJ Grant (4)
5. Gray Maynard (5)
6. Michael Chandler (6)
7. Eddie Alvarez (7)
8. Josh Thomson (8)
9. Nate Diaz (9)
10. Khabib Nurmagomedov (10)

1. Jose Aldo (1)
2. Chad Mendes (2)
3. Ricardo Lamas (3)
4. Cub Swanson (4)
5. Pat Curran (5)
6. Frankie Edgar (6)
7. Chan Sung Jung (7)
8. Dustin Poirier (8)
9. Erik Koch (9)
10. Nik Lentz (10)

BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION (135 pounds or less)
1. Renan Barão (1)
2. Urijah Faber (2)
3. Michael McDonald (3)
4. Eddie Wineland (4)
5. Bibiano Fernandes (5)
6. Raphael Assuncao (6)
7. Brad Pickett (7)
8. Erik Perez (8)
9. TJ Dillashaw (9)
10. Mike Easton (10)

FLYWEIGHT DIVISION (125 pounds or less)
1. Demetrious Johnson (1)
2. Joseph Benavidez (2)
3. John Dodson (3)
4. John Moraga (4)
5. Ian McCall (5)
6. Jussier da Silva (6)
7. Darrell Montague (7)
8. Louis Gaudinot (8)
9. John Lineker (9)
10. Tim Elliott (10)

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Even with this last month we have evidence that in a p4p women’s ranking strawweights must overnumber BW and all the other divisions, talents are all there

  • Ian Price

    Rousey will forever be known as the one who refused to move up a measly 5 lbs for a catch weight superfight. But not Hendo! And certainly not Penn, and not Couture, or Aldo, or Edgar, or Anderson, or (in the future) Jones, or ….

    The list goes on.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Cyborg will forever be known as a man, why would Rousey give him the time of day? The sport is not pure if it allows Cyborg to spend 20yrs turning into a man and 2 yrs clean, it should be banned from competition.

      • Chris M

        at the end of the day she was born with a vagina!

        • Berry

          Tell that to Fallon Fox!!

    • Maybe you have the answer b/c I’m not certain, but maybe the UFC did not want a one time fight in a weight class that doesn’t exist in their organization. What if Cyborg won? Then what? She didn’t want to come down to the BW division.

      • Ian Price

        Excellent point. I had not thought of that. Maybe that’s why the UFC is postponing that superfight…. To wait until at least 2-3 women’s divisions are more solidified. What’s Rousey gonna do if see loses? Move up to get a rematch and leave the bantamweight division a deserted wasteland? Or hold it up indefinitely a-la Edgar-Maynard, while she is fighting at ….140?

        • We need more exposure for the women fighters. UFC does a great job in promoting their fighters and putting pretty much every fighter in the spotlight to get them fan base. I hope to see some high level thai boxers and wrestlers in the division. No offense to the women but it’s the easiest division to be a part of and get huge exposure for yourself and a quick title shot with a short roster.

          • Cptmats

            I alway thought Keryi Vera was a pretty good fighter. Too bad she does fight anymore, she would have been an excellent addition to the UFC roster.

          • I’ve heard rumor of 1 or 2 olympic caliber wrestlers but I don’t remember who. I’m sure they are working on stacking that division.

      • Cptmats

        Cyborg agreed to fight Rousey at 135 lbs. one time deal. UFC offered an eight fight contract at 135 lbs. or nothing !

        • What’s really bad is that Cyborg is ranked #1 above Rousey. A UFC fighter is always ranked #1 especially as champion. I know it’s P4P but still.

    • Drew

      Why should Rousey go up in weight to face Cyborg? Rousey had the belt, not Cyborg. Just because Cyborg damaged her body by abusing roids for years and can’t cut down the weight she debuted in is not Rousey’s fault.

      If they ever fought Rousey would smash the talentless Cyborg.

      • Ian Price

        Ok, so let them fight.

      • Ryan

        Talentless? You sir, are a moron.

        • drkdisciple

          that is an understatement.

          • toom

            Yeah her stand up is the most accurate of all the female fighters she hits the hardest and she’s the strongest not to mention her bjj is amazing

          • Maddawgmar

            She is stronger than all the women near her weight class and hits harder. Roids over the years does that.

