Mike Pierce Gets His Wish, Faces Josh Koscheck

December 9, 2011
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Josh Koscheck

Now that Carlos Condit is set to face Nick Diaz for the UFC interim welterweight title, his original UFC 143 opponent, Josh Koshceck, needed somebody new to fight.

Now he has somebody.

Mike Pierce tweeted late Thursday night that he has taken the fight with Koscheck, and they will meet Super Bowl weekend at UFC 143.

“It’s on!” wrote Pierce. “Kos tried wiggling outta this one too, but Feb 4th he’s mine!”

Earlier in the evening, Koscheck had tweeted that he should have news on a new opponent soon, and was hoping to take a fight at 185 pounds.

It appears that’s not going to happen and the UFC favored giving him a fight with Pierce instead.

The two welterweights will square off as part of the UFC 143 fight card on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas where Condit and Diaz meet in the main event.

UFC officials later confirmed the bout on the promotion’s website.

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  • RonnieV

    Who’s Mike Pierce? This better not be the co-main event, otherwise the UFC just went from a spectacular card to a one fight PPV. Sorry, my fellow fights fans, but I don’t like this fight card path. The PPV fights are cool if you know you are getting 3-5 quality fights for your buck (err I mean $50). But outside of Diaz-Condit, there is nothing appealing about this fight card. Feedback if you think I’m wrong, maybe I missed the boat on this Pierce dude.

    • You are right in that UFC 143 is not looking like a good card.

      • Wait I actually want to go back on this already because I read the next article lol. Renan Pegado and Scott Jorgenson is a good fight!

  • Mario

    Very surprised that Koscheck would take a fight against Mike Pierce.

  • Jmoney

    it looks like kos went from everything to win and nothing to lose against condit to everything to lose and nothing to win against Pierce

    pierce has heavy hands though… if im not mistaken he rocked fitch in there fight early on… boring ass fight… fitch won

    hope to see kos get a KO over this guy since he’s only lost by dec in the past

  • omcclave

    This will be Mike Pierce coming out party. He’s super talented and very very underrated. Its going to be a good fight. The card doesn’t have big names but the fights will be entertaining

  • fsunoles09

    at first i thought of ross pierson or however its spelled, ima be honest i have no idea who this guy is im sure id know if i seen his face but just for the simple fact this guy is not coming to mind right now im takin kos cuz of that right hand though ill look up who this guy is and i might be back with a diffrent opinion haha