Mission Improbable – Stephan Bonnar ‘I’m Gonna Fight as Though My Life Depends on It’ (Video)

October 10, 2012
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Stephan Bonnar UFC 139UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar was granted the surprising opportunity of a shot at the fighter regarded as the greatest of all time – Anderson Silva.

Bonnar reveals his motivation for his mission to accomplish what many consider the impossible and provides an insider look at the UFC 153 training camp that provides an opportunity at immortality.

Check out Mission Improbably: Stephan Bonnar, courtesy of Fuel TV...

  • Darin

    Get it, Bonnar

  • Echinsu_ocha

    I’m getting more and more excited for this fight because the way I see it, even if Bonnar loses, Silva is gonna know he was in a fight and feel it for a long time. IDC about technique on this one, I just want Bonnar to go out and make Anderson hurt