          • Ian Price

            We don’t know that she’s been using steroids for years. She failed one drug test. Yes she could have been using them for years and years, but we don’t know that. Lets stick to the facts: she failed a test, and her voice is somewhat deeper, and she’s cut. Not enough evidence.

            But Vitor, oh Vitor, that guy has some evidence, but it’s out in the open: he’s actually using weak PEDs, in the form of synthetic human testosterone.

          • Maddawgmar

            She was cut because she refused to fight in the only division the UFC has. As for Vitor that isan irrelevant point cuz he used testosterone not top grade anabolic steroid. Do we know she has been juicing for years. No. But there are signs that she has been. I have dated a woman who was a body builder, and she just used plain protein. Her voice still sounded like a woman, her voice box wasn’t bigger than mine. Plus there are other signs that can’t he talked about on this site and I don’t wish to verify on Cyborg.

      • Cptmats

        what belt does Rousy have again ? oh yeah…the one Dana invented for her.

        Cyborg would smash that self absorbed douche bag !

    • Chris M

      only ppl who wanna prove something or make a name for themselves will change weight classes

    • John Moses

      what man will you want her to fight then? Frankie Edgar, Aldo, or even Urijah Faber? She shouldn’t waste a fight on a MAN.

    • PaulKronenberg1

      Did you ever read what Mike Dolce said about what happened with Cyborg? Well if you didn’t he said that he could have had Cyborg drop down to 135 no problem; but they refused later on for who knows what reason (maybe they were afraid of a fair fight). Now Ronda being the champion and Cybord having something to prove after the whole steroid thing; who really had the obligation of making weight??

      • Maddawgmar

        I did read that article. You sir are correct. Cy’roid’ needs to come to Ronda, she refused to cut the weight.

        • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

          I like Ronda, so I’m not trashing her, but name one great fighter who has ever called out a bigger fighter for not dropping down to their weight class? If Bendo started saying GSP was afraid to come down to 155 people would laugh at him. Or if Aldo started saying Bendo was ducking him because he wouldn’t drop down to 45. Or Jones to Cain. Or Anderson to Jones, etc etc. If Ronda thought she had the goods to beat Cyborg she would put on 10 lbs and move up, end of story. I’d like to see Ronda take Cyborgs arm home, but I think it is a lot more likely that Cris would knock her out.

          • Kobe

            Rhonda doesn’t want to fight 10 pounds heavier cause she would look iike a fat tub of s***. Ever seen Gina Carano in Haywire? Gives me the shivers and not good shivers

          • Lisa Rene

            not a chance, at any weight. Cybroid is custom made for Ronda’s ground game, and Ronda’s also a much better striker now…

          • Ian Price

            I appreciate my fellow fans who are firm that Cyborg should be the one to drop to 135.

            However, regardless of our opinions, the poster above is right in that Ronda IS calling out a bigger fighter. GSP never called out Silva “hey, I’m better than you, how about you try a difficult weight cut to find out who is best, even though we could fight at 185 or a catch weight”. See what I’m saying?

            So now, even though many fans will think “cyborg is a cheater, and she won’t even drop to 135”, even more fans will think “I can’t believe Ronda will absolutely refuse to meet her at 140 for a catch weight super fight”.

      • Luciano Castro

        Cyborg has been the champion and therefore whoever wants to fight her must make the weight, dont you agree? Ronda is another Gina and knows that a fight with Cyborg would also send her to a movie career

      • Brandon Zeciri

        Obviously you don’t know why Cyborg refused to drop to 135. She was told by doctors that fighting at 135 for an extended period of time would be detrimental to her body.

        She agreed to meet Rousey at 135, however the UFC wanted her to sign an 8 fight contract. Meaning she would be fighting at 135 for an extended period of time – which she clearly said she wasn’t interested in.

        It’s not Rousey or Cyborg that isn’t allowing this fight to happen – it’s Dana White.

