MMA Mind Power: Who Powered Up at UFC 146?

May 28, 2012
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MMA Mind PowerOn May 26, UFC delivered one of the best shows ever televised in MMA history. Despite several changes to the fight card, mostly due to Alistair Overeem’s drug test issues, the UFC 146card looked good on paper and it certainly looked even better in the cage. Some came out winners, some fell short!
Some will continue the rise, some will be back stronger, some might have a harder time coming back emotionally and one in particular will not come back at all (at least not in the UFC). In this article we look at who, of the main and co-main event, gained Mind Power, those who suffered from a Mind Power-Cut with confidence drop, depression, frustration, etcetera, and we will also provide practical advice and tips to get over that Power-Cut and get the “electricity” back in the minds of the fallen.

Main Event

Junior dos Santos and Frank MirAs we predicted, Junior dos Santos got the W and he did so in a dominating fashion. On our recent Mind Power analysis article, we stated that Mir would enter the bout with great confidence enhanced by having defeated dos Santos’ mentor twice before. This was clearly the case at the start of the match and it remained the case until Mir tried to take dos Santos down but failed. This was the point where, in our opinion, the confidence levels started to shift. If the bout started with a confidence level of 9/10 for dos Santos and 10/10 for Mir, at that point the numbers would have changed to 10/10 for JDS and 8/10 for Mir. From there the champ would establish the perfect confidence height to 10 whilst Mir would lose one confidence-point with every minute of the fight.

We feel that when all was over, Junior dos Santos would have found a new level of confidence, a higher measure than he never experienced before. So, it is an obvious Mind Power Up for the champ.

However, we do not feel that Mir would suffer any psychological repercussion from this. He fought his fight and fell short not because of a bad performance on his part, but because of dos Santos’ ability and proficiency. Mir was able to attribute dos Santos’ W to the footwork and ability to leap in and out; by doing so, the challenger was able to contextualize the loss and learn what needs to be done to improve. This is a fantastic antidote to negative emotions which might affect an athlete after a loss. In addition to this, Mir is a mentally solid athlete in nature, which clearly helps too.

Junior dos Santos: Mind Power-Up – Frank Mir: Mind Power-Up

Co-Main Event

Cain Velasquez and Antonio SilvaVelasquez needed this W, not to protect his job of course, that is solid at this stage, but more to be “in the mix.” We feel that Velasquez was on a line to one side of which there was a possible title shot and on the other side of the line there was slipping back to a position where he would have had to fight two or even three times before he could get the opportunity to win the belt. Cain did not only win, but he walked over Silva at UFC 146 and his already solid confidence, self-belief, and determination grew in a massive way. Velasquez is the kind of athlete that performs particularly well when he smells that the prey is close and this W took him a lot closer to what he wants to be his next prey.

Silva is a tough guy but after his loss to Cornier and this one against Velasquez, he might have trouble finding the needed motivation, determination, and fire to push forward. A read through The Art of Winning Always, followed by a  Goal Setting session, with some work on Neuro Associations to finish, might be a great place for him to start and, with the help of his camp, he can be back in no time.

Cain Velasquez: Mind Power-Up – Antonio Silva: Mind Power-Cut

Luca Senatore
Head Mind Coach
MMA Mind Power

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  • RubeKegal

    mmaweekly, I love this website, but mma mind power is garbage. I can’t believe you allow this shiit on your website.

  • goleta83

    This is dumb

    • RubeKegal

      When Mir failed on his takedown attempt, his inner chee was compromised and Junior Dos Santos’ aura beamed with glory!

  • Smells of quack – fuckery in here. MMA Weekly needs to drop this “column” and let this clown peddle his wares and snake oil elsewhere. I, and every other reader on this site have no interest in this nonsense.

    • RubeKegal

      LOL @ Quack – fucckery!

  • smill0313

    How the eff does mir get a ‘mind power-up’ after getting his ass stomped like that?

    • Lesnardo

      The whole mindpower column is a joke.

      I don’t think Mir was even able to land a single clean blow. Maybe one or two here and there. He did throw good leg kicks, although at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter.

      In any case, Mir survived the first round. And in all honesty, except for the few nuthuggers on this site, who really thought Mir had a chance?

      Mir should be happy that he wasn’t KTFO in the first round. Maybe that is where he will get his confidence.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Yeah, I’m sure knowing that it was only JDS’s superior skill and that there was nothing he could have done better will help Mir’s confidence. Now he can just retool and come back a totally new fighter to challenge Dos Santos in the future…..or NOT.

    • Lesnardo

      Look, everyone including Mir himself knows that Mir can never beat JDS/Cain/Overeem/Carwin/Brock.

      I don’t think Mir could beat Cormier either.

      Mir vs Bigfoot, Barnett, Sergei, Fedor, Nog or other lower ranked top 10~15 would make sense.

      The HW division is EXTREMELY stacked right now. And Mir has no chance.

      • I really want to see Mir vs. Werdum.

  • ZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

  • voltaire64

    It was kind of hard for Bigfoot to do anything with that amount of blood flowing into his eyes. As for Mir, he looked out of shape. I know he’s been that heavy before but that was to compete against a heavy Lesnar. He should have been leaner to compete with the speed of Junior.

  • garyfredericks

    Quack-Fuckery…..oh my God! We have all just witnessed the birth of a new word! BEST ADJECTIVE EVER MADE, and best choice for this SORRY article!!!

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    I kept reading thinking there was going to be a joke at the end. Also, why is one guy writing it, but he keeps referring to himself as “we?”
    I think the the writer needs to “power up” his legs, and go get a “mind” exam.
    I only say it because I care.

    By the way. I like this site, but I will be sending a bill for the time I spent reading this…