MMA Top 10 Rankings: Cerrone and Askren Arrive

November 2, 2011
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Donald Cerrone and Ben Askren

Donald Cerrone and Ben Askren

The updated World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, Nov. 2. This system ranks the Top 10 MMA fighters from across the world in each of the seven most widely accepted men’s weight classes and the Top 10 pound-for-pound women fighters.

Taken into consideration are a fighter’s performance in addition to win-loss record, head-to-head and common opponents, difficulty of opponents, and numerous other factors in what is the most comprehensive rankings system in the sport.

Fighters who are currently serving drug-related suspensions are not eligible for Top 10 consideration until they have fought one time after the completion of their suspension.

Fighters must also have competed within the past 12 months in order to be eligible for Top 10 consideration unless they have a bout scheduled within a reasonable time frame.

Below are the current World MMA Rankings:

WOMEN’S POUND-FOR-POUND (all weight classes)
1. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos
2. Megumi Fujii
3. Sarah Kaufman
4. Miesha Tate
5. Marloes Coenen
6. Zoila Gurgel
7. Tara LaRosa
8. Rosi Sexton
9. Alexis Davis
10. Hiroko Yamanaka

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds)
1. Cain Velasquez
2. Junior Dos Santos
3. Alistair Overeem
4. Josh Barnett
5. Brock Lesnar
6. Fabricio Werdum
7. Shane Carwin
8. Frank Mir
9. Daniel Cormier
10. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

1. Jon Jones
2. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
3. Rashad Evans
4. Quinton Jackson
5. Lyoto Machida
6. Dan Henderson
7. Phil Davis
8. Gegard Mousasi
9. Alexander Gustafsson
10. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

1. Anderson Silva
2. Chael Sonnen
3. Yushin Okami
4. Nathan Marquardt
5. Michael Bisping
6. Mark Munoz
7. Demian Maia
8. Vitor Belfort
9. Brian Stann
10. Alan Belcher

1. Georges St-Pierre
2. Jon Fitch
3. Nick Diaz
4. Carlos Condit
5. Jake Ellenberger
6. Josh Koscheck
7. Jake Shields
8. Thiago Alves
9. Diego Sanchez
10. Ben Askren

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (155-pound limit)
1. Frankie Edgar
2. Gilbert Melendez
3. Gray Maynard
4. Shinya Aoki
5. Eddie Alvarez
6. Clay Guida
7. Ben Henderson
8. Jim Miller
9. Anthony Pettis
10. Donald Cerrone

1. Jose Aldo
2. Chad Mendes
3. Hatsu Hioki
4. Mark Hominick
5. Dustin Poirier
6. Erik Koch
7. Kenny Florian
8. Pat Curran
9. Diego Nunes
10. Marlon Sandro

BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION (135 pounds or less)
1. Dominick Cruz
2. Brian Bowles
3. Joseph Benavidez
4. Scott Jorgensen
5. Urijah Faber
6. Demetrious Johnson
7. Brad Pickett
8. Masakatsu Ueda
9. Miguel Torres
10. Michael McDonald

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  • Those WEC guys have really taken the UFC by storm!!!

  • Cptmats

    Huh ? How do you figure ? By dominating a division didn’t exist before they came to the UFC ? Doesn’t even make sense !

    BTW BJ’s not even top ten at 170 ?

    • Jose is likely referring to the fact that three of the top ten lightweights are transfers from the WEC.

  • wonggfan

    Yeah WEC guys are taking over divisions that UFC didn’t have before..that makes a lot of sense.

    And Diego is top 10 while BJ is not. But it’s hard to rank fighters like BJ that do not pick a permanent weight class. Should we even rank Rich Franklin as a middle weight? I know he is stop top 10 in middle weight but he doesn’t even have a weight class.

    • Cptmats

      Rich Franklin is LHW, hasn’t fought at 185 for a while !

    • please no takedowns

      it’s cause that cardio.look man you deserve no credit when yo are that tired by the start of the second.

  • davestiles

    John Fitch over Nick Diaz? Diaz destroyed BJ Pen something Fitch could not do. BJ vs fitch was a draw come on MMAweekly and lets not even talk about the LW.

    • Cptmats

      I would put fitch over Diaz ! Diaz def did not destroy BJ ! If anything BJ showed he’s a better fighter than Diaz ! First five mins. were all BJ And the next ten would have been too if he didn’t gas out like he always does.

      Fitch has been Proving he is a top WW at the UFC level for years ! Diaz has one decision win over a guy who isn’t even ranked top ten !

      • MrAdidas

        Agree 100% – Diaz (the best boxer in MMA & in the entire Galaxy) got out boxed by a shorter fighter with a much smaller reach advantage in the 1st Round b/c BJ was “fresh”, but after the 1st round BJ was ready to call it a night! I think BJ thought it was only a 1 Round fight, b/c thats all he trained for (idiot). Had BJ had half the gas tank GSP has, IMO he would have pounded Diaz – I mean look at Diaz’s face after the fight/1st Round, hate to see if BJ had avg cardio.