        • Cptmats

          Dana knows Cyborg would f*** Ronda up. That’s why he wouldn’t let that happen without having Cyborg nailed down to a long term contract first. How would it look if Cyborg knocked out the champ and signed with invicta because she didn’t want to continue fighting at 135 lbs.

          • Ian Price

            Probably the best post on this thread

          • Cptmats


        • Maddawgmar

          What doctor would tell a 5’8″ woman that 135 lbs is detrimental to her body or health? And a trained nutritionist and physical trainer said 135 is an easy cut if done right. I agree it will be dangerous to cut in her current body type, but that stems from years of steroid use. If she would lay off the juice she would be able to make 135 no problem. I would take a little while for the muscles to shrink but she could make it.

          • Darth Truth

            one with a medical degree that has done a medical examination of said woman, which is more than you can say.

          • Maddawgmar

            Your right. I never examined her. (Wouldn’t ever want to) But basic anatomy says that a female of age 29-59 at 5’8″ with a medium frame, like Cyborg, average weight is 136-152. Adding all that muscle from juicing put her out of that range. Anatomy 101

            I think Ronda should meet half way, but can see why she won’t. Cuz she is giving Cyborg an avenue to cheat again and/or benefit from prior cheating. 135 almost guarantees no doping.

          • Darth Truth

            ahahahahahaha forgetting about things that change from person to person like bone density/mass, metabolism, digestive/blood enzyme levels and all kinds of other things that change from person to person aren’t you? you do realize you can not do a legitimate physical with only height and weight of a person.

          • Kelly

            “Years of steroid use”?? Are you a moron or what dude? Serious face palms going on right now. I don’t even know where to start but let me first say I am a female body builder. I weigh 150 pounds and I have more muscle than Cyborg and I’ve never used roids in my life! Can she not have muscle definition without steroids?? Where the hell do you even get this s***?! She has never even hit positive with steroids. From what I read it was a weight cutting agent. Do you know her personally? Otherwise unless you see her all the time how do you know that she takes steroids? You’re just popping off at the mouth sounding like a f****** retard.

          • Maddawgmar

            Stanozolol is not a weight cutting agent. It is an anobolic steroid used to lose weight while gaining and retaining muscle mass. I’ve done my research. And I know many body builders that do it properly. However the fact that her voice is manly and she has a deeper voice than me means she is using synthetic hormones to give her the same adrenaline and growth as a man.

        • thinking_man

          That is the biggest load of horseshit I have ever heard. There is absolutely no way it is remotely founded in medical science. The reason she is not moving down is that if she does not cycle off her performance enhancers perfectly and carry the maximum power advantage over Rousey she knows she has no chance.

        • Lisa Rene

          here’s the real scoop. they are on to Cybroid’s sham and were going catch her a** by forcing her off the roids with the new testing policy, and with the extended contract she’d have to stay off, and it would have exposed how she sucks without all her unfair advntgs. if/when she can’t use it to swarm and maul much smaller blown up 135ers then she’d REALLY be over that much sooner…

      • Darth Truth

        so what rousey used to fight at 153 lbs in the Olympics and started her MMA career at 145, whats she scared of?

        • Ian Price

          Well, if Rousey weren’t scared, she really wouldn’t care what weight to fight Cristiane at. If Carano were to ask Rousey for a fight at 145 or even 150, Rousey would say “sure, what the hell”.


          • Darth Truth

            thats what i was saying rousey is scared

    • SZJ

      Why do anything to fight a juiced-up cheater who is a disgrace to sports?

    • a

      And Penn, Edgar, Hendo don’t win big fights any more

    • Lisa Rene

      no she won’t. but Cybroid will forever be known as the CHEATER who refused to drop a measly 5 more lbs than she weighed for Shayna, for the biggest title shot in women’s mma history the UFC Championship, because she/he is CHICKEN SH*T of a smaller girl, so can’t give up her/his usual beloved unfair advntgs. AND don’t worry there are other REAL WOMEN comin for the tranny 😉

    • Ian Price

      Look, I know Cyborg’s reputation has been tainted by a failed drug test. but still, ibwould love to see those 2 fight. cyborg agreed to drop to 140. lets make it happen. signed, the jinxed

  • thinking_man

    What a joke. Next Prangley will be your #1 middleweight.

