Mike Goldberg Issues Farewell Statement to UFC Fans and Fighters

January 7, 2017
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Mike Goldberg opened his farewell to fighters and fans, saying, “What an incredible ride! I’ll forever be grateful for being on this journey with all of you for the last 19 years!”

Though he spent the better part of the past two decades with the UFC, Goldberg’s final broadcast with the venerable fight promotion was alongside Joe Rogan at UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas. No reason was given publicly for his exit, and Goldberg didn’t offer one in his farewell.

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Joe Rogan & Mike GoldbergIn his first Tweet in weeks, Goldberg on Friday simply told everyone thank you:

“I wish I could respond to every single fan, fighter, and member of the media who reached out and showed their support, gratitude, and appreciation! It has been overwhelming and so gratifying! Thank you!!

Every single UFC, from Ultimate Japan to UFC 207, my primary focus has been on just 2 things!

First, to bring passion, energy, and raw emotion to our fans around the world, dedicated, diehard fans like none other!

Second, to properly represent each and every fighter, from UFC newcomer to veterans with 20-plus Octagon battles, our fighters work so hard and sacrifice so much, it was my responsibility to properly prepare and tell their stories!!

Tommy Toe Hold, that video was hilarious!

And just for the record, I still believe that Anderson Silva’s Precision is Precise!”

(Courtesy of Tommy Toe Hold)

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  • Yannick Messaoud

    kind of suck seeing him go we get used to them after so long, i still miss Bas Rutten and Steven Quadros in Pride…. good like to Mike Goldberg at least i will miss the guy. Lets hope Rogan stays.

  • Darin

    I’m sure Goldberg is a fantastic, swell guy, but he sucked at calling fights.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Goldie will always be the voice of MMA

    • himmler adams

      goldie sucked at aNNOUNCING And was boring

  • himmler adams

    Never really paid any attention to Goldberg seems like Joe Rogan was the star announcer. No loss just move on to Bellator or Invicta. No one pays to see a UFC PPV to hear fricking Mike Goldberg.. Heil Trump

  • Kyle

    Just a matter of time before UFC falls apart. Good sell by the Fertitta bros. Sometimes change isn’t good and I believe that’s the case for this sport. Too many people with ideas, maybe they should listen to the fighters more. I support the fighters, my PPV bills from the last 10 years will reflect, but I’m feeling like the UFC peaked already and steady decline is inevitable. That’s just my opinion, what do I know I’m just a couch potato…

  • Dryden

    Stupid move by the UFC, UFC PPV’s will forever feel like they’re missing something without Goldberg….never hearing his trademark “AND IT IS ALLL OVVERRR”. I really hope Goldberg goes to Bellator, the more competition the UFC can get the better, and Goldie is a beloved MMA voice who people would tune into Bellator to see!

  • Mark Spencer

    well one the best play by play in the histroy of the ufc good luck mike hope u join tna or wwe or gfw