Mike Goldberg Returns to Broadcast Booth at UFC on Fox 6

January 15, 2013
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Mike Goldberg UFC 95After a brief absence due to illness, Mike Goldberg will be back in his regular broadcast duties alongside Joe Rogan at UFC on Fox 6.

UFC officials confirmed Goldberg’s return to MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday.

Goldberg was unable to attend UFC 155 due to illness and had to bow out of the promotion’s final show for 2012.

He was replaced by fellow UFC commentator Jon Anik while he dealt with his personal issues.

Now Goldberg returns to his regular broadcast duties alongside Joe Rogan for the UFC on Fox 6 card headed to Chicago next weekend.

  • Mark McDowall

    Illness lol…he was probably in rehab to kick his redbull addiction. We sat right behind the announce table for Sonnen/Silva 2 and I swear Goldy took down 6+ redbulls

    • Mike mckinney

      That was a fun event. Wasn’t it? It was amazing how many brazilions were there. They took over the MGM. I was in the 4th row directly behind Dan Henderson. That guy who two women with him that were incrediably hot. Live ufc events are a great way to piss the girlfriend off. 😉

  • Jdm

    I prefer Goldie over Anik

  • George Sperry

    Too bad.

  • Jeremy

    I am relatively sure he gone to kick an Adderall addiction in rehab.