    • Fried_Chicken

      At least she fights unlike you keyboard tough guys.

  • j-boy

    Let’s see, it took Cyborg 4 rounds to finish Coenen, who was submitted by Tate, who in turn was submitted by Rousey in the first round and they’re rating Cyborg ahead of Rousey? Go figure.

    • Fried_Chicken

      Cry baby.

    • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

      what a MMAmath!!!

      So Cung Le > Cung Le (let’s check the crossed results with Wands and Franklin) and Claudia Heill and Edith Bosch are GOAT women fighters

    • toom

      that is the most retarded argument ever that’s like saying well Keith Jardine beat Chuck Liddell so he should have been the champ all those years

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    This dude keeps beating down the women of MMA!

  • Bill white

    So they put the guy Cyborg at the top of the woman rankings?? Makes sense? Might as well rank Faber up there also.

  • Haven’t we insulted this women enough based on looks and steroid usage? Although I was very upset with her for testing positive and not really owning up to it she did her time like every other fighter has. If it happens again then there is no excuse. Her combat sports record in general is incredible. From muay thai, to grappling to mma, this very well could be the p4p best fighter in the womens division. Whether she should be ranked above Rhonda is debatable.

    • Baller31

      I agree, except for the ranking part. Cyborg has proven to be very well rounded, while Rousey has proven she can do an armbar.

      • Very true. Although I know Rhonda is working on her wrestling and kickboxing, I hope she sticks to what she’s best at and doesn’t get caught up with all the talk that she’s a one trick pony. The biggest mistake she can make is trying to prove to everyone she’s well rounded and get into a striking match with a high level kickboxer.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I agree and respect you opinion on the talent and quality of her fighting skills….aside the people insulting her part. SHE, like every other cheater in any sport deserves what she is getting. This is something that SHE had done to herself and NOT something that happened to her as a victim. SHE cast doubt on her own legacy, which could have been epic without that positive drug test. SHE confirmed what her detractors suggested all along. SHE made her s*** sammich and will forever be eating it.

      • Darth Truth

        she is being victimized far more than other male athletes who do the same things , look at vitor belfort he actually used PEDs instead of simply trying to make weight. Plus if she wants to prove shes the best she should fight the best not only those she/ dana are not scared of, after all she is still a working mma fighter competing at the highest level and only had one postive test in her entire career and hasnt tested positive since and since she wasnt taking PEDs you cant write off her entire career all her achievements and call her a cheater. plus that was years ago and no drug except acid(lsd) stays in your body that long so the argument is a moot point anyways.

  • encoro-encuero


  • Ryan

    Has anyone ever seen a female body builder? Why is it because she got dung once with a banned substance she is on roids her whole life or career or whatever? It’s not like she has been repeatedly hit with a failed drug test. She said she made a mistake with what she took.

    • Gary Fredericks

      IT’s because the suspicion has been there since the beginning and then she was caught red handed.

      • John Bunch

        I thought it was a weight cutting agent.

        • Gary Fredericks

          It doesn’t matter. Banned means Banned. Using a banned substance constitutes cheating. Cheating is as bad as stealing and lying. A person becomes the lowest form of life when cheating IMVHO.

          Cyborg, with her obvious talent cannot be taken seriously since she got popped. Like Sammy Sosa or Mark Maguire in MLB, their will always be an asterisk next to her name. She could have went down as the BEST female MMA fighter of all time until the positive drug test tainted all she had accomplished and ushered in a tidal wave of doubt as to how she achieved it.

          • Darth Truth

            oh right so she would be the onl;y fighter in the history of MMA who didnt get a title shot simply because she took some weight cut substance thats pathetic why dont you cry about all the dude who do illegqal substances and still get title shots

          • Gary Fredericks

            I have mentioned others Darth Jackwad. MANY times and in the proper discussions under the proper articles to people could understand the point I was bringing to the table. Why would bring them into a discussion about Chris Cyborg when that is the topic of the article and this discussion?

