MMA Manager Ed Soares Takes Over as President of Resurrection Fighting Alliance

August 14, 2012
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Ed Soares, best known to most MMA fans as the manager of top fighters like Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, has taken on a new job as president of Resurrection Fighting Alliance.

A mainstay of the MMA scene for many years, Soares has worked with many of the top fighters in the worldwide market, most notably numerous competitors out of Brazil.

Now the manager will look to apply his business acumen to the Nebraska based fight promotion Resurrection Fighting Alliance starting immediately.

Speaking to on Tuesday, Soares was excited about starting a new chapter in his MMA life, but stressed that nothing changes in regards to his work with the fighters he represents.

Soares and his partner Jorge Guimaraes will still be working with all of the fighters on their roster, as well as “creating a new infrastructure” to help all of the athletes on their client list. Soares will still be active in negotiations and other parts of the business, but now adds on a new job to his increasing resume in the MMA industry.

The next Resurrection Fighting Alliance show will take place in October according to Soares, and he says the remainder of the promotion’s schedule has already been laid out for 2012, but over the “next 8 to 12 months” is when his role will become more important as they look to land a television deal and expand their footprint in the fight world.

Several former UFC fighters have fought under the Resurrection Fighting Alliance banner in the past including Jens Pulver, Gilbert Yvel, and Joe Stevenson as well as top prospectsc currently signed there like Team Alpha Male featherweight Lance Palmer.

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  • rsnowbass

    Just what we all need…more Ed Soares.

  • stak

    Just when you think it’s safe, Herpes Soares shows up again.

  • Ed Soares has so many haters and all he does is “translate” lol …. Never met the guy, he is doing his thing, and seems to be doing it will so congrats Ed Soares. No issue here.

    • pooby

      Anytime you have some fat business man making a load of money off of the talents and abilities of athletes, there will always be haters.

      But guys like Silva and Machida likely make much more money having Soares than not.

      • The thing is b/c I don’t know him personally or anymore into him as a manager i can’t speak on him. It looks like he’s going up in places though. Just want to wish him best of luck. Everyone cant be loved.

  • Machterf5

    I’d rather listen to Ed Soares than Rhonda Rousey all day.

    • b-soc

      Amen Brother. She is so annoying to listen to.

      • pooby

        Perhaps, but she is way higher on my “To Do” list than Mr. Soares.

    • rsnowbass

      But would you kick her out of bed though….Hmmmmmmmmm??????

  • bnoles92

    After 3 fights you’re already naming a new President? Interesting. A top manager for the UFC, but promoting another venue. How does that work?