Mike Swick Has Hard Time Expressing the Emotion of His Comeback (UFC on Fox 4 Video)

August 5, 2012
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Mike Swick made his return to the UFC, and capped it off with a brutal knockout win at UFC on Fox 4 in Los Angeles.

“Quick” finished his opponent, DeMarques Johnson, with a knockout and answered questions about whether or not he landed too many punches after Johnson was out. He also talked about the emotion of coming back after two and a half years out of action.

Check out the MMAWeekly.com video…

  • smill0313

    Unless he landed punches after the ref pulled him off, he did NOT land too many punches after johnson was knocked out. Its up to the ref to get in there and stop the fight in a timely fashion.

  • dongreene

    Swick deserves a top 20 guy next
    unless a top 10 wants to stick their neck out

  • Triggerman99

    Really happy for this guy. Swick has been through a lot, and deserved the chance to prove he can make a comeback. I don’t know if he’ll ever be top 5 again, but I hope he has a long career still ahead of him.

    • tsszaltax

      Agreed. I think if he takes it slow and they build him up as if he were fairly new into the UFC again that he could work his way into title contention. Just dont go too fast.

      • Triggerman99

        Yeah it would be a mistake for him to take a fight against a top 10 guy right now. That’s not to say he couldn’t get the W, because with his power and speed he definitely could. But it’s just not necessary right now. He needs a little streak first. I say put him in there with Josh Neer or Matt Brown.