            Now go back to your mommie’s nipple, it’s lunch time son. Come back when you can gather your thoughts and focus your feeble mind just long enough to type something that makes sense and not just a bunch of unfocused drivel.

          • Darth Truth

            ahahahaha wow I totally mistook you for a serious commentator on this site who relies on sound logic and facts to make his point, and would never suspected you would stoop to the level of a 5 year old and resort to something as pathetic and intellectually devoid of merit as to resort to an ad hominem(personal) attack (aka name calling.) Now try acting like a grown up and talk about what i said instead of me (A person you know absolutely nothing about) and i might take you serious.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Reply as a smartass, get a smartass reply. Simple as that.

          • Darth Truth

            says the cry baby with his panties in a bunch and started bitching because i didnt bother to find and read his comments on other articles.

          • Gary Fredericks

            I believe this came about from your whining and crying in defense of the ‘roid using fighter you feel so compelled to defend and your lack of ability to stay on a topic. Nice try though.

          • Darth Truth

            well OBVIOUSLY as long as shes a professional fighter she has the right to fight and since she is easily among the top females fighters in the world there is no reason why anyone who claims to want to be the best wouldn’t be begging to fight her.

          • Sir_Roy

            It’s yet another case of “blame the game and not the player”. If you think only those that get “caught” using said “banned” substances are the only ones using, then you’re completely out of touch with reality. They’re the most successful, and if there’s one thing we love more in the good ole US of A than building a hero, it’s deconstructing them.

            They use to avoid growing obsolete. The athletic game is so tainted, that if you’re #1 and not using, you can be damn sure #2 is and it’s just a matter of time …

          • Gary Fredericks

            Sir Roy, had the article been about the entire quagmire of PED abuse in MMA, my comment would have reflected such, as it has in other discussions and articles. Since this article was about Chris Cyborg, my comment reflected such. It has not one thing to do with who or what I was talking about, which was the “tainting” of Chris Cyborg’s record due to a failed drug test. Maybe everybody in the sport of MMA uses them, but the ones that get caught are the ones I am sure have abused. I reserve my opinion on those that get caught and are PROVEN guilty. Assumptions and presumptions mean absolutely nothing.

          • Karen

            Act like you know it all, go read up and you’ll realize what she got nabbed for. It’s was just a substance to help her cut weight. Whoopty F***** Doo Dah

          • L

            Lionel Messi, the best soccer player in the world at the moment, was on HGH since he was a teenager. And there is no asterisk next to his name. Things aren’t as black and white as you try to paint them.
            As for Cyborg, I take her over Ronda, 7 times out of 10. Thats why Ronda is so vocal about not ‘owing’ Cyborg anything.

          • Lucy

            7 times out of 10?? Giving Rhonda too much credit there i think.

          • Gary Fredericks

            I have no idea who Lionel Messi is, but I do know who Cyborg is, which is who I was talking about. Messi is a cheater too then…should be an asterisk next to his name as well.

          • Ric Flair bitch WHOOOOO

            That is a bunch of bologna. This girl is amazing to watch and her talent in the female decision in light years ahead of the rest. She got hit with this failed drug test but she said she didn’t know what she was taking. People can say whatever they want even if it’s stupid but one thing is for sure, she is one scary bitch.

        • Lisa Rene

          Winstrol is an anabolic steroid even tho used more for a cutting cycle, which would be more at the end of a training camp when cutting down for the fight. a mass building cycle would be well before that so makes sense she got popped for the one she did but certainly doesn’t mean she didn’t use others.

          • John Bunch

            I have to say I fall into the “ignorant” category when it comes to these things…tyvm for the info! She’s a beast either way, but what you say makes complete sense, one “could” have followed the other.

      • Ian Price

        Suspicions are just that. Many are suspicious of GSP. “Oh, he’s so cut all the time, he’s probably on something and hired a really expensive doctor to help him hide it”. Can’t prove it.

        However we ALL know Nick is smokin’ it until a month before any fight! 🙂

        We suspect Chael has used steroids in the past. We suspect half if all UFC fighters were using something back in the “hey day”.

        I suspect little angels are helping me avoid car accidents, but if I have no proof, I’ll just smile and say thanks.get it?