        Diaz better be 100 times better in February Vs. GSP, or his face is going to end up like BJ’s after only 2 or 3 Rounds & if that happens the Doctor will stop that fight. Jesus Diaz landed 178 punches compared to BJ’s 88 landed strikes (almost 100 more strikes landed, yet Diaz couldnt finish a dead tired BJ Penn). Diaz you are going to get so fucked up in February – you have no idea! CANT WAIT!

    • MrAdidas

      When was the last time Diaz lost & compare that to the last time Fitch lost (besides to GSP). They have gone years without losing BUT the biggest difference is… Fitch has been in the UFC figthing top WW’s for year, while Diaz has been fighting people NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be in the UFC. Not a chance Diaz should be ahead of Fitch. Alot of people are “picking” these/their rankings based personal “emotions” – Just b/c ALOT of people do not like Fitch (b/c hes boring) they think he doesnt deserve to be #2, well… YOU”D BE WRONG! Based on Wins-Losses & talent fought – Fitch wins hands down.

      What does the fact that Diaz beat BJ in a decision that should have NEVER went the distance – while Fitch ended up drawing with BJ (though Fitch “beat” BJ but the judges gave BJ the draw, b/c of his name). Both fighters went to a decision with BJ, but one of those decisions should have never happened. FYI: Diaz boxes which is why BJ’s face was busted up, same goes for Diaz’s face. Fitch is a grinder, tires you out by giving you no room to breathe or move/ wins by points. (sure Fitch’s figthing style is boring, but guess what? IT WORKS! I’d take Fitch’s resume over Diaz’s anyday (competition wise). Fitch has had ALOT more tougher fights than Diaz and thats FACT!

      BTW: Not a Fitch fan, but the guy keeps winning, regardless of how, he wins & thats all that matters.

    • MrAdidas

      davestiles: I jsut checked Diaz stats Vs Fitch stats & they are NOWHERE close! Diaz lost to KJ Noons (who?) exactly 4 yrs ago (November 10) – While Fitch’s last loss besides GSP (everyone loses to GSP – Diaz will be another victim in February). Fitch’s last lost (who isnt named GSP) was back in December 2002 (which was in the MW division) Fitch has only lost once while in the WW division… to GSP. Diaz: 34 fights – 26W & 6L (fought in the UFC 1 time) Fitch: 28 fights – 23W & 3L (fought in the UFC for 15 fights – 1 loss).

      Since when is BJ a legit WW? So Diaz beat a smaller & out of shape BJ Penn, yet he still couldnt finish him even with almost 100 more landed strikes! WOW, impressive! cough cough. BJ @ WW = JOKE, BUT BJ @ LW = dangerous.

      FYI: BJ’s WW record = 3W-4L-1Draw. After these impressive numbers @ WW, the Diaz win over BJ is even that more impressive. (wink wink)

      • McFearless

        “Diaz lost to KJ Noons (who?) exactly 4 yrs ago”

        he lost due to a cut. diaz is known to cut easily. he even had to have his cheek bones shaved after that fight. see link

        “While Fitch’s last loss besides GSP”

        decisively. gsp put a beating on him from round one.

        “Since when is BJ a legit WW?”

        since he beat Matt Hughes for the WW title.

        “So Diaz beat a smaller & out of shape BJ Penn, yet he still couldnt finish him even with almost 100 more landed strikes!”

        jon fitch walks around at 190-200 lbs. and still couldn’t put the kind of beating that diaz put on penn.

  • johnnylopes

    thats an ugly top rankings for WW n LW, JON FITCH should not be over NICK DIAZ, especially at the fact that Diaz did to BJ what Fitch had a chance to do in his last fight which was BJ and really lost the fight… and DONALD CERRONE should be HM at best, MELVIN GUILLARD was mention for a title shot and JOE LAUZON beat him he SHOULD BE IN TOP 10!!and VITOR and MAYHEM MILLER should be ahead of MARC MUNOZ!

  • amranmuhsin

    Askren doesn’t deserve to be ranked, neither does Carwin, who has he beat recently?

    • Carwin is a solid HW and deserves his spot in the rankings. To suggest otherwise is just silly.

  • please no takedowns

    Theirs alot i think that are off but reasonable. but two just don’t make sense to me..the first being Thiago Alves.that guy has no biss in the top 10 ,shit not even top 15.they could of but rory there or rumble johnson, Second Ben Henderson should hansdown be three maybe even two cause i’m pretty sure he could take out Melendez.

    • MrAdidas

      Ben Henderson couldn’t beat Anthony Pettis, but you think he can beat Gil Melendez? Interesting!

      • please no takedowns

        i don’t even like ben henerson, but MrAdidas this ain’t the same guy that lost to pettis is a bad could of went either way .i’m just sayin you won’t see j.miller get dominated again like the way ben did to him.yes freankie would beat ben, but ben and melendez are right their pretty much even in my opinion.. i think if you put ben vs. gilbert in a winner gets title shot match, ben would pull it off.

  • Mario

    Cerrone is better than Pettis in my opinion. It’s pretty silly to rank Anthony above Donald considering their performances as of late. Sure Pettis was the champ and he threw a flashy kick, but Cerrone has been on a tear!

    And as far as Ben Askren – I think he shouldn’t be there. The guy stinks as a fighter!

    He should really thank B.J. Penn for his spot in the rankings. Somebody had to lose in order for him to get in. He must be proud!