MMA Stars Share Their Halloween Costumes

October 30, 2009
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All Hallow’s Eve is around the corner, and MMAInsider got the lowdown on the costume plans of today’s MMA stars:

Pat Barry: “The plan was to paint myself blue and wear a white diaper and go as Heafty Smurf, but this cast on my arm is putting a damper on that!”

Ryan Bader: “Just a Werewolf, I retired from crazy group costumes.”

Rich Clementi: “I’m Anthony Johnson trying to be a 170 pounder.”

Tim Credeur: White Trash

Roli Delgado: Mexican Luchador

Evan Dunham: Not dressing up

Jake Ellenberger: Barney Rubble

Efrain Escudero: “Like the Silver Man” (whatever that means)

Leonard Garcia: The Skeletons from the Karate Kid

Clay Guida: As always, The Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski

Dennis Hallman: A Cowboy that knows Karate.

Dustin Hazelett: “I’m going as Charlie from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ when he goes America all over everyone’s ass.”

Jay Hieron: A Zombie

“Diamond” Dave Kaplan: Mad Max

Brock Larson: “I’m going to be Popeye and the wife is going to be Olive Oil.”

Joe Lauzon: Mickey Mouse

Muhammed “Mo” Lawal: Boxer

Rory Markham: “Me and my brother-in-law Rick are dressing up as my cornermen…this way we both don’t have to do much.”

“Razor” Rob McCullough: Britney Spears

Phillipe Nover: “I’m going to be Luigi and my girlfriend is gonna be Mario.”

Seth Petruzelli: “Papa Smurf! Blue penis and all!”

Benji Radach: “I’m just going to show up hung over. It’s the perfect zombie outfit!”

Joe Riggs: “A giant dick with 2 nuts by my hips.”

Ben Rothwell: “Not sure. Maybe an undead Samurai or maybe just a big asshole, which I wouldn’t have to spend much money on a costume.”

Eric “Red” Schafer: Aquaman

Jake Shields: “It’s close to my fight so I’m gonna skip it.”

Rory Singer: “Just going out lookin’ like a stud. No costume necessary.”

Scott Smith: “A female bodyguard! I have a fake bush coming out between my legs and big ol’ tits!”

Jeremy Stephens: Hermes Franca!

Nick Thompson: Tobias from Arrested Development.

Josh Thomson: “I dress up as Jason and sit on a bench in front of my door with a bowl of candy for all the kids brave enough to grab some.”

Brandon Vera: “Nada. Gonna go downtown and people watch.”

Mike Wessel: “Matt Mittrione or a douche.”

Kaitlin Young: Octo-mom

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