        • Gary Fredericks

          Great post Ian. There are a few people here that cannot comprehend the concept of suspicion vs proof. Winstrol is a steroid. Cyborg has been busted for using it. This to me is enough to put an asterisk by her name/record (as with all other proven cheaters) as it invites doubt and suspicion not only to the fight the fighter was popped for testing positive, but casts doubt on all of the others. We will never know for certain what else that she “didn’t know she was taking.”.

          I just think it is really screwy to cry like a victim as some here have about Rousey not coming up in weight to meet a proven cheater at another weight higher than the one she holds the title for. Cyborg should have to come down or go away if Rhonda doesn’t want to play.

          • John Bunch

            Just to clarify, I’m definitely not one of those, “So and so is afraid to fight so and so” people…I’m not in anyone’s head so I try not to comment on stuff like that. Cyborg did get busted, you’re right. Because I like her as a fighter maybe I’m quicker to let it slide, but tbh, I like Josh Barnett and the dude’s record stands for itself. I think Cyborg is the better fighter regarding Rousey, but I guess we won’t know anytime soon, if ever.

    • Asa

      I actually know some female body builder and male.fact is most girls are juicing to look like that.

    • Lisa Rene

      yes and that’s also why women’s bodybuilding got ruined for years because it was infected by a bunch of roided out cheating tranny freaks. so we don’t need anymore crap like that coming into women’s mma and ruining this sport too…

      • Jolie AVenia

        Roided out cheating tranny freaks? Hmm, would be interesting to see what you say about Fallon Fox.


    Where is Marloes Coenen on the List???

    • drkdisciple

      was wondering the same thing…she could beat most women on that list and would even have a good shot at beating Rousey at 135.


        I was thinking the same thing. I also think Rhonda will lose in the UFC before they get a chance to fight.

      • Tj Gaskins

        Wrong. She should be on the list but She is no where near Rhonda’s level. She got Bullied by Tate who went on to get bullied by Rhonda. Coenen would just be 1 more arm for Rhonda to collect.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Exactly. Coenen not on the list throws the credibility of the list out the window.

  • Alex Castro

    Wow this is a blow to the integraty of mma weekly, how can you possibly rank cyborg over Rhonda ? She tested positive for steroids which we all new she was on! Not to mention who’s opponents are more creditable(hint, it’s Rhonda . Cyborg is the one who doesn’t want to fight Rhonda it seems, or at least doesn’t want to give up some(unfairly developed) muscle mass by dropping to 135. This chick and vitor should start their own fight league .

    • Cptmats

      “She tested positive for steroids which we all new she was on!”

      exactly how did you know ? And how exactly would she be giving up unfairly developed muscle mass ?

      Because the only thing Cyborg was suspended for taking was stanozolol which is for cutting weight and is not performance enhancing in any way !

      BTW Cyborg wanted the fight, she agreed to fight Rousey at 135 lbs. Dana wanted her to sign an eight fight contract at 135 lbs. or no deal.

      Sounds to me like Dana knew she would take Rondas belt and wouldn’t let it happen without a long term contract in place !

      You should do some research before you speak unless you like sounding like an idiot !

      • Gary Fredericks

        So you are saying it is ethical to use a weight cutting agent that is BANNED (for good reason) so a much larger woman can falsely cut down to fight a smaller woman that is champion at the weight that Dana White wanted Cyborg to sign a contract for? Why would that be??? Maybe he knew Cyborg would beat Rousey and maybe would hold that belt for a long time and wanted to secure the validity of that belt by keeping Cyborg in the weight she would obviously reign at for along time?

        I think you should think a little more before you call anyone else an idiot and infer they sound like an idiot, sir.

