May 19, 2009
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by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com

Jason “Mayhem” Miller says the days of monkeying around in the ring are done. 

A decision loss to submission ace Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza in Dream’s Middleweight Grand Prix woke him up. The “Bully Beatdown” host realized his attitude was costing him fights. 

“I got my ass kicked, and I deserved to get my ass kicked, because I tried to fight (Jacare) on his game, his strong suit,” Miller told MMAWeekly.com. “I’m an idiot for that. And as the fight progressed, I didn’t have any choice, because I was tired and I wasn’t all the way in it. I didn’t train hard enough and he was the better guy that night.” 

When it came time to fight next, he got serious, submitting former ICON champ Kala Kolohe Hose in the first round. Going into the fight, there was a score to settle: a rematch with de Souza at Dream 9 for the middleweight title. 

“I knew this title fight was on the horizon, so I got the job done real quick with minimal goofing off,” Miller continued. “Which is really weird for me, because I really like to have fun when I fight and be unfocused about it.” 

When the rematch comes May 26, Miller plans to take “Jacare” where he is weakest. For once, he won’t deviate from the game plan. 

“This time, I’m bringing it to the next level,” he said. “I’m training so damn hard, and I’m training accurately, training the right way for this fight, as opposed to the wrong way. Last time I went out there, no game plan, like I usually do, and go out and flip bananas—’I’m gonna put on a show, it’s going to be fun, and blah, blah, it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose.’ 

“This time it matters. And I’m going to win.” 



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