        • Darth Truth

          Unless they stop giving title shots to every person who has ever tested positive for banned substances then they should fight, especially since Rouse fought judo at kg(154 lbs), then moved onto MMA fighting at 145 and has even fought at a 150lbs catch weight, so why cant she go back up to that weight to fight the top woman fighter in mma? no one will take her claims of being the best seriously until she fights cyborg just like mayweather lost alot of cred who he was scared to fight pacquiao.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Why would the UFC want to have their 135 lbs champ fight a catch weight bout when the division is so new? Why would they risk Rousey losing her belt to Cyborg when she is doing so much bellyaching about how tough it is for her to come down to 135 lbs??? UFC wants Cyborg contracted for 8 fights if she is to challenge Rousey at 135 lbs for the simple fact that don’t want to be embarrassed and wreck the credibility of the new division by having a proven ‘roider come down, win the belt, and have trouble NOT making weight every time she is to defend the title. IT’s not that hard to figure out.

          • Darth Truth

            If Dana white really cares about growing women’s MMA as a Sport he could have them fight simply to see who is the best, I never said they had or even should fight for her belt. Back when pride was the big dog UFC was more than happy to send their champs over to put on inter-promotional fights to see who was truly the best.

        • Cptmats

          You sound like an idiot too !

          That s*** didn’t even make sense !

          Try reading the comments before you reply !

  • tapuout101

    Cyborg has been on steroids her whole career. A woman taking man hormones is 3 times effective as a man taking them. A woman taking guy hormones to fight woman? Cyborg would not even be the same person if she stopped taking guy hormones her mind would change, she would feel very weak and lose most of her muscle. She is still taking them period.

    • Cptmats

      You are an uneducated Idiot ! Cyborg took stanozolol ! Its does nothing but burn fat for cutting weight ! It is not performance enhancing in any way !

      • Tj Gaskins

        Wrong. Stanozolol is a man-made steroid, similar to the a naturally occurring steroid testosterone. Not only does it contain testosterone but it contains many other muscular growth hormones, If you’re as educated as you claim to be then you’d know that any muscular growth hormone is strictly prohibited in the Sports world. It does get rid of all water weight leaving only lean muscle, but it also creates muscles which is why it’s banned. Put 2 and 2 together, If you’re taking something that gives you muscles then wouldn’t you consider it performance enhancing???

        • Jolie AVenia

          I believe it’s used for it’s muscle sparing properties rather then it’s muscle building. It is used in an athletes “cutting cycle”. She is on a year ban. After that, if she tests negative, she is allowed to fight. Ronda should fight her. Ronda claims her ground game is superior. Why doesn’t she just get her on the ground and submit her. On the ground, it’s more about superior position and technique rather than strength.

  • drkdisciple

    about if anyone thought Rousey deserved to be ranked ahead of someone she is scared to fight.

    • Tj Gaskins

      Scared??? Rousey has been begging Cyborg to come back to 135. Rousey was ready to fight her in the parking log while Cyborg jumped up a weight class ran to Invicta…… Who’s running from who?

      • drkdisciple

        fight her in a parking lot? lollll I think you have been watching too much wwe wrestling….Rousey talks trash and fights weaker opponents, she has no intentions of ever fighting cyborg.

        • Tj Gaskins

          Rhonda’s past 4 fights have all been against higher ranked fighters than Cyborgs last 4 fights fights..

          What’s your point?

          • drkdisciple

            wins over liz carmouche and Julia Budd would place in in the MMA hall of fame if she was to retire tomorrow. You proved your point Lousy Rousey is the Mohamed Ali of women’s mma!

          • Tj Gaskins

            As opposed to beating 2 unknown fighters, one who had only been fighting against Japanese competition prior to their bout…Your logic is broken.

          • drkdisciple

            Here is my logic for you….. two wins against Marlos Coenen and one win against Gina Carano that is better opposition then what Rousey faced. Furthermore Cyborg never turned down a fight against anyone…can you say the same about Rousey?

      • Jolie AVenia

        Why don’t they just both meet at 140 and fight?

  • TheCerealKiller

    1. Cris Cyborg Justino (2)

    That wasn’t thunder, that was Dana’s head exploding!

    10. Khabib Nurmagomedov <—- My boy! Future Champ!

  • Bill white

    no one cares put their husbands names up there

  • mqz4420

    if cyborg stopped power lifting or weight lifting completely she still couldn’t make 135. i not saying starve and lose it all in a couple weeks. but training running and eating right and light. would she still retain all that muscle mass?

  • Robwayne Morgan

    cyborg has always been number 1 ! lets see cyborg has better stand up better wrestling and guess what she also has better bbj than Rousey does cyborg won the world bbj championship in her weight class 2011 and 2012 ! cyborg vs rousey = death 2 too the hypetrain!!!!

  • Laura J. George

    At Invicta FC6 Cyborg completely dominated Coenen. Rousey couldn’t go toe to toe with Cyborgs brutal standup game. Cyborg tossed the season vet Coenen like a rag doll. On the ground Cyborg was vicious as well. I doubt the armbar queen will be able to sink much of anything on Cyborg. She is the most dangerous woman in mma & from what I saw in her last fight improving at a rapid rate. I think a lot of athletes make mistakes, as a female I hate to see women athletes taking their clothes off for money (or for Dana), some take roids to improve there abilities like the men do. Women are under a microscope in this arena and need to rise to the occasion and set the standard for the future athletes in the sport.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Coenen was the champ just a few days ago and she’s nowhere on that list?!

  • Molz

    Did anyone notice Cyborg’s ground game was s***? All she wanted to do was stand up and strike. Once Ronda gets her on the ground the fight would be over

  • Ky

    How can cyborg become #1 if she didn’t beat the #1, it just doesn’t make any sense. Ranking is bias

  • Big Play

    Cyborg would SMASH Rousey! Rousey knows it and will avoid her at all costs, making excuse after excuse. War Cyborg!!!

  • Jenny

    Is it just me or does Sir Roy and Gary Fredricks spend there entire life on MMAWEEKLY?

  • bob goe

    Does it matter if the woman are even ranked. There are only two that matter Cyborg and Rousey.

  • Lisa Rene

    bwahhhahaha! c’mon guys this is preposterous. first off, obviously Cyborg’s a blatant cheater everyone knew and suspected and then she got…


    secondly, her entire record is FILLED with nothing but blown up 135ers. so not only has Cyborg been blown up on male hormones personally, but has targeted SMALLER girls ON TOP OF IT! (which is about the most cowardly dishonorable thing a fighter can do)…the entire career is a SHAM.

    also, ppl seem to forget Cyborg already got beaten and sub’d by another small 135er Erica Paes. meanwhile Ronda is undefeated and has BLOWN thru everyone within 1 round! not only in her own optimal natural weight class 135 but also previously fighting UP @ 145.

    Cyborg is clearly PETRIFIED to give up her beloved unfair size advtg that’s why she’s chicken sh*t to drop. she was offered the first women’s title shot in UFC history and would have made deeep into 6 figures and STILL declined LOL!! then interestingly, left the top mma organization in the world right after they implemented the new drug testing policy, hmmmmmmm…

    Cyborg can’t make the weight is TOTAL BS she already stated publicly she was willing drop to post-Yamanaka, AND had previously dropped to 140 for Shayna!

    it’s not even close and Cybroid’s a complete SHAM so put that in your syringes and shoot it…

    • John Bunch

      Just curious what your take on the TRT exemption is, while we’re on the subject.

      • Lisa Rene

        @John – I believe TRT is fine (for the guys) as long as levels are being medically monitored and controlled within normal ranges. With females it’s a completely different issue because we only have trace amounts of testosterone compared to men. Cyborg was suspected all along by everyone because all the typical roid chick telltale signs were already there to begin with, then getting caught red-handed just confirmed it. You don’t get masculine features like that and “Chyna voice” just from casual use. Cyborg is clearly a blatant cheater who still needs to be banned but regardless REAL female warriors are comin for her/him 😉


    Cyborg please stop making those faces after winning roid induced fights. She is already very unattractive but with the win face…..Cyborg is just hideous

  • MizValerie

    Sometimes it just comes down to a matter of preference. Personally, I’d like to see Cyborg shove a fistful of crow down Rousey’s throat.

  • Jolie AVenia

    Cyborg was not “blown Up” on male hormones. She tested positive for Stanozolol, which allows you to cut fat while retaining muscle. It’s mostly used in an athletes “cutting cycle”. She is on a year ban. If she tests clean, then there is no reason why she shouldn’t be able to fight. That’s all.